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Leaf resistance traits influence endophytic fungi colonization and community composition in a South American temperate rainforest

Marcia González-Teuber, Guevara-Araya María José, Vilo Claudia, Salgado-Luarte Cristian & Gianoli Ernesto
Despite the ubiquitous presence of fungal endophytes in woody plants, mechanisms underlying variation in foliar fungal endophyte communities are poorly understood. Given that endophytes in woody plants are predominantly horizontally transmitted, fungal endophyte colonization of foliar tissues is likely to be influenced by plant resistance traits. Here, we evaluated the association between leaf resistance traits and colonization and community composition of horizontally transmitted endophytes (HTE) in ten dominant trees species in a temperate rainforest in...

Data from: Unravelling the macro-evolutionary ecology of fish-jellyfish associations: life in the ‘gingerbread house’

Donal C. Griffin, Chris Harrod, Jonathan D.R. Houghton & Isabella Capellini
Fish-jellyfish interactions are important factors contributing to fish stock success. Jellyfish can compete with fish for food resources, or feed on fish eggs and larvae, which works to reduce survivorship and recruitment of fish species. However, jellyfish also provide habitat and space for developing larval and juvenile fish which use their hosts as means of protection from predators and feeding opportunities, helping to reduce fish mortality and increase recruitment. Yet, relatively little is known about...

Testing for deterministic succession in metazoan parasite communities of marine fish

Marcelo Oliva, Juan Espinola-Novelo, Maria Gonzalez, Aldo Pacheco & Jose Luque
Parasite communities are similar to free-living communities; decay of similarity over geographic distance, theory of island biogeography, species-area relationships and nestedness have been documented in both communities. Ecological succession has been studied in free-living communities but has rarely been examined in parasite communities. We use seriation with replication to test the hypothesis that succession of parasite community structure is deterministic, thus developing throughout consecutive changes along the fish ontogeny, via a seriated pattern. 12,306 marine...

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