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Processed data file for article \"Implications of the iron oxide phase transition on the interiors of rocky exoplanets\"

Federica Coppari, Raymond Smith, Jue Wang, Marius Millot, Donghoon Kim, Ryan Rygg, Sebastien Hamel, Jon Eggert & Thomas Duffy
This excel file contains pressure-density values obtained from VISAR and X-ray diffraction data analysis for iron oxide (FeO) and magnesium oxide (MgO), as reported in the Nature Geoscience article: "Implications of the iron oxide phase transition on the interiors of rocky exoplanets", by F. Coppari et al (2021). Prepared by LLNL under Contract DE-AC52-07NA27344.


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Villarrica is known to produce continuous monotonic infrasound making it a prime subject for volcano infrasound studies. This dataset corresponds to three distribution of infrasound sensors deployed across Villarrica's summit, flank, and a neighboring river (Rio Turbio) during a week in January 2020. Data was recorded on Gem Infrasound Loggers, which recorded with a sensitivity of 2.077962e-05 V/Pa, a 26 second corner period, and a sample rate of 100 Hz.

Threatened salmon rely on a rare life history strategy in a warming landscape

Flora Cordoleani, Corey Phillis, Anna Sturrock, Alyssa FitzGerald, George Whitman, Anthony Malkassian, Peter Weber & Rachel Johnson
Rare phenotypes and behaviours within a population are often overlooked, yet they may serve a heightened role for species imperilled by rapid warming. In threatened spring-run Chinook salmon spawning at the southern edge of the species range, we show late-migrating juveniles are critical to cohort success in years characterized by droughts and ocean heatwaves. Late migrants rely on cool river temperatures over summer, increasingly rare due to the combined effects of warming and impassable dams....

Digital Image, X-ray CT , XRD and Ultrasonic Data Sets for Damage Mechanics Challenge on Brittle-Ductile Material

, Laura J. Pyrak-Nolte, , Antonio Bobet & Joseph Morris

Comparative molecular analysis of cancer behavior cultured in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo

Nicholas R. Hum, Aimy Sebastian, Sean F. Gilmore, Wei He, Kelly A. Martin, Aubree Hinckley, Karen R. Dubbin, Monica L. Moya, Elizabeth K. Wheeler, Matthew A. Coleman & Gabriela G. Loots
Current pre-clinical models of cancer fail to recapitulate the cancer cell behavior in primary tumors primarily because of the lack of a deeper understanding of the effects that the microenvironment has on cancer cell phenotype. Transcriptomic profiling of 4T1 murine mammary carcinoma cells from 2D and 3D cultures, subcutaneous or orthotopic allografts (from immunocompetent or immunodeficient mice), as well as ex vivo tumoroids, revealed differences in molecular signatures including altered expression of genes involved in...

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