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Data from: Large frugivores matter more on an island: insights from island-mainland comparison of plant-frugivore communities

Rohit Naniwadekar, Abhishek Gopal, Navendu Page, Sartaj Ghuman, Vivek Ramachandran & Jahnavi Joshi
Endozoochory, a mutualistic interaction between plants and frugivores, is one of the key processes responsible for maintenance of tropical biodiversity. Islands, which have a smaller subset of plants and frugivores when compared with mainland communities, offer an interesting setting to understand the organization of plant-frugivore communities vis-a-vis the mainland sites. We examined the relative influence of functional traits and phylogenetic relationships on the plant-seed disperser interactions on an island and a mainland site. The island...

Genetic analyses reveal population structure and recent decline in leopards (Panthera pardus fusca) across Indian subcontinent

Supriya Bhatt, Suvankar Biswas, Krithi Karanth, Bivash Pandav & Samrat Mondol
Background Large carnivores maintain the stability and functioning of ecosystems. Currently, many carnivore species face declining population sizes due to natural and anthropogenic pressures. The leopard, Panthera pardus, is probably the most widely distributed and highly adaptable large felid globally, still persisting in most of its historic range. However, we lack subspecies-level data on country or regional scale on population trends, as ecological monitoring approaches are difficult to apply on such wide-ranging species. We used...

Differentiating three Indian shads by applying shape analysis from digital images

Arvind Dwivedi
Tenualosa ilisha, T. toli and Hilsa kelee are three Indian shad species of the family Clupeidae. In past, relationships among these shads have been explored in few morphological studies but still remain poorly understood. In this study, 120 specimens of three shad species were collected from the wild and a truss network system of 13 landmarks was interconnected to yield 77 size-adjusted characters. Discriminant function analysis (DFA) produced 13 discriminating variables in delineating the three...

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  • 2020

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