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Data from: Unstable infiltration experiments in dry porous media

C. J. M. Cremer, C. Schuetz, I. Neuweiler, P. Lehmann & E. H. Lehmann

Data from: Within-individual canalization contributes to age-related increases in trait repeatability: a longitudinal experiment in red knots

Eva Marina Anna Kok, Joseph B. Burant, Anne Dekinga, Petra Manche, Darren Saintonge, Theunis Piersma & Kimberley J. Mathot

Data from: Replanting of first-cycle oil palm results in a second wave of biodiversity loss

Adham Ashton-Butt, Simon Willcock, Dedi Purnomo, Resti Wahyuningsih, Anak Aryawan, Amelia Hood, Suhardi Suhardi, Mohammad Naim, Guy Poppy, Jean-Pierre Caliman, Kelvin Peh & Jake Snaddon

Data from: Is MHC diversity a better marker for conservation than neutral genetic diversity? a case study of two contrasting dolphin populations

Oliver Manlik, Michael Krutzen, Anna M. Kopps, Janet Mann, Lars Bejder, Simon J. Allen, Celine Frere, Richard C. Connor & William B. Sherwin

Data from: Behavioral response of a mobile marine predator to environmental variables differs across ecoregions

Michael E. Byrne, Jeremy J. Vaudo, Guy C. McN. Harvey, Matthew W. Johnston, Bradley M. Wetherbee & Mahmood Shivji

Data from: Latitudinal divergence in a wide-spread amphibian: contrasting patterns of neutral and adaptive genomic variation

Patrik Rödin-Mörch, Emilien Luquet, Yvonne Meyer-Lucht, Alex Richter-Boix, Jacob Höglund & A. Laurila

Data from: Sex- and tissue-specific differences in telomere length in a reptile

Nicky Rollings, Christopher R. Friesen, Camilla M. Whittington, Rasmus Johansson, Richard Shine & Mats Olsson

Data from: Local predation risk and matrix permeability interact to shape movement strategy

Laurane Winandy, Julien Cote, Lucie Di Gesu, Felix Pellerin, Audrey Trochet & Delphine Legrand

Data from: Using a multi-stage hESC model to characterize BDE-47 toxicity during neurogenesis

Hao Chen, Helia Seifikar, Nicholas Larocque, Yvonne Kim, Ibrahim Khatib, Charles Fernandez, Nicomedes Abello & Joshua Robinson

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