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Prioritising threatened species and threatening processes across northern Australia: dataset

Anna Pintor, Mark Kennard, Jorge Álvarez-Romero, Stephanie Hernandez & Jeremy VanDerWal
Northern Australia’s unique and rich biodiversity faces numerous threatening processes. Currently, there is limited knowledge of i) the distribution of species of conservation concern across northern Australia, ii) their level of exposure to various threats and iii) their vulnerability as a result of exposure and differential sensitivity to threats. These knowledge gaps severely limit the efficiency and adequacy of conservation actions and simultaneously create uncertainty for sustainable development in the North. This project aimed to...

Data from 'Do currents shape global patterns of hybrid richness in reef fishes?'

Isabelle Ng, David Bellwood & Alexandre C. Siqueira

Effects of climate change and light limitation on Acropora millepora coral recruits (NESP 5.2, AIMS, JCU and AIMS@JCU)

Christopher Brunner, Gerard Ricardo, Sven Uthicke, Andrew Negri & Mia Hoogenboom

Reef Rescue Marine Monitoring Program - Assessment of Terrestrial Run-off entering the Reef

Stephen Lewis, Jane Waterhouse, Caroline Petus & Cassandra James
The Reef 2050 WQIP Marine Monitoring Program (MMP) is a key component in the assessment of long term improvements in inshore water quality and marine ecosystem health that are expected to occur with improved land management practices. Data from the MMP is combined with monitoring and modelling data produced at paddock and catchment scales to produce a summary of the health of the GBR and its catchments. This component of the program assesses the spatial...

Family Production (Prawn Industrial Transformation Research Hub)

Dean Jerry
Location for the backend data storage associated with a database VM as established in relation to the prawn ITRH work.

Flooding triggers increased surface activity in a bottom-dwelling turtle

Donald McKnight, Jaren Serano, Denise Thompson & Day Ligon
Mexican giant musk turtles (Staurotypus triporcatus) are large, bottom-dwelling turtles in Central America. Following a flooding event, they were frequently seen at the surface, wherease they were never seen prior to the flooding. The data were collected using a motorized canoe to search for turtles at the surface. When possible, notes were made about size. In some cases, it was possible to capture the turtles and measure them. Observations of times, dates, sexes, and sizes...

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