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Data from: Combined use of molecular markers and high resolution melting (HRM) to assess chromosome dosage in potato hybrids

Clizia Villano, Valeria Miraglia, Massimo Iorizzo, Riccardo Aversano & Domenico Carputo
In plants, the most widely used cytological techniques to assess parental genome contributions are based on in situ hybridization (FISH and GISH), but they are time-consuming and need specific expertise and equipment. Recent advances in genomics and molecular biology have made PCR-based markers a straightforward, affordable technique for chromosome typing. Here, we describe the development of a molecular assay that uses single-copy conserved ortholog set II (COSII)-based single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and the high-resolution melting...

Data from: Chewing on the trees: constraints and adaptation in the evolution of the primate mandible

Carlo Meloro, Nilton Carlos Cáceres, Francesco Carotenuto, Jonas Sponchiado, Geruza Leal Melo, Federico Passaro & Pasquale Raia
Chewing on different food types is a demanding biological function. The classic assumption in studying the shape of feeding apparatuses is that animals are what they eat, meaning that adaptation to different food items accounts for most of their interspecific variation. Yet, a growing body of evidence points against this concept. We use the primate mandible as a model structure to investigate the complex interplay between shape, size, diet and phylogeny. We find a weak...

Data from: Cushion plant morphology controls biogenic capability and facilitation effects of Silene acaulis along an elevation gradient

Giuliano Bonanomi, Adriano Stinca, Giovanni Battista Chirico, Giampiero Ciaschetti, Antonio Saracino & Guido Incerti
The stress-gradient hypothesis (SGH) predicts that the balance of plant–plant interactions shifts along abiotic environmental gradients, with facilitation becoming more frequent under stressful conditions. However, recent studies have challenged this perspective, reporting that positive interactions are, in some cases, more common at the intermediate level of environmental severity gradients. Here, we test whether and how neighbour effects by Silene acaulis cushions vary along a 700 m wide altitudinal transect, in relation to cushion morphological traits...

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  • 2015

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