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Increasing numbers of harbour seals and grey seals in the Solent

Sarah Marley, Robyne Castles, Fiona Woods, Peter Hughes, John Arnott & Louise MacCallum
Harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) and grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) both occur within the UK, but display regional contrasting population trends. Whilst grey seals are typically increasing in number, harbour seals have shown varying trends in recent decades following repeated pandemics. There is a need for monitoring of regional and local populations to understand overall trends. This study utilised a 20-year dataset of seal counts from two neighbouring harbours in the Solent region of south England....

Deformation and acoustic emission of Neapolitan Yellow Tuff

P. Rowley, P.P. Benson & C.J. Bean
These data represent a series of analyses exploring the seismic behaviours of low-cohesion volcanic sediments – in this case the Neapolitan Yellow Tuff - under varying strain rates. The data include deformation logs from triaxial compression experiments, and the accompanying 12-channel acoustic emission recordings at 10 MHz. These are paired with X-Ray Computed Tomography images of one of the cores from both before and after deformation, to examine damage behaviour. These data include: Deformation logs...

Non-random associations in group housed rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Teresa Romero, Leanne Proops, Camille Troisi & Tanja Kleinhappel

Data and scripts for: Quantitative assessment of observed vs. predicted responses to selection

Christophe Pelabon, Elena Albertsen, Arnaud Le Rouzic, Cyril Firmat, Geir H. Bolstad, W. Scott Armbruster & Thomas Hansen
Although artificial-selection experiments seem well suited to testing our ability to predict evolution, the correspondence between predicted and observed responses is often ambiguous due to the lack of uncertainty estimates. We present equations for assessing prediction error in direct and indirect responses to selection that integrate uncertainty in genetic parameters used for prediction and sampling effects during selection. Using these, we analyzed a selection experiment on floral traits replicated in two taxa of the Dalechampia...

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