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KBSS Data: structure and kinematics of circumgalactic H I

Yuguang Chen, Charles Steidel, Cameron Hummels, Gwen Rudie, Bili Dong, Ryan Trainor, Millan Bogosavljevic, Dawn Erb, Max Pettini, Naveen Reddy, Alice Shapley, Allison Strom, Rachel Theios, Claude-Andre Faucher-Giguere & Dusan Keres
This tarball collects the processed data that are included in Y. Chen et al, 2020, "The Keck Baryonic Structure Survey: Using foreground/background galaxy pairs to trace the structure and kinematics of circumgalactic neutral hydrogen at z~2". Here is how this file is organised. cats - KBSS catalogs as of Jan 2019, organized as FITS tables. This can be slightly different to the most recent KBSS catalog released at http://ramekin.caltech.edu/KBSS. lya_spec - The stacked spectra near...

Phenomenological model of motility by spatiotemporal modulation of active interactions

Dominik Schildknecht & Matt Thomson
Raw data (in folder raw) Analysis scripts used to analyze the data (in folder analysis) Processed data for the figures (in folder figs) README file giving more information to all data.

Data used for figure generation in PhD thesis \"The Molecular Biophysics of Evolutionary and Physiological Adaptation\"

Griffin Chure
This folder contains all data sets used in the analysis and figure generation presented in my PhD thesis. Please see the associated `README.md` file for more information.

CITE-seq protein and mRNA counts

Gennady Gorin, Valentine Svensson & Lior Pachter
Protein counts were acquired from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/geo/query/acc.cgi?acc=GSE100866. LOOM was generated from FASTQ. cellranger processing: cellranger count --id=(desired bam directory) --transcriptome=(transcriptome directory) --fastqs=(fastq directory) --localcores=40 --localmem=100 --chemistry=SC3Pv2 velocyto processing: velocyto run10x --samtools-threads 60 --samtools-memory 5000 (desired bam directory) (transcriptome directory)/genes/genes.gtf

Data for \"Assessment of InSight Landing Site Predictions\"

Matthew Golombek
This file describes data related to Golombek et al. 2020 submission "Assessment of InSight Landing Site Predictions" to the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. Questions regarding these data or the paper should be directed to Matthew.P.Golombek@jpl.nasa.gov or Nathan.R.Williams@jpl.nasa.gov. This .zip archive contains data used in the analyses contained within the paper and its figures. All coordinates are reported in an equirectangular projection with a planetary radius 3396190 corresponding to the IAU/IAG Mars 2000 positive east...

Ncd K401 multi 1

Ncd & K401 optogenetic motors activated by light. % different activation regions

Supplementary files 2.1 and 2.2

Supplementary files for Chapter 2

Structural evolution of orogenic wedges: interplay between erosion and weak décollements

This dataset contains main output files of the numerical experiments described in the main text.

Data from: Probing the ecology and climate of the Eocene Southern Ocean with sand tiger sharks Striatolamia macrota

Sora Kim, Sarah Zeichner, Albert Colman, Howie Scher, Jürgen Kriwet & Thomas Mörs
During the Eocene, the Earth climate system transitioned from greenhouse to icehouse conditions. Central to many explanations is the Southern Ocean—where tectonic configurations influenced oceanic gateways, ocean circulation reduced heat transport, and/or greenhouse gas declines prompted glaciation. To date, few studies have explored the implications of this climate transition on high latitude, marine vertebrates. Seymour Island near the Antarctic Peninsula preserves a rich, diverse fossil assemblage in the Tertiary Eocene La Meseta (TELM) Formation (Fm)....

Bamboo phenology and life cycle drive seasonal and long-term functioning of Amazonian bamboo-dominated forests

Belen Fadrique, Daniel Gann, Bruce Nelson, Sassan Saatchi & Kenneth Feeley
1. Bamboo-dominated forests (BDF) extend over large areas in the drought-prone Southwestern Amazon, yet little is known about the dynamics of these ecosystems. Here, we investigate the hypothesis that bamboo modulates large-scale ecosystem dynamics through competition with coexisting trees for water. 2. We examined spatio-temporal patterns of remotely sensed metrics (Enhanced Vegetation Index [EVI], Normalized Difference Moisture Index [NDMI]) in >300 Landsat images as proxies for canopy leaf phenology and water content at two time...

