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Data from: Bacterial characterization of Beijing drinking water by flow cytometry and MiSeq sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene

Tingting Liu, Weiwen Kong, Nan Chen, Jing Zhu, Jing Wang, Xiaoqing He, Yi Jin & Jingqi Wang
Flow cytometry (FCM) and 16S rRNA gene sequencing data are commonly used to monitor and characterize microbial differences in drinking water distribution systems. In this study, to assess microbial differences in drinking water distribution systems, 12 water samples from different sources water (groundwater, GW; surface water, SW) were analyzed by FCM, heterotrophic plate count (HPC), and 16S rRNA gene sequencing. FCM intact cell concentrations varied from 2.2 × 103 cells/mL to 1.6 × 104 cells/mL...

Data from: MycoDB, a global database of plant response to mycorrhizal fungi

V. Bala Chaudhary, Megan A. Rúa, Anita Antoninka, James D. Bever, Jeffery Cannon, Ashley Craig, Jessica Duchicela, Alicia Frame, Monique Gardes, Catherine Gehring, Michelle Ha, Miranda Hart, Jacob Hopkins, Baoming Ji, Nancy Collins Johnson, Wittaya Kaonongbua, Justine Karst, Roger T. Koide, Louis J. Lamit, James Meadow, Brook G. Milligan, John C. Moore, , Bridget Piculell, Blake Ramsby … & Jason D. Hoeksema
Plants form belowground associations with mycorrhizal fungi in one of the most common symbioses on Earth. However, few large-scale generalizations exist for the structure and function of mycorrhizal symbioses, as the nature of this relationship varies from mutualistic to parasitic and is largely context-dependent. We announce the public release of MycoDB, a database of 4,010 studies (from 438 unique publications) to aid in multi-factor meta-analyses elucidating the ecological and evolutionary context in which mycorrhizal fungi...

Data from: Dianyuea gen. nov. (Salicaceae: Scyphostegioideae) from southwestern China

Ce Shang, Shuai Liao, Yong-Jie Guo & Zhi-Xiang Zhang
Dianyuea C. Shang, S. Liao & Z. X. Zhang, a new monotypic genus of Salicaceae based on Flacourtia turbinata H. J. Dong & H. Peng, is described and illustrated. Morphologically, Dianyuea differs from Flacourtia Comm. ex L'Hér. by having six connate stamens, basal placentation and lobed seed appendages. All those features indicate that Dianyuea is allied with Scyphostegia Stapf. A molecular phylogenetic analysis using plastid trnL-F, matK, and rbcL sequence data for representatives of 16...

Data from: Antennal transcriptome analysis and expression profiles of odorant binding proteins in Eogystia hippophaecolus (Lepidoptera: Cossidae)

Ping Hu, Jing Tao, Mingming Cui, Chenglong Gao, Pengfei Lu & Youqing Luo
Background: Eogystia hippophaecolus (Hua et al.) (Lepidoptera: Cossidae) is the major threat to seabuckthorn plantations in China. Specific and highly efficient artificial sex pheromone traps was developed and used to control it. However, the molecular basis for the pheromone recognition is not known. So we established the antennal transcriptome of E. hippophaecolus and characterized the expression profiles of odorant binding proteins. These results establish and improve the basis knowledge of the olfactory receptive system, furthermore...

Data from: Context-dependent strategies of food allocation among offspring in a facultative cooperative breeder

Jianqiang Li, Yong Wang, Lei Lv, Pengcheng Wang, Ben J. Hatchwell & Zhengwang Zhang
Natural selection should favor adoption of parental strategies that maximize fitness when allocating investment among offspring. In birds, begging displays often convey information of nestling need and quality, allowing parents to make adaptive food allocation decisions. We investigated how adults utilized cues likely to represent nestling competitive ability (begging position) and need (begging intensity), and a cue independent of nestling control (nestling sex) to distribute food among nestlings in a facultative cooperative breeder, the black-throated...

