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Data for: Contribution of fungal and invertebrate communities to mass loss and wood depolymerization in tropical terrestrial and aquatic habitats

Astrid Ferrer
Supplemental data sets for the Manuscript entitled "Contribution of fungal and invertebrate communities to mass loss and wood depolymerization in tropical terrestrial and aquatic habitats"

AllanLab fluidigm pipeline test dataset

Brian Allan & Lisa Fredericks
The Allan Lab has published a Fluidigm pipeline online. This is the url: https://github.com/HPCBio/allan-fluidigm-pipeline. This url includes a tutorial for running the pipeline. However it does not have test datasets yet. This tarball hosted at the Illinois Data Bank is the dataset that completes the github tutorial. It includes inputs (custom database of tick pathogens and fluidigm raw reads) and output files (tables of samples with taxonomic classifications).

Second-generation citation context analysis (2010-2019) to retracted paper Matsuyama 2005

Jodi Schneider, Di Ye & Alison Hill
Citation context annotation. This dataset is a second version (V2) and part of the supplemental data for Jodi Schneider, Di Ye, Alison Hill, and Ashley Whitehorn. (2020) "Continued post-retraction citation of a fraudulent clinical trial report, eleven years after it was retracted for falsifying data". Scientometrics. In press, DOI: 10.1007/s11192-020-03631-1 Publications were selected by examining all citations to the retracted paper Matsuyama 2005, and selecting the 35 citing papers, published 2010 to 2019, which do...

Unusual Intensity Patterns of OH(6,2) and O(1S) Airglow Driven by Long-Period Waves Observed Over the Andes Lidar Observatory

Y. Amaro-Rivera, F. Vargas, T. Huang & J.V. Urbina
Simultaneous OH(6,2) and O(1S) nightglow measurements obtained at the Andes Lidar Observatory (ALO) (30.3°S, 70.7°W) from September 2011 to April 2018 have been analyzed to investigate an unusual intensity pattern, that is, O(1S) nightglow intensity enhancement concurrent with OH(6,2) nightglow intensity weakening. We identified 142 nights showing that behavior during the ~6.5-year period having a semiannual occurrence rate with maxima during the equinoxes. A semidiurnal tide fitting applied to the 30-min bin size monthly-averaged data...

Dataset for \"The evolution of non-dendritic drainage networks towards dendricity: How can they do it?\"

Jeffrey S. Kwang, Abigail L. Langston & Gary Parker
This is the second version of the dataset. The major changes are the following: 1. Reuploaded the movie files, there were .wmv playback issues for the original files because the resolution had an odd number. 2. Added data files for LEM-woLE (Landscape Evolution Model without Lateral Erosion) in addition to LEM-wLE (Landscape Evolution Model with Lateral Erosion) 3. Added 5 LEM-woLEM simulations and an additional LEM-wLEM simulation 4. Added new animations that show rates of...

Control of bacterial infections via antibiotic-induced proviruses

Zoi Rapti
Software (Matlab .m files) for the article: Lying in Wait: Modeling the Control of Bacterial Infections via Antibiotic-Induced Proviruses. The files can be used to reproduce the analysis and figures in the article.

Data from: Rapid experimental evolution of reproductive isolation from a single natural population

Scott M. Villa, Juan C. Altuna, James S. Ruff, Andrew B. Beach, Lane I. Mulvey, Erik J. Poole, Heidi E. Campbell, Kevin P. Johnson, Michael D. Shapiro, Sarah E. Bush & Dale H. Clayton
Ecological speciation occurs when local adaptation generates reproductive isolation as a by-product of natural selection. Although ecological speciation is a fundamental source of diversification, the mechanistic link between natural selection and reproductive isolation remains poorly understood, especially in natural populations. Here, we show that experimental evolution of parasite body size over 4 y (approximately 60 generations) leads to reproductive isolation in natural populations of feather lice on birds. When lice are transferred to pigeons of...

Ecological niche models of Late Pleistocene human land preference: an Australasian test case

Alexandra Zachwieja
This dataset provides files for use in analysis of human land preference across Australasia, and in a localized analysis of land preference in Laos and Vietnam. All files can be imported into ArcGIS for visualization, and re-analyzed using the open source Maxent species distribution modeling program. CSV files contain known human presence sites for model validation. ASC files contain geographically coded environmental data for mean annual temperature and mean annual precipitation during the Last Glacial...

