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Open habitats in a tropical biodiversity hotspot support pollinator diversity in both protected and unprotected areas

Ibukunoluwa Balogun, Olumayowa Eluyeba & Temitope Kehinde
Protected areas (PAs) are vital in the global effort to preserve biodiversity, particularly for disturbance-intolerant pollinator species in the tropics. As there is little information on the potential of PAs for pollinator conservation in sensitive tropical ecosystems, we assessed here insect pollinator diversity in protected vs. unprotected areas in two vegetation zones in Nigeria, within the West African Guinea Biodiversity Hotspot. We selected two land-use types based on predominant canopy cover type (open and tree-shaded...

Floristic composition, structure and diversity of riparian forests in southwestern Nigeria: Conservation is inevitable

Tolulope Borisade & Anthony Odiwe
The Nigerian riparian forest ecosystems had declined in extent and distribution and this had been attributed mainly to land use change. This study intended to provide an understanding of the links between plant diversity, composition, structures, and disturbances both anthropogenic and natural processes inducing the vegetation dynamics. Nine study sites were used for this study, within each site, five (5) plots (0.25 ha in size) were marked out and placed systematically at an interval of...

Patterns of ferns community assemblages in some Malaysian and Nigerian tropical forests

Gbenga Akomolafe, Rusly Rosazlina, Zakaria Rahmad & Fatai Oloyede
Research on fern ecology has gained attention in the last decade, yet there is a paucity of information on the comparison of ferns communities across continents. This study focused on comparing the ferns community assemblages in some tropical forests of Malaysia and Nigeria, thereby assessing the patterns of species richness (SR) and phylogenetic diversity(PD) in relation to the bioclimatic drivers across the continents. The diversity and taxonomic compositions of ferns were assessed using 180 plots...

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  • 2022

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