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Evidence for divergence between sympatric stone charr and Dolly Varden along unique environmental gradients in Kamchatka.

Nikolai Melnik, Grigorii Markevich, Eric Taylor, Evgeny Esin & Aleksey Loktyushkin
Here we describe the biological and ecological differences between partially anadromous Dolly Varden and riverine stone charr distributed in the Kamchatka River middle course. Endemic stone charr, being the ambush predator, is defined by the accelerated growth and prolonged lifespan, robust body and large mouth, as well as specific marble colouration since an early age. The significant restriction in gene flow between the stone charr and benthos-eating Dolly Varden was supported by an allelic distribution...

Singing behind the stage: thrush nightingales produce more variable songs on their wintering grounds

Abel Souriau, Nicole Geberzahn, Vladimir V Ivanitskii, Irina M Marova, Jana Vokurková, Radka Reifová, Jiři Reif & Tereza Petrusková
The songs of migratory passerine birds have a key role in mate attraction and territory defence during the breeding season. Many species also sing on their wintering grounds, but the function of this behaviour remains unclear. One possible explanation, proposed by the song improvement hypothesis, is that the birds take advantage of this period to develop their singing skills for the next breeding season. If so, non-breeding songs should reflect features of an early phase...

Maiaspora: a new miospore genus with enigmatic sculpture from the late Visean of European Russia

Dmitriy A. Mamontov
We describe a new miospore genus Maiaspora gen. nov. from the upper Visean (middle Mississippian) of the southern wing of Moscow Syneclise (European Russia). A combination of methods (optical light microscopy (LM), scanning-electron microscopy (SEM), confocal laser microscopy (CLSM) and image-analysis) to study the same individual miospore specimens revealed a remarkable sculptural type for which we propose the new term ‘metareticuloid’. Metareticuloid sculpture is defined as a complex arrangement of muri with apiculate elements, polygonal...

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  • 2019

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