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Megan Squire, Kevin Crowston & James Howison
Intended audience for the product. A .bz2 file of archive/secondary data available as a download from http://downloads.sourceforge.net/ossmole/sfRawIntAudData2007-Jun.txt.bz2. Data collected from SourceForge as raw HTML and parsed into data files by FLOSSmole. Metadata record available at http://flosspapers.org/1015.

Respirometry data_figshare.xlsx

Jasmin Martino
Data for 'Biominerals track metabolic rates in fish'

Tribunaux de juridiction criminelle pour adultes, causes selon la durée médiane de traitement en jours

Statistique Canada
Tribunaux de juridiction criminelle pour adultes, type de cause selon l'infraction, l'âge et le sexe de l'accusé et le temps écoulé médian en jours, Canada, provinces, territoires, dix secteurs de compétence et huit secteurs de compétence, cinq années de données.

Purdue University Buildings Demolition, Construction Images, September 2016, POTR Building Camera 2

Darcy Bullock, Alexander Hainen, David Burford, Andrew Sydelko & Michael Witt
Two iconic buildings on the Purdue University campus, the Engineering Administration Building and the retired Heating and Power Plant-North, were targeted for demolition in 2012 to make way for the construction of the Wilmeth Active Learning Center.

MouseLight Neuron AA0591

Jayaram Chandrashekar, MouseLight Project Team & Spruston Lab
A vast neural tracing effort by a team of Janelia scientists has upped the number of fully-traced neurons in the mouse brain by a factor of 10. Researchers can now download and browse the data in three dimensions.
Inside the mouse brain, individual neurons zigzag across hemispheres, embroider branching patterns and, researchers have now discovered, can even spool out spindly fibers up to 45 centimeters long.
Scientists can see and explore these wandering neural traces in...

Event display file derived from /Jet/Run-2010B-Apr21ReReco-v1/AOD

Thomas McCauley
Sample event set from /Jet/Run-2010B-Apr21ReReco-v1/AOD primary dataset in json format readable from the browser-based 3d event display

Seismic Behavior of Modern Reinforced Concrete Structural Walls (Specimen PW2)

Anna Birely, Chris Hart, Ken Marley, Laura Lowes, Dawn Lehman & Daniel Kuchma
A series of four experiments were conducted to study the behavior of planar reinforced concrete walls representative of modern buildings in seismic zones. Tests were designed per the ACI 318 building code. Demands on the wall simulated earthquake loads expected to occur in mid-rise buildings. The test specimens simulated the lower three stories of a ten-story wall, with demands at the third floor boundary selected to simulate the loads in the upper seven stories. The...

SySeVR: A Framework for Using Deep Learning to Detect Software Vulnerabilities

Zhen Li, Deqing Zou, Shouhuai Xu, Hai Jin, Yawei Zhu, Zhaoxuan Chen, Sujuan Wang & Jialai Wang
We propose a general framework for using deep learning to detect vulnerabilities, named SySeVR. For evaluate the SySeVR, we collect the Semantics-based Vulnerability Candidate (SeVC) dataset, which contains all kinds of vulnerabilities that are available from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and the Software Assurance Reference Dataset (SARD). At a high level, the Syntax-based Vulnerability Candidate (SyVC) representation corresponds to a piece of code in a program that may be vulnerable based on a syntax...

Kostenstrukturerhebung der Unternehmen der Energie- und Wasserversorgung 2012, On-Site, Version 0

Forschungsdatenzentren Der Statistischen Ämter Des Bundes Und Der Länder
Die Kostenstrukturerhebung der Unternehmen der Energie- und Wasserversorgung (UK) wird bei ca. 3.300 Unternehmen einschließlich der Eigenbetriebe der öffentlichen Hand jährlich durchgeführt. Aufgrund der Auskunftspflicht sind fast alle Unternehmen dieses Wirtschaftsbereiches in der Erhebung enthalten. Auskunftspflicht besteht für Unternehmen mit 10 und mehr Beschäftigten. Sie dient der Erfassung und Gegenüberstellung der betrieblichen Aufwendungen und Erträge und ermöglicht damit die Bestimmung von Produktionswerten und Wertschöpfungsgrößen. Darüber hinaus lassen die Ergebnisse der Erhebung die Bedeutung wichtiger Kostenfaktoren...

Red jasper spectrum

George R. Rossman
Jasper, red, Crab lake, Labrador, colored by hematite. This is a reflectance spectrum off a polished slab. The color comes from small inclusions of hematite, Fe2O3, in the quartz.

Icicle run 120723

Antony Szu-Han Chen
Wall temperature: -11.97 C

'Accident Survey' Study of Morbidity in Elizabeth Area, South Australia, 1978

Bill Selge
The 'Accident' Survey was carried out to assess the morbidity conditions of the people residing in the area. Rather than concentrating only on accidents, the study was more generally concerned with all disease and health complications. Topics investigated were congenital, chronic and accidental conditions, location and time (month) of onset, duration, number of general and specialist medical consultations, hospital admissions and effects on working capacity, and daily and recreational activities. The data file from this...

Method to Recover Media Ligand Losses During Sorption of Rare Earth Elements from Simulated Geothermal Brines

Dean Stull
This document describes the method and results of an in-situ experiment used to confirm that ligand bleed from a sorptive media can be contained. The experiment focused on maintaining the media's sorption of rare earth elements (REE) obtained from a simulated geothermal brine doped with known mineral concentrations.

WAMSI 2 - Kimberley Node - Project 1.1.3 - Ecological connectivity of Kimberley marine communities (ECU - AIMS) [dataset]

James Gilmour, Kathryn McMahon, Jim Underwood, Oliver Berry, Michael Stat, Jean-Paul Hobbs, Michael Travers, Glenn Moore & Zoe Richards

Hacia la construcción de un subsistema nacional de áreas marinas protegidas en Colombia

D. Ramírez Alonso
Las primeras Áreas Protegidas (AP) creadas en Colombia datan de la década del 70 y conforman lo que hoy es el Sistema de Parques Nacionales Naturales (SPNN). El número de AP en Colombia ha estado en aumento desde entonces, incluyendo no solo nuevas áreas del SPNN sino áreas establecidas por instancias regionales, locales, privadas y de la sociedad civil. Las áreas protegidas representan la principal estrategia de conservación in situ de la biodiversidad, no obstante,...

18 MW Wind Farm Lifetime Extension LCOE Database - Multiple Turbine Types

Tim Rubert
This tool serves as an add-on for the following conference paper "The Effect of Upscaling and Performance Degradation on Onshore Wind Turbine Lifetime Extension Making". The tools allows to explore i) baseline LCOE, ii) baseline + lifetime extension LCOE, as well as iii) the advised LCOE2 estimate for the different lifetime extension scenarios (+5 - 15 years) under varying input parameters.

Project Feature Matrix

Aydin Nassehi, Owen Freeman Gebler, Mark Goudswaard, Hamish McAlpine, James Gopsill, Peter Bennett, David Mathias, Duncan Boa, Chris Snider, David Jones & Ben Hicks
Backing data for publication in ICED 17, describing relationships between issues associated with engineering consultancy and formula student project teams, and features of engineering project performance.

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