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DNA barcodes combined with multi-locus data of representative taxa can generate reliable higher-level phylogenies

Gerard Talavera, Vladimir Lukhtanov, Naomi Pierce & Roger Vila
Taxa are frequently labeled incertae sedis when their placement is debated at ranks above the species level, such as their subgeneric, generic, or subtribal placement. This is a pervasive problem in groups with complex systematics due to difficulties in identifying suitable synapomorphies. In this study, we propose combining DNA barcodes with a multilocus backbone phylogeny in order to assign taxa to genus or other higher-level categories. This sampling strategy generates molecular matrices containing large amounts...

The genome of the Pyrenean desman and the effects of bottlenecks and inbreeding on the genomic landscape of an endangered species

Jose Castresana & LĂ­dia Escoda
The Pyrenean desman (Galemys pyrenaicus) is a small semiaquatic mammal endemic to the Iberian Peninsula. Despite its limited range, this species presents a strong genetic structure due to past isolation in glacial refugia and subsequent bottlenecks. Additionally, some populations are highly fragmented today as a consequence of river barriers, causing substantial levels of inbreeding. These features make the Pyrenean desman a unique model in which to study the genomic footprints of differentiation, bottlenecks and extreme...

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  • 2021

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  • Institute of Evolutionary Biology
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  • Harvard University
  • Russian Academy of Sciences