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Normative behavioral data from the novel One Trail Trace escape reaction task (OTTER)

Dominika Radostova, Daniela Kuncicka, Branislav Krajcovic, Lukas Hejtmanek, Tomas Petrasek, Jan Svoboda, Ales Stuchlik & Hana Brozka
We designed a behavioral task where rats learn to associate two temporally distinct but close-in-time events by means of incidental one-trial learning. The task takes advantage of two competing motivations - to avoid light places and to avoid painful stimuli (foot shock) predicted by an acoustic signal. Motivation to avoid a bright light is constant throughout the experiment and is manifested by rats preferring a dark compartment in a light/dark shuttle box. Motivation to stay...

Data from: Experimentally induced repeated anhydrobiosis in the eutardigrade Richtersius coronifer

Michaela Czernekova & K. Ingemar J├Ânsson
Tardigrades represent one of the main animal groups with anhydrobiotic capacity at any stage of their life cycle. The ability of tardigrades to survive repeated cycles of anhydrobiosis has rarely been studied but is of interest to understand the factors constraining anhydrobiotic survival. The main objective of this study was to investigate the patterns of survival of the eutardigrade Richtersius coronifer in tardigrades under repeated cycles of desiccation, and the potential effect of repeated desiccation...

Anguimorpha as a model group for studying the comparative heart morphology among Lepidosauria: Evolutionary window on the ventricular septation

Martina Gregorovicova, Martin Bartos, Bjarke Jensen, Jiri Janacek, Bryann Minne, Jiri Moravec & David Sedmera
The group Anguimorpha represents one of the most unified squamate clades in terms of body plan, ecomorphology, ecophysiology and evolution. On the other hand, the anguimorphs vary between different habitats and ecological niches. Therefore, we focused on the group Anguimorpha to test a possible correlation between heart morphology and ecological niche with respect to phylogenetic position in Squamata with Sphenodon, Salvator, and Pogona as the outgroups. The chosen lepidosaurian species were investigated by microCT. Generally,...

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