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Data from: Congruent species delimitation of two controversial gold-thread nanmu tree species based on morphological and restriction site-associated DNA sequencing data

Xin Ding, Jianhua Xiao, Lang Li, John G Canran, Jie Li, John G. Conran & Jian Hua Xiao
Species delimitation is fundamental to conservation and sustainable use of economically important forest tree species. However, the delimitation of two highly valued gold-thread nanmu species (Phoebe bournei and P. zhennan) has been confusing and debated. To address this problem, we integrated morphology and restriction site-associated DNA sequencing (RADseq) to define their species boundaries. We obtained highly consistent results from both data sets, supporting two distinct lineages corresponding to P. bournei and P. zhennan. In Phoebe...

Data from: Simple parameterization of aerodynamic roughness lengths and the turbulent heat fluxes at the top of midlatitude August‐one glacier, Qilian Mountains, China

Shuhai Guo, Rensheng Chen, Guohua Liu, Chuntan Han, Yaoxuan Song, Junfeng Liu, Yong Yang, Zhangwen Liu, Xiqiang Wang, Xiaojiao Liu, Lei Wang & Qin Zheng
The fluxes of sensible heat (H) and latent heat (LE), which are generally the important parts of the energy and mass balances over glacier surfaces, are widely quantified by the bulk method. However, due to the difficulty of determining the aerodynamic roughness length z0m in this method, H and LE values may still have large uncertainties with significant inaccuracy. To acquire reliable varying and intrinsic z0m values, new simpler parameterizations for z0m values at different...

Data from: Allocation strategies for nitrogen and phosphorus in forest plants

Jiahui Zhang, Nianpeng He, Congcong Liu, Li Xu, Qiang Yu & GuiRui Yu
The allocation of limiting elements, such as nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), in plants is an important basis for structural stability and functional optimization in natural plant communities. However, because of the lack of systematic investigation data, the mechanisms of optimal nutrient allocation in plants in natural forests are still unclear. Using consistent measurements of N and P contents in 930 plant species, we explored the allocation strategies for N and P in different plant...

Data from: Responses of growing‐season soil respiration to water and nitrogen addition as affected by grazing intensity

Jianjun Li, Yin Huang, Fengwei Xu, Liji Wu, Dima Chen & Yongfei Bai
1. Most grasslands in the world, including the semi-arid steppe in China, are threatened by nitrogen deposition, precipitation change, and livestock grazing, which greatly affect soil carbon processes (e. g., soil respiration). Although the individual effects of nitrogen deposition and precipitation change on soil respiration are well understood, how their effects on soil respiration are altered by different grazing intensities is unclear. 2. To determine how the effects of nitrogen deposition and precipitation change on...

Data from: Stream diatoms exhibit weak niche conservation along global environmental and climatic gradients

Janne Soininen, Aurelien Jamoneau, Juliette Tison-Rosebery, Thibault Leboucher, Jianjun Wang, Mikolaj Kokocinski & Sophia I. Passy
Niche conservatism (NC) describes the scenario in which species retain similar characteristics or traits over time and space, and thus has potentially important implications for understanding their biogeographic distributions. Evidence consistent with NC includes similar niche properties across geographically distant regions. We investigated whether NC was evident in stream diatom morphospecies by modeling species responses to environmental and climatic variables in a set of calibration sites (from the US) and then evaluated the models with...

Data from: Intra-specific relatedness, spatial clustering and reduced demographic performance in tropical rainforest trees

Xiaona Shao, Calum Brown, Samantha J. Worthy, Lu Liu, Min Cao, Qiaoming Li, Luxiang Lin & Nathan G. Swenson
Intra-specific negative density dependence promotes species coexistence by regulating population sizes. Patterns consistent with such density dependence are frequently reported in diverse tropical tree communities. Empirical evidence demonstrating whether intra-specific variation is related to these patterns, however, is lacking. The present study addresses this important knowledge gap by genotyping all individuals of a tropical tree in a long-term forest dynamics plot in tropical China. We show that related individuals are often spatially clustered, but having...

Data from: Phenology and the physiological niche are co-adapted in a desert dwelling lizard

Bao-Jun Sun, Liang Ma, Shu-Ran Li, Caroline M. Williams, Yang Wang, Xin Hao & Wei-Guo Du
1. A major goal of seasonal biology is to understand how selection on phenology and the physiological niche interact. In oviparous species, fitness variation across the growing season suggests that phenological shifts will alter selective environments experienced by embryos. We hypothesize that physiology could become co-adapted with phenology; such that embryos perform better in the environmental conditions they are adapted to compared to embryos adapted to other environments (temporal matching). 2. Here, we tested for...

