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Data from: Demography of Euterpe precatoria and Mauritia flexuosa in the Amazon: application of integral projection models for their harvest

Carolina Isaza, Rodrigo Bernal, Galeano. Gloria, Carlos Martorell & Gloria Galeano
Non-Timber Forest Products like palm fruits are fundamental in the livelihood of Amerindian groups. For the last 10 years the fruits of wild palm species, like Euterpe precatoria and Mauritia flexuosa, have been entering into global markets. These species are mostly harvested felling the adults, a practice that may have a disproportionate impact in the conservation of the populations. We studied the demography of E. precatoria and M. flexuosa, two important palms of the Amazon,...

Data from: Rich do not rise early: spatio-temporal patterns in the mobility networks of different socio-economic classes

Laura Lotero, Rafael G. Hurtado, Luis Mario Floría & Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes
We analyse the urban mobility in the cities of Medellín and Manizales (Colombia). Each city is represented by six mobility networks, each one encoding the origin-destination trips performed by a subset of the population corresponding to a particular socio-economic status. The nodes of each network are the different urban locations whereas links account for the existence of a trip between two different areas of the city. We study the main structural properties of these mobility...

Data from: Molecular study of the Amazonian Macabea cattle history

Julio Vargas, Vincenzo Landi, Amparo Martinez, Mayra Mercedez Gomez, María Esperanza Camacho, Luz Ángela Álvarez, Lenin Aguirre, Juan Vicente Delgado & Mayra Gómez
Macabea cattle are the only Bos taurus breed that have adapted to the wet tropical conditions of the Amazon. This breed has integrated into the culture of the indigenous Shuar-Asuar nations probably since its origins, being one of the few European zoogenetic resources assimilated by the deep-jungle Amazon communities. Despite its potential for local endogenous sustainable development, this breed is currently endangered. The present study used molecular genetics tools to investigate the within- and between-breeds...

Data from: Costs and tradeoffs of resistance and tolerance to belowground herbivory in potato

Etzel Garrido, María F. Díaz, Hugo Bernal, Carlos E. Ñústez, Jennifer Thaler, Georg Jander, Katja Poveda & Carlos Eduardo Ñustez
1. The success of sustainable crop production depends on our ability to select or create varieties that can allocate resources to both growth and defence. However, breeding efforts have emphasized increases in yields but have partially neglected defence traits against pests. Estimating the costs of multiple defences against tuber herbivores and the tradeoffs among them, as well as understanding the relationship between yield and multiple defences is still unknown but relevant to both basic and...

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