Data for \"Assessing the influence of COVID-19 on the radiative balance over the East Asian Marginal Seas\"

Zhaoyi Shen
This datasets provides AM4 data required to produce results in the paper "Assessing the influence of COVID-19 on the radiative balance over the East Asian Marginal Seas".

Quantitative sequencing clarifies the role of disruptor taxa, the oral microbiome, and strict anaerobes in the human small-intestine microbiome

Jacob Barlow, Gabriela Leite, Anna Romano, Ali Rezaie, Ruchi Mathur, Mark Pimentel, Rustem Ismagilov, , &
Raw data and processing scripts for manuscript. All processing scripts are python jupyter notebooks. Unzip data file folders and keep the folder hierarchy as is or alter path locations in jupyter notebooks.

Pseudotime Data for Clytia Neurons

h5ad for Scanpy analysis of neurons in pseudotime lineage for Clytia medusae

Pseudotime Ranked Genes for Clytia Neurons

csv of ranked genes in relation to pseudotime of Clytia neurons

CellRanger ClickTag Data for Clytia Starvation 2

Jase Gehring Tara Chari
Bam files for ClickTags sequenced on MiSeq for Clytia starvation (lane 2)

Annotated Clustered, Kallisto-processed Clytia Stimulation Data

h5ad file for Scanpy analysis of Clytia stimulation data with cluster/cell type annotations

CellRanger Barcode Metadata for Clytia Starvation Data

Jase Gehring Tara Chari
Barcode tsv output from standard cellRanger pipeline on starved Clytia cDNA

Raw Kallisto-processed Clytia Starvation Data with Original Annotation

h5ad file for Scanpy analysis of processed Clytia starvation data with original Clytia transcriptome annotation (Cufflinks), including all nonzero genes

MSL ChemCam Measurements of Normalized H Peak Area in Murray Fm. Bedrock Targets

Nancy H. Thomas, Bethany L. Ehlmann, William Rapin, Frances Rivera‐Hernández, Nathaniel T. Stein, Jens Frydenvang, Travis Gabriel, Pierre-Yves Meslin, Sylvestre Maurice & Roger C. Wiens
Data table containing measured H peak area for every MSL ChemCam observation point of Murray formation bedrock as described in Thomas et al. (2020). The first column is the spacecraft clock (target identifier) and the second column is the fit H 656.5 nm peak area normalized by the fit O 778 nm peak area using the methods described by Thomas et al. (2018).

Supplemental Data for manuscript titled 'Laser-Induced Fluorescence Measurement of Very Slow Neutral Flows in a Dusty Plasma Experiment'

Ryan S. Marshall & Paul M. Bellan
Data used in the Review of Scientific Instruments manuscript titled "Laser-Induced Fluorescence Measurement of Very Slow Neutral Flows in a Dusty Plasma Experiment" The three zip files each contain measured data used in different parts of the manuscript. LIFTemperatureData.zip: Contains 82 .csv files and 1 .txt file. The number .csv files from 1 to 81 contain LIF data use to calculate temperature while the electrodes are cooling. The first column is piezo voltage, the second...

All Mass spec raw files

William Ireland
All raw mass spec data files for the runs in the Reg-Seq experiment.

Data related to Lee et al. 2020 eLife, Sifting in SC

Kyu Hyun Lee & Markus Meister
This is data related to Lee et al. 2020 eLife, The sifting of visual information in the superior colliculus. Please see README.txt for further descriptions.

Single cell profiling of capillary blood enables out of clinic human immunity studies

Tatyana Dobreva, David Brown, Jong Hwee Park & Matt Thomson
Instructions for loading this dataset available at https://github.com/thomsonlab/capblood-seq

Interactive visualization of Crystal Knob xenoliths project

Daven P. Quinn
Files for interactive visualization of the Crystal Knob xenolith project.

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