Data from: Litter carbon and nutrient chemistry control the magnitude of soil priming effect

Lin Chao, Yanyan Liu, Grégoire Freschet, Weidong Zhang, Xin Yu, Wenhui Zheng, Xin Guan, Qingpeng Yang, Longchi Chen, Feike Dijkstra, Silong Wang & Feike A. Dijkstra
1. Plant litter inputs can promote the decomposition of soil organic matter (OM) through the priming effect (PE). However, whereas leaf litter chemistry has long been identified as the primary driver of litter decomposition within biomes worldwide, little is known about how litter chemical traits influence the occurrence and strength of the PE. 2. Here, we studied the effects of 15 co-occurring C3 leaf litters of contrasting chemistry on C4 soil respiration by analyzing changes...

Data from: Phylogenetic diversity correlated with aboveground biomass production during forest succession: evidence from tropical forests in Southeast Asia

Manichanh Satdichanh, Huaixia Ma, Kai Yan, Gbadamassi G.O. Dossa, Leigh Winowiecki, Tor-Gunnar Vågen, Anja Gassner, Jianchu Xu & Rhett D. Harrison
1. Enhancing knowledge on the role of evolutionary history during forest succession and its relationship with ecosystem function is particularly relevant in the context of forest landscape restoration for climate change mitigation and adaptation. 2. We used fine resolution vegetation and environmental data (soil, elevation and slope) from two large-scale surveys (320 x 1000 m2 plots in two 10 km x 10 km blocks) in the Upper Mekong to quantify (1) the role of abiotic...

Data from: Comprehensive phylogeny of ray-finned fishes (Actinopterygii) based on transcriptomic and genomic data

Lily C. Hughes, Guillermo Ortí, Yu Huang, Ying Sun, Carole C. Baldwin, Andrew W. Thompson, Dahiana Arcila, Ricardo Betancur-R, Chenhong Li, Leandro Becker, Nicolás Bellora, Xiaomeng Zhao, Xiaofeng Li, Min Wang, Chao Fang, Bing Xie, Zhuocheng Zhou, Hai Huang, Songlin Chen, Byrappa Venkatesh & Qiong Shi
Our understanding of phylogenetic relationships among bony fishes has been transformed by analysis of a small number of genes, but uncertainty remains around critical nodes. Genome-scale inferences so far have sampled a limited number of taxa and genes. Here we leveraged 144 genomes and 159 transcriptomes to investigate fish evolution with an unparalleled scale of data: >0.5 Mb from 1,105 orthologous exon sequences from 303 species, representing 66 out of 72 ray-finned fish orders. We...

Data from: The effects of warming and nitrogen addition on ecosystem respiration in a Tibetan alpine meadow: the significance of winter warming

Ning Zong, Shoubao Geng, Cheng Duan, Peili Shi, Xi Chai & Xianzhou Zhang
Global warming has become an indisputable fact on the Tibetan Plateau in the last decades. Alpine ecosystems are very sensitive to global warming, while the impact may depend on the degree of atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition. Previous studies paid more attention on year-round warming, while the effects of winter warming was still lacking. In this paper, a manipulative experiment consisted of warming and N addition was carried out in an alpine meadow since 2010, and...

Data from: Cryospheric hydrometeorology observation in the Hulu Catchment (CHOICE), Qilian Mountains, China

Chuntan Han, Rensheng Chen, Zhangwen Liu, Yong Yang, Junfeng Liu, Yaoxuan Song, Lei Wang, Guohua Liu, Shuhai Guo & Xiqiang Wang
Understanding cryospheric hydrology and the effects of cryospheric changes on river runoff is critical for sustainable water management, especially in arid inland river basins, such as those in Northwest China, where water resources mainly come from alpine areas. A cryospheric hydrometeorology observation system (CHOICE) has been established since 2008 in the Hulu Catchment, which is a well instrumented experimental and representative catchment in the upper reaches of the inland Hei River, Qilian Mountains, Northwest China....

