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Data from: Combining role-play with interactive simulation to motivate informed climate action: evidence from the World Climate simulation

Juliette N. Rooney-Varga, John D. Sterman, Eduardo Fracassi, Travis Franck, Florian Kapmeier, Victoria Kurker, Ellie Johnston, Andrew P. Jones & Kenneth Rath
Climate change communication efforts grounded in the information deficit model have largely failed to close the gap between scientific and public understanding of the risks posed by climate change. In response, simulations have been proposed to enable people to learn for themselves about this complex and politically charged topic. Here we assess the impact of a widely-used simulation, World Climate, which combines a socially and emotionally engaging role-play with interactive exploration of climate change science...

Mimic Code Repository

Alistair E. W. Johnson & Tom J. Pollard
The MIMIC Code Repository is a centralized code base for working with the Medical Information Mart for Intensive Care (MIMIC), an openly available critical care dataset. Code is provided to extract concepts such as severity of illness scores, comorbid status, administrative definitions of sepsis, physiologic criteria for sepsis, organ failure scores, treatment administration, and more.

Data from: tableone: An open source Python package for producing summary statistics for research papers

Tom J. Pollard, Alistair E. W. Johnson, Jesse D. Raffa & Roger G. Mark
Objectives: In quantitative research, understanding basic parameters of the study population is key for interpretation of the results. As a result, it is typical for the first table (“Table 1”) of a research paper to include summary statistics for the study data. Our objectives are 2-fold. First, we seek to provide a simple, reproducible method for providing summary statistics for research papers in the Python programming language. Second, we seek to use the package to...

Data from: Horizontal gene transfer constrains the timing of methanogen evolution

Joanna M. Wolfe & Gregory P. Fournier
Microbial methanogenesis may have been a major component of Earth’s carbon cycle during the Archaean eon, generating a methane greenhouse that increased global temperatures enough for a liquid hydrosphere, despite the Sun’s lower luminosity at the time. Evaluation of potential solutions to the ‘faint young Sun’ hypothesis by determining the age of microbial methanogenesis has been limited by ambiguous geochemical evidence and the absence of a diagnostic fossil record. To overcome these challenges, we use...

Data from: Effects of diet on cranial morphology and biting ability in musteloid mammals

Chris J. Law, Emma Duran, Nancy Hung, Ekai Richards, Isaac Santillan & Rita S. Mehta
Size and shape are often considered important variables that lead to variation in performance. In studies of feeding, size‐corrected metrics of the skull are often used as proxies of biting performance; however, few studies have examined the relationship between cranial shape in its entirety and estimated bite force across species and how dietary ecologies may affect these variables differently. Here, we used geometric morphometric and phylogenetic comparative approaches to examine relationships between cranial morphology and...

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  • 2018

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