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Data from: SNF1-related protein kinase 1: the many-faced signaling hub regulating developmental plasticity in plants

Muhammed Jamsheer K, Manoj Kumar & Vibha Srivastava
The Snf1-Related Protein Kinase 1 (SnRK1) is the plant homolog of the heterotrimeric AMP-activated Protein Kinase/ Sucrose Non-Fermenting 1 (AMPK/Snf1), which works as a major regulator of growth under nutrient-limiting conditions in eukaryotes. Along with its conserved role as a master regulator of sugar starvation responses, SnRK1 is involved in controlling the developmental plasticity and resilience under diverse environmental conditions in plants. In this review, through mining and analyzing the interactome and phosphoproteome data of...

Synthesizing existing phylogenetic data to advance phylogenetic research in Orobanchaceae

Sebastian M. E. Mortimer, James Boyko, Jeremy M. Beaulieu & David C. Tank
To date, no comprehensive phylogenetic analyses have been conducted in Orobanchaceae that include both a wide generic sampling and a large sampling of species. In addition, a lack of fossil evidence in the clade precludes the use of primary fossil calibrations for divergence time estimation, preventing the establishment of a comprehensive temporal framework for use in macroevolutionary studies. Here, we use a recently developed set of tools for synthesizing publicly available data, apply these to...

Genetic diversity and the origins of parthenogenesis in the teiid lizard Aspidoscelis laredoensis

Anthony Barley, James Cordes, James Walker & Robert Thomson
Unisexual vertebrates typically form through hybridization events between sexual species in which reproductive mode transitions occur in the hybrid offspring. This evolutionary history is thought to have important consequences for the ecology of unisexual lineages and their interactions with congeners in natural communities. However, these consequences have proven challenging to study owing to uncertainty about patterns of population genetic diversity in unisexual lineages. Of particular interest is resolving the contribution of historical hybridization events vs....

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