Grazing changes the direction of direct effect of shrubs on nematode communities but suppresses indirect effects through microbial pathways

Hanwen Cui, Ziyang Liu, Jingwei Chen, Jiajia Wang, Hongxian Song, Sa Xiao, Xiaoli Yang, Xiangtai Wang, Yajun Wang, Xi Kou, Lihua Meng, Kun Liu, Shuyan Chen, Lizhe An & Uffe Nielsen
Abstract It is well established that dominant plants shape belowground communities, which in turn influence ecosystem functioning. Similarly, herbivores affect belowground communities through physical disturbance and redistribution of organic inputs, but also through their interactions with the plants themselves. However, we know little about how grazing moderates effects of dominant plants on belowground organisms. We established a three-year removal experiment in a grazed and an ungrazed alpine meadow on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau to explore how...

Scale-dependent species-area relationship: niche-based versus stochastic processes in a typical subtropical forest

Haibao Ren, Jens-Christian Svenning, Xiangcheng Mi, James A. Lutz, Jinxing Zhou & Keping Ma
Determining the patterns and drivers of the small-scale species-area relationship (SAR) is crucial for improving our understanding of community assembly and biodiversity patterns. Niche-based and stochastic processes are two principal categories of mechanisms potentially driving SARs. However, their relative importance has rarely been quantified rigorously owing to scale-dependence and the simplified niche volumes often used. In a fully mapped, 24-ha plot of a typical subtropical forest, we built the SARs and well-defined niche-hyper-volumes of a...

Data from: The jujube genome provides insights into genome evolution and the domestication of sweetness/acidity taste in fruit trees

Jian Huang, Chunmei Zhang, Xing Zhao, Zhangjun Fei, KangKang Wan, Zhong Zhang, Xiaoming Pang, Xiao Yin, Yang Bai, Xiaoqing Sun, Lizhi Gao, Ruiqiang Li, Jinbo Zhang & Xingang Li
Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) belongs to the Rhamnaceae family and is a popular fruit tree species with immense economic and nutritional value. Here, we report a draft genome of the dry jujube cultivar 'Junzao' and the genome resequencing of 31 geographically diverse accessions of cultivated and wild jujubes (Ziziphus jujuba var. spinosa). Comparative analysis revealed that the genome of 'Dongzao', a fresh jujube, was ~86.5 Mb larger than that of the 'Junzao', partially due to...

Data from: Effects of individual-based preferences for colour-banded mates on sex allocation in zebra finches

Zitan Song, Yao Liu, Isobel Booksmythe & Changqing Ding
Sex allocation theory predicts that females mated to attractive males produce more sons than females mated to unattractive males. However, previous tests of this hypothesis have obtained mixed results. We suggest that females differ in the traits they find attractive. To test this proposition, we assessed female zebra finches’ preferences for males banded with red or green plastic leg bands and then tested the sex allocation pattern of females paired with preferred and non-preferred males....

Data from: Analysing the effect of paddy rice variety on fluorescence characteristics for nitrogen application monitoring

Chaoyong Shen, Zhongke Feng & Daoqin Zhou
Paddy rice is one of the most important cereal crops worldwide, it is a significant target to accurately monitor its growth status and photosynthetic efficiency. Nitrogen (N) levels is a key factor closely related to crop growth. In this study, laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) technology combined with multivariate analysis was applied to investigate the effect of paddy rice variety on the N fertilizer levels monitoring. Principle components analysis was conducted to extract the variables of the...

Data from: The genus Vararia (Russulales, Basidiomycota) in China. Two new species and two new Chinese records

Shi Liang Liu, Shuang Hui He, Shi-Liang Liu & Shuang-Hui He
Two new species, Vararia bispora and V. montana collected from southern China, are described and illustrated based on morphological characters. Vararia bispora is characterized by cinnamon-buff to yellowish brown basidiocarps, clamped generative hyphae, ventricose gloeocystidia, 2-sterigmata basidia, and large fusiform to cylindrical basidiospores that are negative in Melzer's reagent. Vararia montana is characterized by small pulvinate basidiocarps, clamped generative hyphae, rather strongly dextrinoid dichohyphae, and broadly ellipsoid basidiospores with a peculiar beak-like extension, and without...

Direct and indirect effects of environmental factors, spatial constraints, and functional traits on shaping the plant diversity of montane forests

Li Ting, Xiong Qinli, Luo Peng, Zhang Yubo, Gu Xiaodong, Lin Bo & Ting Li
Understanding the relative importance of the factors driving the patterns of biodiversity is a key research topic in community ecology and biogeography. However, the main drivers of plant species diversity in montane forests are still not clear. In addition, most existing studies make no distinction between direct and indirect effects of environmental factors, spatial constraints on plant biodiversity. Using data from 107 montane forest plots in Sichuan Giant Panda habitat, China, we quantified the direct...

