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English Presbyterian missionaries of the Xiamen mission field, China, ca. 1895

"Front Row, left to right: Dr Paton, Mr Sandeman; Second Row: Mr Wales, Dr Macgregor, Mr Brown; Back Row: Dr Howie, Dr Cross." These seven English Presbyterian missionaries were all members of the Amoy [Xiamen] Mission field during the 1890s. Dr David Grant, Dr Lewis Paton, Dr Howie and Dr Cross were medical missionaries.; A set of group photographs taken in the Amoy [Xiamen] mission field ca. 1890-1910. Groups include missionaries from the American (Dutch)...

QB-30.102: untitled

Note: Fotos vor 1945 von Zimmer-Schäfer siehe QB-30.101. - Keine old no und cat. notes. Fotos von Missionar Zimmer-Schäfer.

8/ Facade to the east, the side from which typhoons blow. Close-up compared with Nos. 2 & 3.

Annotation translation: "The Basel home before the renovation."; Annotation: "Basler Heim vor der Renovation."; Note: Bildbeschreibungen den Fotos beigelegt. (DS 09.2000).; Stamped: "11 Oct 1947."

Golden sheaves, vol. 21 [sic, i.e. 24], no. 02 (1952 February)

Missionary work of the Pentecostal movement in Indonesia Zendingswerk van de Pinksterbeweging in Indonesië

House Haug in Ngomo, Gabon

House named "Haug", in memory of the missionary Ernest Haug, in the mission station of the Société des missions évangéliques de Paris (Paris evangelical missionary society) in Ngomo, Gabon.

Wedding, Westwood Hills Christian Church, 1951

2 images. Wedding, Westwood Hills Christian Church, 29 July 1951. Barbara Lawrence (actress bride); John Murphy (groom).

Catholic family, Abra, Philippines, 1914

Photograph of "a good Catholic Philippine family (a noble one) Abra 1914." Mother and father sit on chairs at the center of the group. Three older daughters stand behind them and the two youngest daughters sit on the ground in front of them. The group is dressed in formal attire. The mother wears a rosary around her neck.

Armistead Maupin, Edmund White, and another at the Lambda Literary Awards

Leigh H. Mosley
Armistead Maupin (center), Edmund White (right), and an unidentified person 1st Annual Lambda Literary Awards. June 2, 1989.

Interior of a canning factory, ca.1935

Photograph of the interior of a canning factory, ca.1935. In the foreground, round crates sit to the left while two men work at filling them with cans. A large machine sits in the center with round tubes and belts attached to the ceiling. In the background, women stand in rows with bonnets to cover their hair while they work at processing the cans.

Daily Trojan, Vol. 62, No. 8, October 01, 1970

Daily Trojan, Vol. 62, No. 8, October 01, 1970.

Kʻorian sŭtʻŭrit jŏnŏl = Korean street journal, whole no. 336 (1987 Aug. 20)

Kʻorian sŭtʻŭrit jŏnŏl [Korian suturit jonol] = Korean street journal = 코리안 스트릿 저널, vol. 7, whole no. 336 (1987 August 20). Weekly, every Thursday.

Hamlin Garland, letter, 1938-05-27, to Clarence Brown

Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940
Hamlin Garland, 2045 De Mille Drive, [Laughlin Park], Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA, letter, 1938 Mary 27, to Clarence Brown. "My wife and I are moved to express…" -- first line.

Panoramic view of Pasadena, looking northeast from Painter Hotel (La Pintoresca Hotel?), ca.1893-1895

Pierce, C.C. (Charles C.), 1861-1946
Photograph of a panoramic view of Pasadena, looking northeast from Painter Hotel (La Pintoresca Hotel?), ca.1893-1895. Houses and trees are sparsely scattered across the landscape. Echo Mountain is in the center of the range.

Medical missionaries and African patient, southern Africa, ca. 1880-1914

Photograph of a group of medical missionaries with a patient. The patient, an African man, is lying on an operating table. This photograph was exposed in Bern during the 1914 Swiss National Exhibition.; Photographie d'un médecin et d'infirmiers de la Mission romande avec un patient. Le patient, un homme africain, est allongé sur une table d'opération. Cette photographie a été exposée à Berne dans le cadre de l'Exposition nationale de 1914.

Arrival in Ndogbaboy, in Cameroon

Mrs Nicod and Mr Nouvelon arrive in Ndogbaboy, near Yabassi, in a pirogue.

Negotiating pluralism and tribalism in liberal democratic societies

Shoba Sadagopan
Unrestricted My aim in this dissertation is to enquire whether toleration as a practice is achievable. It is prior to the question of how it can be grounded as a virtue. I argue that in liberal democratic societies where there are struggles for recognition on the part of ethnocultural groups, it is possible to negotiate pluralism and tribalism in a way that a stable pluralist society can be maintained. My core thesis rests on a...

Illustration of the left shoulder, anterior view, showing major muscles and the cephalic vein

Irving Rehman, Chadwick F. Smith & Helen Barker
Includes labels: Trapezius m., Clavicle, Serratus anterior m., Pectoralis major m., Cephalic v., Biceps brachii m., Coracobrachialis m.

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