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Data from: Vegetation phenology and nest survival: diagnosing heterogeneous effects through time

Kevin M. Ringelman & Cassandra G. Skaggs
Birds should select nest sites that minimize predation risk, but understanding the influence of vegetation on nest survival has proven problematic. Specifically, the common practice of measuring vegetation on nest fate date can overestimate its effect on survival, simply because vegetation at hatched nests grows for a longer period of time than vegetation at nests that were depredated. Here, we sampled the literature to determine the prevalence of this bias in studies of duck breeding...

Data from: Examining the microclimate hypothesis in Amazonian birds: indirect tests of the ‘visual constraints’ mechanism

Cameron L. Rutt, Stephen R. Midway, Vitek Jirinec, Jared D. Wolfe & Philip C. Stouffer
Proposed mechanisms for the decline of terrestrial and understory insectivorous birds in the tropics include a related subset that together has been termed the “microclimate hypothesis.” One prediction from this hypothesis is that sensitivity to bright light environments discourages birds of the dimly lit rainforest interior from using edges, gaps, or disturbed forest. Using a hierarchical Bayesian framework and capture data across time and space, we tested this by first determining vulnerability based on differences...

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  • 2019

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