Data from: Spatial variation in leaf nutrient traits of dominant desert riparian plant species in an arid inland river basin of China

Xiaolong Zhang, Jihua Zhou, Tianyu Guan, Wentao Cai, Lianhe Jiang, Liming Lai, Nannan Gao & Yuanrun Zheng
Understanding how patterns of leaf nutrient traits respond to groundwater depth is crucial for modeling the nutrient cycling of desert riparian ecosystems and forecasting the responses of ecosystems to global changes. In this study, we measured leaf nutrients along a transect across a groundwater depth gradient in the downstream Heihe River to explore the response of leaf nutrient traits to groundwater depth and soil properties. We found that leaf nutrient traits of dominant species showed...

Data from: Does reproductive isolation reflect the segregation of color forms in Spiranthes sinensis (Pers.) Ames complex (Orchidaceae) in the Chinese Himalayas?

Zhi-Bin Tao, Zong-Xin Ren, Peter Bernhardt, Huan Liang, Hai-Dong Li, Yan-Hui Zhao, Hong Wang & De-Zhu Li
Isolation between species, or taxa sharing a common lineage, depends primarily on the relative strengths of various reproductive barriers. Previous studies on reproductive isolation between orchids emphasized mechanical and ethological barriers in flowers of species showing food and/or sexual mimicry. In this study, we investigated and quantified a series of pre- and post-pollination barriers between pink and white forms of Spiranthes sinensis sl, a nectar-secreting complex. We generated ML trees based on trnS-G and matK...

Data from: Natatanuran frogs used the Indian Plate to step-stone disperse and radiate across the Indian Ocean

Zhi-Yong Yuan, Bao-Lin Zhang, Christopher J. Raxworthy, David W. Weisrock, Paul M. Hime, Jie-Qiong Jin, Emily M. Lemmon, Alan R. Lemmon, Sean D. Holland, Michelle L. Kortyna, Wei-Wei Zhou, Min-Sheng Peng, Jing Che & Elizabeth Prendini
Natatanura raw assembled sequencesNatatanura_seqs.zip

Data from: The tetrapod fauna of the upper Permian Naobaogou Formation of China: a new species of Elginia (Parareptilia, Pareiasauria)

Jun Liu & Gabriel S. Bever
The pareiasaur fossil record in China is poor compared to that of Russia or South Africa. A new pareiasaur specimen is here reported from the upper Permian Naobaogou Formation of the Daqing Mountains, Nei Mongol, China. It is recognized as a new species of Elginia, a taxon otherwise known only from the upper Permian Cutties Hillock Sandstone of Scotland. Diagnostic features include a moderately developed cheek flange; prominent otic notch (formed between squamosal and quadratojugal...

Data from: Walking in a heterogeneous landscape: dispersal, gene-flow and conservation implications for the giant panda in the Qinling Mountains

Tianxiao Ma, Yibo Hu, Isa-Rita Russo, Yonggang Nie, Tianyou Yang, Lijuan Xiong, Shuai Ma, Tao Meng, Han Han, Ximing Zhang, Mike W. Bruford, Fuwen Wei, Isa-Rita M. Russo & Michael W. Bruford
Understanding the interaction between life history, demography and population genetics in threatened species is critical for the conservations of viable populations. In the context of habitat loss and fragmentation, identifying the factors that underpin the structuring of genetic variation within populations can allow conservationists to evaluate habitat quality and connectivity and help to design dispersal corridors effectively. In this study, we carried out a detailed, fine-scale landscape genetic investigation of a giant panda population for...

Data from: Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities associated with two dominant species differ in their responses to long-term nitrogen addition in temperate grasslands

Zhi Zheng, Pengfei Ma, Juan Li, Lifei Ren, Wenming Bai, Qiuying Tian, Wei Sun & Wen-Hao Zhang
Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi, are important components of grassland ecosystems and are sensitive to enhanced atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition. Enhanced N deposition has been widely reported to reduce species richness and alter species composition across different types of grasslands worldwide. Despite extensive studies on effects of N deposition on AM fungal communities of grasslands, few studies have specifically focused on effects of N deposition on AM fungi associated with dominant species in grasslands. We investigated...

