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Data from: High-nature-value grasslands have the capacity to cope with nutrient impoverishment induced by mowing and livestock grazing

Pavla Mládková, Jan Mládek, Stanislav Hejduk, Michal Hejcman, Pablo Cruz, Claire Jouany & Robin J. Pakeman
1. Management of high-nature-value (HNV) grasslands follows agri-environmental schemes across large areas of Europe. Long-term agreements and restrictions of fertilizers cause soil nutrient impoverishment, but remarkably this quite often does not reduce biomass production. Therefore, we tested how species-rich vegetation copes with nutrient impoverishment under the most frequently used treatments, that is summer mowing and livestock grazing. 2. During 2011–2012 we studied, simultaneously, plant species composition, soil and biomass chemical properties in two equally designed...

Data from: Are prenatal maternal resources more important in competitive than in benign postnatal environments?

Miloš Krist, Martin Janča, Anaïs Edme & Rudolf Dzuro
According to theoretical models, the optimal solution of the life-history trade-off between the number and size of offspring depends on the quality of the environment. Offspring size should be more important for their fitness in more competitive environments. This idea was rarely experimentally tested in taxa with prolonged periods of parental postnatal care, such as in birds. Here we manipulated the offspring rearing environment by enlarging or reducing brood size. Enlarged broods suffered greater mortality...

Data from: The evolution of parental cooperation in birds

Vladimír Remeš, Robert P. Freckleton, Jácint Tökölyi, András Liker & Tamás Székely
Parents in many animal species care for their offspring. In some species, males care more; in other species, females care more; in still other species, the contribution of the sexes is equal. However, we do not know what explains these differences among species. Using the most comprehensive analyses of parental care to date, here we show that parents cooperate more when sexual selection is not intense and the adult sex ratio of males to females...

Data from: Sex differences in parental care: gametic investment, sexual selection and social environment

András Liker, Robert P. Freckleton, Vladimir Remes & Tamás Székely
Male and female parents often provide different type and amount of care to their offspring. Three major drivers have been proposed to explain parental sex roles: (i) differential gametic investment by males and females that precipitates into sex difference in care, (ii) different intensity of sexual selection acting on males and females, and (iii) biased social environment that facilitates the more common sex to provide more care. Here we provide the most comprehensive assessment of...

Data from: Context-dependence of maternal effects: testing assumptions of optimal egg size, differential- and sex-allocation models

Miloš Krist & Pavel Munclinger
If offspring develop in adverse conditions, the maternal component of their phenotypic variation might increase due to the stronger dependence of offspring traits on parental investment. This should result in increased parental investment to individual offspring, as assumed by the model of optimal egg size. The opposite pattern, i.e., stronger dependence of offspring fitness on parental investment and consequently larger parental investment under good conditions is assumed by both the theory of differential allocation if...

Data from: Not so colourful after all: eggshell pigments constrain avian eggshell colour space

Daniel Hanley, Tomáš Grim, Phillip Cassey & Mark E. Hauber
Birds' eggshells are renowned for their striking colours and varied patterns. Although often considered exceptionally diverse, we report that avian eggshell coloration, sampled here across the full phylogenetic diversity of birds, occupies only 0.08–0.10% of the avian perceivable colour space. The concentrations of the two known tetrapyrrole eggshell pigments (protoporphyrin and biliverdin) are generally poor predictors of colour, both intra- and interspecifically. Here, we show that the constrained diversity of eggshell coloration can be accurately...

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