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Data from: Timing marine-freshwater transitions in the diatom order Thalassiosirales

Andrew J. Alverson
With species found throughout both marine and fresh waters, the diatom order Thalassiosirales is one of the most phylogenetically and ecologically diverse lineages of planktonic diatoms. A clear understanding of the timescale of Thalassiosirales evolution would provide novel insights into the rates and patterns of species diversification associated with major habitat shifts, as well as provide valuable context for understanding the age and evolutionary history of the model species, Cyclotella nana (= Thalassiosira pseudonana). The...

Data from: Functional genomic and phenotypic responses to desiccation in natural populations of a desert drosophilid

Subhash Rajpurohit, Cassia C. Oliveira, William J. Etges & Allen G. Gibbs
We used whole transcriptome microarrays to assess changes in gene expression and monitored mortality rates and epicuticular hydrocarbons (CHCs) in response to desiccation stress in four natural populations of Drosophila mojavensis from Baja California and mainland Mexico. Desiccation had the greatest effect on gene expression, followed by biogeographical variation at regional and population levels. Genes involved in environmental sensing and cuticular structure were up-regulated in dry conditions, while genes involved in transcription itself were down-regulated....

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  • 2013

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