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A low technology emanator treated with the volatile pyrethroid transfluthrin confers long term protection against outdoor biting vectors of lymphatic filariasis, arboviruses and malaria

Sheila B Ogoma, Arnold S Mmando, Johnson K Swai, Sebastian Horstmann, David Malone & Gerry F Killeen
Background. The vapor phase of the volatile pyrethroid transfluthrin incapacitates mosquitoes and prevents them from feeding. Although existing emanator products for delivering volatile pyrethroids protect against outdoor mosquito bites, they are too short-lived to be practical or affordable for routine use in low-income settings. New transfluthrin emanators, comprised simply of treated hessian fabric strips, have recently proven highly protective against outdoor- biting vectors of lymphatic filariasis, arboviruses and malaria, but their full protective lifespan, minimum...

[Data Set] East Fork Poplar Creek Sonde Data at Kilometer 5.4 Water Year 2015

Ami Riscassi, Scott Brooks & Kenneth Lowe
This data set reports stream temperature, specific conductance, pH, dissolved oxygen percent saturation, dissolved oxygen concentration, turbidity, and fluorescent dissolved organic matter for East Fork Poplar Creek at a location approximately 5.4 kilometers

Reading Digital Fiction Project Second-Person Narration Study 1 Data

Alice Bell, Astrid Ensslin & Jen Smith
These data were collected in November 2014 at Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK, as part of the Reading Digital Fiction project study on second-person narration. Three people participated in the study. The significant data collection consisted of an audio-recorded structured reading of a piece of digital fiction along with a series of scales designed as a questionnaire. Participants read The Princess Murderer (2003), by Deena Larsen and geniwate (available at http://www.deenalarsen.net/princess/). Screenshots of The Princess...

Gestion de l’interdisciplinarité dans le programme de Master 2 MAN-IMAL

Matthieu Eveillard, Stephanie Fradet, Nathalie Ruvoen, Didier Lepelletier, Sebastien Couvreur, Michel Krempf & Catherine Magras
La question de l’interdisciplinarité est aujourd’hui évoquée dans les plans d’actions stratégiques de nombreuses universités. L’objectif de cette communication est de réaliser un bilan de la gestion de l’interdisciplinarité dans une formation (master 2ième année « MAN-IMAL ») ayant pour objectif de faire collaborer des étudiants ayant des formations initiales différentes (médecins, pharmaciens, vétérinaires, scientifiques, ingénieurs) et provenant de différents continents afin de résoudre de manière concertée des crises sanitaires impliquant l’homme, l’animal, l’alimentation et...

2016 Hydropower Market Report Update Data

Megan Johnson, Rocio Uria-Martinez & Patrick O'Connor

Sense Embeddings Models

Loïc Vial
This dataset contains the models of sense embeddings, or sense vectors, produced for the article called "Sense Embeddings in Knowledge-Based Word Sense Disambiguation" by Loïc Vial, Benjamin Lecouteux and Didier Schwab, in proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2017).

Prostate epithelial-specific expression of activated PI3K drives stromal collagen production and accumulation

Chad Vezina
Antibody validation data for the manuscript titled: Prostate epithelial-specific expression of activated PI3K drives stromal collagen production and accumulation

Warehouse Data NL & BE 2017/2012

Christian Kaps & René Koster
Dataset containing warehouse performance characteristics from 2017 and 2012 for 131 warehouses from the Netherlands and Belgium.

This dataset was compiled in 2017 by Christian Kaps with the support of René de Koster from Erasmus University Rotterdam as well as the warehouse associations evofendex and TLN in an effort to gather real-life data for a research project on automation’s effect on warehouse efficiency.

The core variables per warehouse are 4 input measures (Floor space, SKUs, FTEs...

Digital Elevation Maps of Comet 19P/Borrelly from the Deep Space 1 (DS1) Flyby, September 2001.

R. L. Kirk, Juergen Oberst & Bernd Giese
This data set contains both the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and German Aerospace Center (DLR) versions of the digital elevation model of the surface areas of comet 19P/Borrelly 1 (1904 Y2) that were visible and illuminated during the Deep Space 1 (DS1) encounter. The model was computed using the parallax, caused by the spacecraft's motion, between the highest resolution images. The USGS data also include the surface normal directions at each location.

Water Global Parameters _ from Conflans to Jarny _ 2017 December 12th _ Orne-Yron River

Montarges-Pelletier Emmanuelle & GAUTHIER Christophe
pH, Eh, Dissolved Oxygen, temperature, electrical conductivity, turbidity, total suspended solid concentration, particle size disitribution

Data for: Evaluation of Phototrophic Stream Biofilms Under Stress: Comparing Traditional and Novel Ecotoxicological Endpoints After Exposure to Diuron

Linn Sgier, Renata Behra, René Schönenberger, Alexandra Kroll & Anze Zupanic
Stream biofilms have been shown to be among the most sensitive indicators of environmental stress in aquatic ecosystems and several endpoints have been developed to measure biofilm adverse effects caused by environmental stressors. Here, we compare the effects of long-term exposure of stream biofilms to diuron, a commonly used herbicide, on several traditional ecotoxicological endpoints (biomass growth, photosynthetic efficiency, chlorophyll-a content, and taxonomic composition), with the effects measured by recently developed methods [community structure assessed...

