Data from: Intermediate habitat associations by hybrids may facilitate genetic introgression in a songbird

Eric M. Wood, Sara E. Barker Swarthout, Wesley M. Hochachka, Jeffrey L. Larkin, Ronald W. Rohrbaugh, Kenneth V. Rosenberg, Amanda D. Rodewald & Jeffery L. Larkin
Hybridization or the interbreeding of genetically discrete populations or species can occur where ranges of genetically distinct units overlap. Golden-winged warblers Vermivora chrysoptera, a species that has been in steady decline for decades, highlight the potential population-level consequences of hybridization. A major factor implicated in their decline is hybridization with their sister species, the blue-winged warbler Vermivora cyanoptera, which has likely been exacerbated by historic and current land-use practices. We examined habitat associations of golden-winged...

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  • 2015

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  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Cornell University