Data from: Diversity and structural variability of bacterial microbial communities in rhizocompartments of desert leguminous plants

Ziyuan Zhou
By assessing diversity variations of bacterial communities under different rhizocompartment types (i.e., roots, rhizosphere soil, root zone soil, and inter-shrub bulk soil), we explore the structural variability of bacterial communities in different root microenvironments under desert leguminous plant shrubs. 16S rRNA high-throughput genome sequencing was used to characterise the bacterial diversity in the rhizocompartments of three xeric leguminous plants (Caragana microphylla, Hedysarum scoparium, and Hedysarum mongolicum) in the Mu Us Desert.

Recognition of dominant driving factors behind sap flow of Liquidambar formosana based on back-propagation neutral network method

Jie Tu, Qijing Liu & Jianping Wu
Aims: This study focused on the applicability of back-propagation (BP) neural networks in simulating sap flow (SF) using meteorological factors and a phenological index (PI) for Liquidambar formosana, a deciduous broad-leaf tree species in subtropical China, and thus providing a useful and promising alternative to traditional methods for transpiration prediction. Methods: Three-layered BP models with an architecture 4-10-1 (four neurons in the input layer, ten neurons in the hidden layer and one neuron in the...

Dataset of Phylogenomics of the olive family Oleaceae

Wenpan Dong
Deep-branching phylogenetic relationships are often difficult to resolve because phylogenetic signals are obscured by the long history and complexity of evolutionary processes, such as ancient introgression/hybridization, polyploidization and incomplete lineage sorting. Phylogenomics has been effective in providing information for resolving both deep- and shallow-scale relationships across all branches of the tree of life. Concatenated and coalescence trees based on the plastid genome, nuclear SNPs and multiple nuclear genes suggest events of incomplete lineage sorting and/or...

Data from: Fine root morphology and growth in response to nitrogen addition through drip fertigation in a Populus × euramericana “Guariento” plantation over multiple years

Xiao-Li Yan, Liming Jia & Tengfei Dai
Context: Nitrogen (N) deficiency is common in forest soils, and N addition is increasingly applied to the cultivation of plantations. Knowledge of the potential effect of high-efficiency fertilization techniques based on successive field experiments on fine root morphology and growth in trees with respect to nutrient acquisition strategy is insufficient. Aim: We aimed to quantitatively investigate the responses of fine roots in morphology and growth to N addition through surface drip fertigation (DF) over multiple...

Data from: Effects of stand age, richness and density on productivity in subtropical forests in China

Shuai Ouyang, Wenhua Xiang, Xiangping Wang, Wen-Fa Xiao, Liang Chen, Shenggong Li, Han Sun, Xiangwen Deng, David Forrester, Lixiong Zeng, Pifeng Lei, Xiangdong Lei, Mengmeng Gou & Changhui Peng
1. Forest productivity may be determined not only by biodiversity but also by environmental factors and stand structure attributes. However, the relative importance of these factors in determining productivity is still controversial for subtropical forests. 2. Based on a large dataset from 600 permanent forest inventory plots across subtropical China, we examined the relationship between biodiversity and forest productivity and tested whether stand structural attributes (stand density in terms of trees per ha, age and...

Data from: Facilitation among plants can accelerate density-dependent mortality and steepen self-thinning lines in stressful environments

Wei-Ping Zhang, Xin Jia & Gen-Xuan Wang
The speed and slope of plant self-thinning are all affected by plant-plant interactions across environmental gradients. Possible mechanisms driving the self-thinning dynamics include the relative strength of root vs. shoot competition, and the interplay between competition and facilitation. Although these mechanisms often act in concert, their relative importance has not yet been fully explored. We used both a one-layer and a two-layer zone-of-influence (ZOI) model to examine how competition and facilitation drive self-thinning across stress...