Daily streamflow and reservoir water elevation data for Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas (2006-2099)

Cody Hudson & Wayne Kellogg
Daily streamflow and reservoir water elevation data for modeled locations in the Red River Basin. Values reported are for 18 different GCM (Global Climate Model) / RCP (Representative Concentration Pathway) / GDM Downscaling scenarios. Climate data from each scenario was input into a Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) model, that output flow values. These values were then input into RiverWare, to determine the impacts on regulated flows, lake levels and water availability. RiverWare was used for...

Sportunterricht 39 (10), 373-384

P. Gaschler
[MoReData.Quality] Value=0

Reflet d une menace externe sur un conflit interne : les attentats de Paris vus par trois jeunes patients

Anna Cognet
Les attentats du 13 novembre 2015 ont bouleverse durablement notre sentiment de securite. Meme lorsque ces attaques ne les ont pas touches de plein fouet, il est certain que les enfants ont de integrer ces informations et les vives emotions qui ont secoue les adultes autour d eux. L egocentrisme enfantin , selon Piaget, est bien eloigne d un quelconque egoisme qui les aurait fait se desinteresser de l actualite, mais est clairement le prisme...

TbInO3 Reduced neutron spectroscopy data from SNS on the CNCS and SEQUOIA Instruments

Garrett Granroth, Lucy Clark, Sala Gabriele, Dalini Maharaj, Matthew Stone, Sang-Wook Cheong & Bruce Gaulin
This data is measurements of the magnetic excitations in TbInO3 using neutron spectroscopy. The data is in nxspe files which are in hdf5 format. We recommend reading and processing them using Mantid (http://www.mantidproject.org). DAVE can also be used (https://www.ncnr.nist.gov/dave/).

AmeriFlux CA-Let Alberta - Mixed Grass Prairie

Lawrence B. Flanagan
This is the AmeriFlux version of the carbon flux data for the site CA-Let Alberta - Mixed Grass Prairie. Site Description - Latitude 49.43° N; Longitude 112.56° W, altitude 951 meters,Mixed Grass Prairie that includes the following major species: Agropyron spp. (Wheat Grasses), Tragopogon dubius (Goat’s Beard), Vicia americana (Wild Vetch), Koleria cristata (June Grass), Eurotia lanata (Winter Fat), Stipa comata (Spear Grass), Achillea millefolium (Yarrow); Artemisia frigida (Pasture Sage); Carex spp. (Sedges), Bouteloua gracilis...

GRACE satellite derived total water storage anomaly (TWSA) from April 2002 to December 2014

Zunyi Xie, Alfredo Huete, Natalia Restrepo-Coupe, Xuanlong Ma, Rakhesh Devadas & Graziella Caprarelli
The Total Water Storage Anomaly (TWSA) data are derived from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment satellite mission, with temporal and spatial resolutions of monthly and 1 degree respectively. The processed GRACE-derived TWSA data covered the period from April 2002 to December 2014. The GRACE TWSA data was pre-processed to remove the signal from atmosphere and ocean and was retrieved at monthly and 1° resolutions, with units of cm. To minimize the uncertainties associated with...

Discovery of unconventional charge density wave at the surface of K0.9Mo6O17

Adam Kaminski, Daixiang Mou, Alan Goldman, Andreas Kreyssig, Yun Wu & Rebecca Flint

Gaysurvey 2007, Les comportements face au VIH/sida des hommes qui ont des relations sexuelles avec des hommes: résultats de Gaysurvey 2007

Françoise Dubois-Arber, André Jeannin & Hugues Balthasar
L'enquête a reçu l'aval de la commission cantonale (VD) d'éthique de la recherche sur l'être humain de la Faculté de biologie et de médecine de l'Université de Lausanne.

Partecipanti al bando cheFare 2012, 2013/2014 e 2015 (2012-2015)

Associazione CheFare
Lo studio Partecipanti al bando cheFare 2012, 2013/2014 e 2015 (2012-2015) raccoglie una serie di informazioni relative ai soggetti partecipanti al bando cheFare, edizioni 2012, 2013/2014 e 2015.
cheFare è un’agenzia per la trasformazione culturale nata nel 2012 come bando per progetti culturali innovativi; dal 2014 è un’associazione culturale che si occupa di produrre, narrare e aggregare pratiche concrete e riflessioni teoriche sui mutamenti culturali in corso.
L’attività di cheFare si articola tra la produzione...

Public Data Set: Spatial Heterodyne Spectroscopy for High Speed Measurements of Stark Split Neutral Beam Emission in a High Temperature Plasma

Marcus Burke, Raymond Fonck, George McKee & Gregory Winz
This public data set contains openly-documented, machine readable digital research data corresponding to figures published in M.G. Burke et al., 'Spatial Heterodyne Spectroscopy for High Speed Measurements of Stark Split Neutral Beam Emission in a High Temperature Plasma,' Review of Scientific Instruments 89, 10D114 (2018).

Data from: Peacefully extreme - loss of combative strategies in the unstressed, sugar-xerophilic mould, Xeromyces bisporus

Su-Lin L. Leong, Henrik Lantz, Olga Vinnere-Pettersson, Jens C. Frisvad, Ulf Thrane, Hermann J. Heipieper, Jan Dijksterhuis, Manfred Grabherr, Mats Pettersson, Christian Tellgren-Roth & Johan Schnurer
Annotation in GFF3-format for the draft genome of Xeromyces bisporus. Genome available for download at EMBL, accession nr. PRJEB6149.

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