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Data from: Abundance and morphometry changes across the high-mountain lake-size gradient in the tropical Andes of Southern Ecuador

Pablo V. Mosquera, Henrietta Hampel, Raúl F. Vázquez, Miguel Alonso & Jordi Catalan
The number, size, and shape of lakes are key determinants of the ecological functionality of a lake district. The lake area scaling relationships with lake number and volume enable upscaling biogeochemical processes and spatially considering organisms' metapopulation dynamics. These relationships vary regionally depending on the geomorphological context, particularly in the range of lake area <1 km2 and mountainous regions. The Cajas Massif (Southern Ecuador) holds a tropical mountain lake district with 5955 water bodies. The...

Data from: Climate variability and community stability in Mediterranean shrublands: the role of functional diversity and soil environment

Ignacio M. Pérez-Ramos, Ricardo Díaz-Delgado, Enrique G. De La Riva, Rafael Villar, Francisco Lloret & Teodoro Marañón
1.Understanding how different factors mediate the resistance of communities to climatic variability is a question of considerable ecological interest that remains mostly unresolved. This is particularly remarkable to improve predictions about the impact of climate change on vegetation. 2.Here we used a trait-based approach to analyse the sensitivity to climatic variability over nine years of 19 Mediterranean shrubland communities located in southwest Spain. We evaluated the role of functional diversity and soil environment as drivers...

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  • 2017

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