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Data from: Evolution of male coloration during a post-pleistocene radiation of Bahamas mosquitofish (Gambusia hubbsi)

Ryan A. Martin, Rüdiger Riesch, Justa Lee Heinen-Kay & R. Brian Langerhans
Sexual signal evolution can be complex because multiple factors influence the production, transmission, and reception of sexual signals, as well as receivers’ responses to them. To grasp the relative importance of these factors in generating signal diversity, we must simultaneously investigate multiple selective agents and signaling traits within a natural system. We use the model system of the radiation of Bahamas mosquitofish (Gambusia hubbsi) inhabiting blue holes to test the effects of resource availability, male...

Data from: A comparison of supermatrix and supertree methods for multilocus phylogenetics using organismal datasets

Daniel A. Janies, Jonathon Studer, Samuel K. Handelman & Gregorio Linchangco
It has been proposed that supertree approaches should be applied to large multilocus sequence datasets to achieve computational tractability. Large datasets such as those derived from phylogenomics studies can be broken into many locus-specific tree searches and the resulting trees can be stitched together via a supertree method. Using simulated data, workers have reported that they can rapidly construct a supertree that is comparable to the results of heuristic tree search on the entire dataset....

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  • 2013

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