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Data from: The Solanum commersonii genome sequence provides insights into adaptation to stress conditions and genome evolution of wild potato relatives

Riccardo Aversano, Felice Contaldi, Maria Raffaella Ercolano, Valentina Grosso, Massimo Iorizzo, Filippo Tatino, Luciano Xumerle, Alessandra Dal Molin, Carla Avanzato, Alberto Ferrarini, Massimo Delledonne, Walter Sanseverino, Riccardo Aiese Cigliano, Salvador Capella-Gutierrez, Toni Gabaldón, Luigi Frusciante, James M. Bradeen & Domenico Carputo
Here, we report the draft genome sequence of Solanum commersonii, which consists of ∼830 megabases with an N50 of 44,303 bp anchored to 12 chromosomes, using the potato (Solanum tuberosum) genome sequence as a reference. Compared with potato, S. commersonii shows a striking reduction in heterozygosity (1.5% versus 53 to 59%), and differences in genome sizes were mainly due to variations in intergenic sequence length. Gene annotation by ab initio prediction supported by RNA-seq data...

Data from: Temperature and storage time strongly affect the germination success of perennial Euphorbia species in Mediterranean regions

Antonia Cristaudo, Stefania Catara, Antonio Mingo, Alessia Restuccia & Andrea Onofri
This study aims to explore the effect of environmental factors (temperature,light, storage time) on germination response and dormancy patterns in eight Mediterranean native wildplants, belonging to the Euphorbia L. genus. In detail, we considered E. amygdaloides subsp. arbuscula, E. bivonae subsp. bivonae, E. ceratocarpa, E. characias, E. dendroides, E. melapetala, E. myrsinites, E. rigida. We collected seeds from natural plant populations and performed germination assays in climatic chambers at seven constant temperatures (from 5 to...

Data from: Evolution of an insect immune barrier through horizontal gene transfer mediated by a parasitic wasp

Angela Amoresano, Paola Varricchio, Ilaria Di Lelio, Pietro Pucci, Luca Gianfranceschi, Anna Illiano, Silvia Caccia, Federica Astarita, David Horner & Francesco Pennacchio
Genome sequencing data have recently demonstrated that eukaryote evolution has been remarkably influenced by the acquisition of a large number of genes by horizontal gene transfer (HGT) across different kingdoms. However, in depth-studies on the physiological traits conferred by these accidental DNA acquisitions are largely lacking. Here we elucidate the functional role of Sl gasmin, a gene of a symbiotic virus of a parasitic wasp that has been transferred to an ancestor of the moth...

Data from: Models of community-based primary care for epilepsy in low and middle income countries

Gagandeep Singh, Meenakshi Sharma, Anand Krishnan, Tarun Dua, Francesco D’Aniello, Sara Manzoni & Josemir Sander
Objective: To review systematically community-based primary care interventions for epilepsy in low and middle income countries to rationalize approaches and outcome parameters in relation to epilepsy care in these countries. Methods: A systematic search of PubMed, EMBASE, Global Index Medicus, CINAHL and Web of Science was undertaken to identify trials and implementation of provision of anti-seizure medications, adherence reinforcement and/or healthcare provider or community education in community-based samples of epilepsy. Data on populations addressed, interventions...

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  • 2019

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