Effects of soil phosphorus, light, AMF and jasmonic acid on growth and defense of Plantago lanceolata

Arjen Biere, Minggang Wang & Laiye Qu
This dataset contains data from a two-part greenhouse experiments described in the paper: “Qu, L., Wang, M., and Biere, A. (2021) Interactive effects of Mycorrhizae, Soil Phosphorus and Light on Growth and Induction and Priming of Defense in Plantago lanceolata. Frontiers in Plant Science 12: 647372”. The experiment investigates the effects of a factorial combination of three factors: inoculation with AMF (the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Funneliformis mosseae; yes/no), soil phosphorus level (Soil P, 10.5 vs....

Effects of different functional structure parameters of plant communities on slope runoff in different periods of the year in semiarid grasslands

Jian Hou, Yihe Lu, Zongshan Li & Huoxing Zhu
Research on sustainable use of water resources is needed to ensure food security, limit erosion, and prevent land degradation. Owing to the importance of water conservation to ecosystems, further research on the water conservation functions of different ecosystems is needed. Given the influence on water conservation functions, it is critical to identify environmental factors mediating slope runoff. In this study, the focal study area was the Yangjuangou catchment (36°42' N, 109°31' E) of the Loess...

Intraspecific competition drives dispersal of an endangered ibis data

Yuanxing Ye
Although dispersal drives population dynamics and species distribution, we still know little about how it affects the dynamic of endangered and restricted-range species. After 1981, when the last seven wild individuals of Crested Ibis were discovered in China, the species remained confined to a single location (‘original nesting area’) until 2000 (< 24 breeding pairs). Then, the breeding population began a significant spatial and numerical expansion (toward the ‘secondary nesting area’). Our analyses of long-term...

Populus euphratica WRKY1 binds the promoter of PeHA1 to enhance gene expression and salt tolerance

Jun Yao, Zedan Shen, Yanli Zhang, Xia Wu, Jianhui Wang, Gang Sa, Yuhong Zhang, Huilong Zhang, Chen Deng, Jian Liu, Siyuan Hou, Ying Zhang, Yinan Zhang, Nan Zhao, Shurong Deng, Shanzhi Lin, Rui Zhao & Shaoliang Chen
Plasma membrane proton pumps play a crucial role in maintaining ionic homeostasis in salt-resistant Populus euphratica under saline conditions. High levels of NaCl (200 mM) induced PeHA1 expression in P. euphratica roots and leaves. We isolated a 2022-bp promoter fragment upstream of the translational start of PeHA1 from P. euphratica. The promoter-reporter construct PeHA1-pro::GUS was transferred to tobacco plants, demonstrating that β-glucuronidase activities increased in root, leaf, and stem tissues under salt stress. DNA affinity...

Geographic patterns of insect diversity across China's nature reserves: The roles of niche conservatism and range overlapping

Yueming Lyu, Xiangping Wang & Juchun Luo
Aim Insects are the most species‐rich clade in the world, but the broad‐scale diversity pattern and the potential drivers have not been well documented for the clade as a whole. We aimed to examine the relative roles of contemporary and historical climate, niche conservatism, range overlapping, and other environmental factors on geographic patterns of species richness and phylogenetic structure, for insects across China. Location China. Methods We collected insect data from 184 nature reserves and...

N-P utilization of Acer mono leaves at different life history stages across altitudinal gradients

Jihua Hou & Zhaopeng Song
The relationship between plants and the environment is a core area of research in ecology. Owing to differences in plant sensitivity to the environment at different life history stages, the adaptive strategies of plants are a cumulative result of both their life history and environment. Previous research on plant adaptation strategies has focused on adult plants, neglecting saplings or seedlings, which are more sensitive to the environment and largely affect the growth strategy of subsequent...

Re-assessment of the climatic controls on the carbon and water fluxes of a boreal aspen forest over 1996-2016: changing sensitivity to long-term climatic conditions

Peng Liu, Alan Barr, Tianshan Zha, T Black, Rachhpal Jassal, Zoran Nesic, Warren Helgason, Xin Jia & Yun Tian
Recent evidence suggests that the relationships between climate and boreal tree growth are generally non-stationary; however, it remains uncertain whether the relationships between climate and carbon (C) fluxes of boreal forests are stationary or have changed over recent decades. In this study, we used continuous eddy-covariance and microclimate data over 21 years (1996-2016) from a 100-year-old trembling aspen stand in central Saskatchewan, Canada to assess the relationships between climate and ecosystem C and water fluxes....

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