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Local climate determines vulnerability to camouflage mismatch in snowshoe hares

Marketa Zimova
Aim: Phenological mismatches, when life-events become mistimed with optimal en- vironmental conditions, have become increasingly common under climate change. Population-level susceptibility to mismatches depends on how phenology and pheno- typic plasticity vary across a species’ distributional range. Here, we quantify the envi- ronmental drivers of colour moult phenology, phenotypic plasticity, and the extent of phenological mismatch in seasonal camouflage to assess vulnerability to mismatch in a common North American mammal. Location: North America. Time period:...

Data from: Different functional characteristics can explain different dimensions of plant invasion success

Huixuan Liao, Robert Pal, Ülo Niinemets, Michael Bahn, Bruno Cerabolini & Shao-Lin Peng
The success of invasive plant species can be evaluated using different dimensions, such as, range size, abundance, and impact. These different dimensions do not always covary but are rarely separated, suggesting an urgency to disentangle the functional mechanisms behind them. A dataset of leaf traits and four dimensions of invasion success (i.e., range size, local abundance, impact on native plant abundance, and impact on native plant diversity) were compiled for 395 non-native plant species in...

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  • 2020

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