Data from: Generation of a monoclonal antibody recognizing the heavily glycosylated CD45 Protein and its application on identifying circulating tumor cells

Weikai Zhang, Zihua Wang, Chunyan Yue, Hui Zheng, Ren Li, Minxing Zhou, Qiuju Han, Zewen Wei, Zhitao Li, Zhiyuan Hu & Qin Li
Here, we provide direct evidence that using recombinant proteins expressed in eukaryotic cells as antigen is a practical way to generate monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against heavily glycosylated proteins. Heavily glycosylated proteins are typically difficult targets for mAb generation, being limited by unsatisfactory affinity and low specificity. Using the heavily glycosylated CD45 protein as an example, we demonstrate the entire process of expressing the protein in eukaryotic cells and using it as an antigen to generate...

Data from: Maternal density stress and coccidian parasitism: synergistic effects on overwinter survival in root voles

Yan-Bin Yang, Guo-Zhen Shang, Shou-Yang Du, Xin Zhang, Yan Wu & Jiang-Hui Bian
1. Individuals in poor physiological condition are known to be more susceptible to infection that, once it occurs, further deteriorates the individuals’ conditions, making them even more susceptible to infection and leading to death. This vicious synergy between the host condition and infection has recently been proposed to be among the key factors determining the oscillation characteristics in natural populations. Field studies that directly test such a hypothesis, however, are currently scarce, and the physiological...

Data from: Chemically-mediated sexual signals restrict hybrid speciation in a flea beetle

Huai-Jun Xue, Kari A. Segraves, Jing Wei, Bin Zhang, Rui-E Nie, Wen-Zhu Li & Xing-Ke Yang
The evolution of reproductive isolation following hybridization is a major obstacle that may limit the prevalence of hybrid speciation among specific groups of organisms. Here we use a flea beetle system to offer a behavioral hypothesis for why there are so few examples of homoploid hybrid speciation among insects. Specifically, we examined cuticular hydrocarbon (CHC) mating signals and mate choice decisions of Altica fragariae and A. viridicyanea to test whether the signals produced by hybrids...

Data from: A taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic perspective on the community assembly of passerine birds along an elevational gradient in southwest China

Xuelian He, Kang Luo, Calum Brown & Luxiang Lin
Integrating multiple-facets of biodiversity to describe spatial and temporal distribution patterns is one way of revealing the mechanisms driving community assembly. We assessed the species, functional and phylogenetic composition and structure of passerine bird communities along an elevational gradient both in wintering and breeding seasons in the Ailao Mountains, southwest China, in order to identify the dominant ecological processes structuring the communities and how these processes change with elevation and season. Our research confirms that...

Data from: Nonlinear response of ecosystem respiration to multiple levels of temperature increases

Ning Chen, Juntao Zhu, Yangjian Zhang, Yaojie Liu, Junxiang Li, Jiaxing Zu & Ke Huang
Global warming exerts profound impacts on terrestrial carbon cycles and feedback to climates. Ecosystem respiration (ER) is one of the main components of biosphere CO2 fluxes. However, knowledge regarding how ER responds to warming is still lacking. In this study, a manipulative experiment with five simulated temperature increases (Control, Warming 1, Warming 2, Warming 3, Warming 4) was conducted to investigate ER responses to warming in an alpine meadow on the Tibetan Plateau. The results...

Data from: Dryland soils in northern China sequester carbon during the early-2000s warming hiatus period

Dan Kou, Wenhong Ma, Jinzhi Ding, Beibei Zhang, Kai Fang, Huifeng Hu, Jianchun Yu, Tian Wang, Shuqi Qin, Xia Zhao, Jingyun Fang & Yuanhe Yang
1. Drylands, covering ~45% of the Earth’s terrestrial surface and supporting ~38% of the global population, play a dominant role in the trend and inter-annual variability of global land carbon (C) sink. Given that a large proportion of organic C is stored in soils, our knowledge on soil C dynamics in drylands is crucial to evaluate terrestrial C-climate feedback. However, credible understanding on this issue is still greatly limited by the lack of direct observations....

Data from: A global test of the cold-climate hypothesis for the evolution of viviparity of squamate reptiles

Liang Ma, Lauren B. Buckley, Raymond B. Huey & Wei-Guo Du
Aim The evolution of viviparity in squamate reptiles has attracted considerable scientific attention since the beginning of last century. The cold climate hypothesis posits that cold regions favor viviparity (and therefore the incidence of viviparous squamates is increased in these regions) because viviparous females can use thermoregulatory behavior to shorten embryonic developmental time and to reduce exposure of embryos to stressful temperatures. However, a rigorous global-scale test of the impact of viviparity on the developmental...

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