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Data from: A perceptual bias for man-made objects in humans

Ahamed Miflah Hussain Ismail, Joshua Solomon, Miles Hansard & Isabelle Mareschal
Ambiguous images are widely recognized as a valuable tool for probing human perception. Perceptual biases that arise when people make judgements about ambiguous images reveal their expectations about the environment. While perceptual biases in early visual processing have been well established, their existence in higher-level vision has been explored only for faces, which may be processed differently from other objects. Here we developed a new, highly versatile method of creating ambiguous hybrid images comprising two...

Data from: Trans-National Conservation and Infrastructure Development in The Heart of Borneo

Sean Sloan, Mason J. Campbell, Mohammed Alamgir, Alex M. Lechner, Jayden Engert & William F. Laurance
The Heart of Borneo initiative has promoted the integration of protected areas and sustainably-managed forests across Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. Recently, however, member states of the Heart of Borneo have begun pursuing ambitious unilateral infrastructure-development schemes to accelerate economic growth, jeopardizing the underlying goal of trans-boundary integrated conservation. Focusing on Sabah, Malaysia, we highlight conflicts between its Pan-Borneo Highway scheme and the regional integration of protected areas, unprotected intact forests, and conservation-priority forests. Road developments...

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  • 2019

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