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Data from: Stalk size and altruism investment within and among populations of the social amoeba

Heather R Votaw & Elizabeth A Ostrowski
Reproductive division of labor is common in many societies, including those of eusocial insects, cooperatively breeding vertebrates, and most forms of multicellularity. However, conflict over what is best for the individual versus the group can prevent an optimal division of labor from being achieved. In the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum, cells aggregate to become multicellular and a fraction behaves altruistically, forming a dead stalk that supports the rest. Theory suggests that intraorganismal conflict over spore-stalk...

Data from: Phagocyte chase behaviors—discrimination between Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria by amoebae

Ghazal Rashidi & Elizabeth A. Ostrowski
Phagocytes are cells that pursue, engulf, and kill bacteria. They include macrophages and neutrophils of the mammalian immune system, but also free-living amoebae that hunt and engulf bacteria for food. Phagocytosis can result in diverse outcomes, ranging from sustenance to infection and colonization by either pathogens or beneficial symbionts—and thus, discrimination may be necessary to seek out good bacteria while avoiding bad ones. Here we tested whether the soil amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum can discriminate among...

Data from: Effects of grasshoppers on prairies: herbivore composition matters more than richness in three grassland ecosystems

Angela N. Laws, Chelse M. Prather, David H. Branson & Steven C. Pennings
1. Understanding how biodiversity affects ecosystem processes is a key question in ecology. Previous research has found that increasing plant diversity often enhances many ecosystem processes, but less is known about the role of consumer diversity to ecosystem processes, especially in terrestrial ecosystems. Furthermore, we do not know how general biodiversity responses are among ecosystem types. 2. We examined the role of insect herbivore (Orthoptera) diversity on plant production using parallel field experiments in three...

Web Scale Discovery and Resource Usage at the University of California, Berkeley

Lisa Ngo, Ian Knabe & Cody Hennesy
Dataset contains monthly usage data for select ejournal platforms, ebook platforms, and abstract & indexing databases at UC Berkeley from July 2013 through June 2017.

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