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Data from: Tracking genetic diversity in a large-scale oyster restoration program: effects of hatchery propagation and initial characterization of diversity on restored vs. wild reefs

Katherine M. Hornick & Louis V. Plough
The release of hatchery-propagated fish and shellfish is occurring on a global scale, but the genetic impacts of these practices are often not fully understood and rarely monitored. Slow recovery of depleted eastern oyster populations in the Chesapeake Bay, USA has prompted a hatchery-based restoration program focused in the Choptank River, Maryland consisting of the mass release of hatchery-produced juveniles from local, wild broodstock. To evaluate potential genetic effects of this program, we 1) examined...

Data from: Biomass consumption by surface fires across Earth's most fire prone continent

Brett P. Murphy, Lynda D. Prior, Mark A. Cochrane, Grant J. Williamson & David M. J. S. Bowman
Landscape fire is a key but poorly understood component of the global carbon cycle. Predicting biomass consumption by fire at large spatial scales is essential to understanding carbon dynamics and hence how fire management can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase ecosystem carbon storage. An Australia‐wide field‐based survey (at 113 locations) across large‐scale macroecological gradients (climate, productivity and fire regimes) enabled estimation of how biomass combustion by surface fire directly affects continental‐scale carbon budgets. In...

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  • 2019

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  • University of Maryland Center For Environmental Sciences
  • University of Tasmania
  • Charles Darwin University