Jones et al. FE-2019-01175

Todd M. Jones, Thomas J. Benson & Michael P. Ward
Dataset associated with Jones et al FE-2019-01175 submission: Does the size and developmental stage of traits at fledging reflect juvenile flight ability among songbirds? Excel CSV files with all of the data used in analyses and file with descriptions of each column. The flight ability variable in this dataset was derived from fledgling drop tests, examples of which can be found in the related dataset: Jones, Todd M.; Benson, Thomas J.; Ward, Michael P. (2019):...

Micro-CT images of a heterogeneous Mt. Simon sandstone sample

Amir Hossein Kohanpur, Valocchi Albert & Dustin Crandall
The sample porous medium is from Mt. Simon sandstone at a depth of 6700 feet. The formation is located at verification well number 2 of a study site in Decatur, Illinois where Illinois State Geological Survey carried out a pilot injection study to better understand the feasibility of full-scale carbon capture and storage (Finley, 2014). A core plug from the formation was scanned by micro-CT imaging technique at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) of...

Light availability and rhizobium variation interactively mediate the outcomes of legume-rhizobium symbiosis

Katy Heath, Justin Podowski, Stephanie Heniff, Christie Klinger, Jennifer Lau, Wendy Yang, Dylan Weese & Patricia Burke
Premise of the study: Nutrients, light, water, and temperature are key factors limiting the growth of individual plants in nature. Mutualistic interactions between plants and microbes often mediate resource limitation for both partners. In the mutualism between legumes and rhizobia, plants provide rhizobia with carbon in exchange for fixed nitrogen. Because partner quality in mutualisms is genotype-dependent, within-species genetic variation is expected to alter the responses of mutualists to changes in the resource environment. Here...

Data for: How do moral values differ in tweets on social movements?

Rezvaneh Rezapour
We are sharing the tweet IDs of four social movements: #BlackLivesMatter, #WhiteLivesMatter, #AllLivesMatter, and #BlueLivesMatter movements. The tweets are collected between May 1st, 2015 and May 30, 2017. We eliminated the location to the United States and focused on extracting the original tweets, excluding the retweets. Recommended citations for the data: Rezapour, R. (2019). Data for: How do Moral Values Differ in Tweets on Social Movements?. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. https://doi.org/10.13012/B2IDB-9614170_V1 and Rezapour, R.,...

Response of Soil Quality Indictors including β-glucosidase, Fluorescein Diacetate Hydrolysis and Permanganate Oxidizable Carbon

Yushu Xia & Michelle Wander
Dataset compiled by Yushu Xia and Michelle Wander for the Soil Health Institute. Data were recovered from peer reviewed literature reporting results for three soil quality indicators (SQIs) (β-glucosidase (BG), fluorescein diacetate (FDA) hydrolysis, and permanganate oxidizable carbon (POXC)) in terms of their relative response to management where soils under grassland cover, no-tillage, cover crops, residue return and organic amendments were compared to conventionally managed controls. Peer-reviewed articles published between January of 1990 and May...

Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence of two Nebraska maize sites in 2017

Guofang Miao & Kaiyu Guan
This dataset includes two data files that provide the time series (Jul. - Sep. 2017) data of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF_760) collected under sunny conditions at two maize sites (one rainfed and the other irrigated) in Nebraska in 2017. Data contain 392 SIF_760 records at the rainfed site and 707 records at the irrigated site. The timestamp uses local standard time. Data are available for the sunny conditions from 8 am to 5 pm (corresponding...

Data for: Dunes in the world’s big rivers are characterised by low-angle leeside slopes and a complex shape

Julia Cisneros
Morphologic data of dunes in the World's big rivers. Morphologic descriptors for large dunes include: dune height, dune mean leeside angle, dune maximum leeside angle, dune wavelength, dune flow depth (at the crest), and the fractional height of the maximum slope on the leeside for each dune. Morphologic descriptors for small dunes include: dune height, dune mean leeside angle, dune maximum leeside angle, dune wavelength, and dune flow depth (at the crest).

