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Recalibration of calculated VO2max against measured VO2max

Jan Engvall, Lars Brudin, Eva Maret, Eva Nylander & Meriam Åström Aneq

Assessing intrastate cattle shipments from interstate data and expert opinion

Peter Brommesson, Stefan Sellman, Lindsay Beck-Johnson, Clayton N Hallman, Deedra Murieta, Colleen Webb, Ryan Miller, Katie Portacci & Tom Lindström
Live animal shipments are a potential route for transmitting animal diseases between holdings and are crucial when modeling spread of infectious diseases. Yet, complete contact networks are not available in all countries, including the United States. Here, we considered a 10% sample of Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspections from one year (2009). We focused on distance dependence in contacts and investigated how different functional forms affect estimates of unobserved intrastate shipments. To further enhance our...

Data associated with the manuscript \"On Lake Methane: Spatial Variability in Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition and the Potential Importance of Groundwater Input\"

Jonathan Schenk, Henrique Oliveira Sawakuchi, Anna Sieczko, Gustav Pajala, David Rudberg, Emelie Hagberg, Kjell Fors, Hjalmar Laudon, Jan Karlsson & David Bastviken

Source data for \"Diel variability of CO2 emissions from Northern lakes and the effect of lake mixing\"

David Rudberg, Nguyen Thanh Duc, Jonathan Schenk & Anna Sieczko

Colour pan-traps often catch less when there are more flowers around

Lars Westerberg, Hilda-Linn Berglund, Dennis Jonason & Per Milberg
When assessing changes in populations of species it is essential that the methods used to collect data have some level of precision and preferably also good accuracy. One commonly used method to collect pollinators is colour pan-traps, but this method has been suggested to be biased by the abundance of surrounding flowers. The present study evaluated the relationship between pan-trap catches and the frequency of flowers on small (25 m2) and large (2-6 ha) spatial...

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  • 2021

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