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A role for synaptonemal complex in meiotic mismatch repair

Ashwini Oke & Amy MacQueen
During meiosis a large subset of interhomolog recombination repair intermediates form within the physical context of the synaptonemal complex (SC), a protein-rich structure assembled at the interface of aligned homologous chromosomes. However, the functional relationship between SC structure and homologous recombination remains poorly defined. In prior work we determined that tripartite SC is dispensable for recombination in S. cerevisiae; SC central element proteins Ecm11 and Gmc2 instead limit the number of recombination events. Here we...

Data for: Wolves make roadways safer, generating large economic returns to predator conservation

Jennifer Raynor, Corbett Grainger & Dominic Parker
This dataset includes information on deer-vehicle collisions, vehicle miles traveled, weather, and deer, wolf, and human populations, for counties in Wisconsin from 1981-2016.

Observational evidence of herbivore-specific associational effects between neighboring conspecifics in natural, dimorphic populations of Datura wrightii

Jay Goldberg, Sonya Sternlieb, Genevieve Pintel & Lynda Delph
Associational effects – in which the vulnerability of a plant to herbivores is influenced by its neighbors – have been widely implicated in mediating plant-herbivore interactions. Studies of associational effects typically focus on interspecific interactions or pest-crop dynamics. However, associational effects may also be important for species with intraspecific variation in defensive traits. In this study, we observed hundreds of Datura wrightii – which exhibits dimorphism in its trichome phenotype – from over 30 dimorphic...

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