Social Political Economic Event Dataset (SPEED): Liberia, Philippines, and Sierra Leone (1979-2008). Cline Center for Advanced Social Research. V1.0.0. August 29

Peter Nardulli, Buddy Peyton, Joseph Bajjalieh, Ajay Singh, Michael Martin, Dan Shalmon & Scott Althaus
This is part of the Cline Center’s ongoing Social, Political and Economic Event Database Project (SPEED) project. Each observation represents an event involving civil unrest, repression, or political violence in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the Philippines (1979-2009). These data were produced in an effort to describe the relationship between exploitation of natural resources and civil conflict, and to identify policy interventions that might address resource-related grievances and mitigate civil strife. This work is the result...

RCT Tagger Results

Yogeshwar Kansara & Linh Hoang
The data file contains a list of articles and their RCT Tagger prediction scores, which were used in a project associated with the manuscript "Evaluation of an automated probabilistic RCT Tagger applied to published Cochrane reviews".

Experimental data from K-Na-Al-Si-H oxides systems

Craig Lundstrom

Gardner Midwest Lyme Invasion Data 2020-11-18

Allison Gardner & Brian Allan
These data obtained from the peer-reviewed literature and a public database depict the geographic expansion of the black-legged tick (Ixodes scapularis) and human cases of Lyme disease in the midwestern U.S. Note: There was an omission from the first version (V1) of the data set that required us to update the data. Specifically, we failed to include the data from the article "Caporale DA, Johnson CM, Millard BJ. 2005 Presence of Borrelia burgdorferi (Spirochaetales: Spirochaetaceae)...

Data From: \"Comparing Methods for Species Tree Estimation With Gene Duplication and Loss\"

James Willson, Mrinmoy Roddur & Tandy Warnow
Data sets from "Comparing Methods for Species Tree Estimation With Gene Duplication and Loss." It contains data simulated with gene duplication and loss under a variety of different conditions.

Data for \"Regulation of growth and cell fate during tissue regeneration by the two SWI/SNF chromatin-remodeling complexes of Drosophila\"

Yuan Tian & Rachel Smith-Bolton
This page contains the data for the publication "Regulation of growth and cell fate during tissue regeneration by the two SWI/SNF chromatin-remodeling complexes of Drosophila" published in Genetics, 2020

Host controls of within-host disease dynamics: insight from an invertebrate system

Tara Stewart Merrill, Zoi Rapti & Carla Cáceres
Within-host processes (representing the entry, establishment, growth and development of a parasite inside its host) may play a key role in parasite transmission but remain challenging to observe and quantify. We develop a general model for measuring host defenses and within-host disease dynamics. Our stochastic model breaks the infection process down into the stages of parasite exposure, entry, and establishment and provides associated probabilities for a host’s ability to resist infections with barriers and clear...

Dataset for \"Continued use of retracted papers: Temporal trends in citations and (lack of) awareness of retractions shown in citation contexts in biomedicine\"

Tzu-Kun Hsiao & Jodi Schneider
This dataset includes three files. Descriptions of the files are given as follows: FILENAME: PubMed_retracted_publication_full_v3.tsv - Bibliographic data of retracted papers indexed in PubMed (retrieved on August 20, 2020, searched with the query "retracted publication" [PT] ). - Except for the information in the "cited_by" column, all the data is from PubMed. ROW EXPLANATIONS - Each row is a retracted paper. There are 7,813 retracted papers. COLUMN HEADER EXPLANATIONS 1) PMID - PubMed ID 2)...

Data from: Divergent diapause life history timing drives both allochronic speciation and reticulate hybridization in an adaptive radiation of Rhagoletis flies

Meredith Doellman, Katherine Inskeep, Thomas Powell, Stewart Berlocher, Nicholas Seifert, Glen Hood, Gregory Ragland, Peter Meyers & Jeff Feder
Divergent adaptation to new ecological opportunities can be an important factor initiating speciation. However, as niches are filled during adaptive radiations, trait divergence driving reproductive isolation between sister taxa may also result in trait convergence with more distantly related taxa, increasing the potential for reticulated gene flow across the radiation. Here, we demonstrate such a scenario in a recent adaptive radiation of Rhagoletis fruit flies, specialized on different host plants. Throughout this radiation, shifts to...

Data for:Evaluating the impacts of cloud processing on resuspended aerosol particles after cloud evaporation using a particle-resolved model

Nicole Riemer, Yu Yao, Matthew Dawson & Donald Dabdub

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