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Data from: Testosterone positively associated with both male mating effort and paternal behavior in savanna baboons (Papio cynocephalus)

Patrick Ogola Onyango, Laurence R. Gesquiere, Jeanne Altmann & Susan C. Alberts
Testosterone (T) is often positively associated with male sexual behavior and negatively associated with paternal care. These associations have primarily been demonstrated in species where investment in paternal care begins well after mating activity is complete, when offspring are hatched or born. Different patterns may emerge in studies of species where investment in mating and paternal care overlap temporally, for instance in non-seasonal breeders in which males mate with multiple females sequentially and may simultaneously...

Data from: When good neighbors don’t need fences: Temporal landscape partitioning among baboon social groups

A. Catherine Markham, Vishwesha Guttal, Susan C. Alberts & Jeanne Altmann
Intraspecific competition is a key factor shaping space-use strategies and movement decisions inmany species, yet how and when neighbors utilize shared areas while exhibiting active avoidance of one another is largely un- known. Here, we investigated temporal landscape partitioning in a population of wild baboons (Papio cynocephalus). We used global positioning system (GPS) collars to synchronously record the hourly locations of five baboon social groups for ∼900 days, and we used behavioral, demographic, and life...

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