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Nocturnal means of OH(3-1) airglow rotational temperatures from the mesopause region obtained with GRIPS 6 located at the German Remote Sensing Data Center, Oberpfaffenhofen

Carsten Schmidt, Kathrin Höppner & Michael Bittner
The temperatures are derived from the rotational vibrational transition of the OH molecule originating from a thin layer in approximately 87 km centroid height. The spectra have been obtained with the Ground-based Infrared P-branch Spectrometer (GRIPS 6) located at the German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Oberpfaffenhofen (11.271E, 48.081N), Germany - a measurement station of the international Network for the Detection of Mesospheric Change (NDMC). During routine operation...

Barcode Index Number BOLD:AAH1194

Barcode Index Number System
A cluster of barcode records associated with a Barcode Index Number(BIN). Each cluster is a proxy for a named or unnamed species. Records consist of specimen metadata, specimen images, and sequence data.

Test data for uniaxial tensile on material AISI 316 L at 24 Celsius

Kolluri M Luzginova N & NRG Petten
In this IBIS experiment (under the framework of the materials domain DEMETRA in the European Transmutation research and development project EUROTRANS) ferritic-martensitic 9 Cr steel (T91), austenitic 316L stainless steel and their welds in direct contact with LBE have been irradiated for 250 full power days up at 300 oC to a dose level of 1.25-1.8 dpa, and at 500 oC to a dose level of 2.1- 2.7 dpa. The results from the uni-axial tensile...

GEOFON event gfz2013lqsb (Crete, Greece; Magnitude 6.0)

Geofon Operator
Earthquake, 2013-06-15 16:11:02, Crete, Greece


Simon J. Coles, A. Kilic, Michael B. Hursthouse, Simon J. Coles, David B. Davies & S Besli

Shipping Container Transverse Impact Tests at Lehigh University

Payam Aghl & Clay Naito
These tests focus on the linear and nonlinear transverse impact of the flexural members of the shipping container. This experiment consisted of two phases. - Phase1 involved transverse impact of the bottom beam and corner post of the shipping container. The load cell was located at the middle of the flexural member. - Phase2 involved transverse impact of the simply supported beam. The beam was connected to the shipping container as a simplified model of...

Regio- and Diastereoselective Synthesis of trans-2,3-Dihydrofuran Derivatives in an Aqueous Medium

Abu Khan, Mohan Lal & R. Sidick Basha
A wide variety of fused trans-2,3-dihydrofuran derivatives were synthesized through a one-pot three-component reaction of an aromatic aldehyde, a cyclic β-diketo compound, and an in situ-generated pyridinium ylide in refluxing. The pyridinium ylide was formed from either 2-bromo-1-phenylethanone or 4-nitrobenzyl bromide and pyridine in the presence of 10 mol% of sodium hydroxide. Pyridine plays crucial role in forming the pyridinium salt, which, in turn, forms a nitrogen ylide in the presence of sodium hydroxide. The...

Database Macrosismico Italiano, versione DBMI11

Mario Locati, Romano Camassi & Massimiliano Stucchi
La prima versione disponibile al pubblico del Database Macrosismico Italiano risale al maggio 2007 (DBMI04; Stucchi et al., 2007). Esso conteneva i dati di intensità utilizzati per la compilazione dei parametri del catalogo parametrico rilasciato nel maggio 2004 (CPTI04; Gruppo di Lavoro CPTI, 2004), a sua volta utilizzato per la compilazione della Mappa di Pericolosità Sismica del territorio nazionale (MPS04, Gruppo di Lavoro MPS, 2004). Nel dicembre 2008 sono state pubblicate online le porzioni 1901-2006...

Downscaled Climate Model Output for the Contiguous United States from IPCC AR4 Scenarios [Bias Corrected Statistical Downscaling (BCSD) Method]

Von P. Walden
This data series contains 2868 temporal datasets. These data are climate model outputs that have been downscaled to 4-km spatial resolution using the Bias Corrected Statistical Downscaling (BCSD) method. Moore and Walden have modified the BCSD method described by Wood et al (2002), Long-range experimental hydrologic forecasting for the eastern United States. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres 107: 4429-4443 and Salathe (2005), Downscaling simulations of future global climate with application to hydrologic modeling. International Journal of...

Mannheimer Innovationspanel (MIP), Scientific-Use-Files

Christian Rammer, Birgit Aschhoff, Dirk Crass, Thorsten Doherr, Martin Hud, Christian Köhler & Bettina Peters
Das ZEW erhebt seit 1993 jährlich Daten zum Innovationsverhalten der deutschen Wirtschaft. Die Innovationserhebung deckt die Bereiche Bergbau, verarbeitendes Gewerbe, Energie, Baugewerbe, unternehmensnahe Dienstleistungen und distributive Dienstleistungen ab. Sie ist für Deutschland repräsentativ und ermöglicht Hochrechnung für die deutsche Wirtschaft insgesamt sowie für einzelne Branchengruppen. Es wird im Auftrag des BMBF und in Kooperation mit infas und dem Fraunhofer-ISI durchgeführt. Das MIP ist gleichzeitig der deutsche Beitrag zu den Community Innovation Surveys (CIS) der Europäischen...

My Dear Ralph: Letters from a family at war 1914-1918 (56)

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
This is a scanned copy of the book "My Dear Ralph: Letters from a family at war 1914-1918" (1994) by Diana M. Scarisbrick. The books contains extracts from letters to and from members of Ms. Scarisbrick's mother's family during the First World War. Many of the letters were collected and edited by her uncle, Fr. Ralph Bains, S.J., to which many of the letters were addressed. Scarsbrick, D. M. (1994) "My Dear Ralph: Letters of...

Barcode Index Number BOLD:AAW5716

Barcode Index Number System
A cluster of barcode records associated with a Barcode Index Number(BIN). Each cluster is a proxy for a named or unnamed species. Records consist of specimen metadata, specimen images, and sequence data.

UT09, Steel Moment Resisting Frame with WUF-W Connections and Weak Panel Zone

Sungyeob Shin
Specimen UT09 was identical to Specimen UT08, except that it was subjected to column axial tensile loading. A tensile load of 780 kips, corresponding to 50% of specified minimum yield stress of the column was applied at the top of the column first and was kept constantly throughout lateral cyclic loading. Specimen UT09 was designed to model an interior joint of a steel moment resisting frame. The specimen consists of a single W12X106 A992 column...

Klassifikationsdatensatz zur BIBB-Übergangsstudie 2006

Anett Friedrich, Christine Hohn & Bundesinstitut Für Berufsbildung (BIBB)
Nebendatensatz: Klassifikationsvariablen

Downscaled Climate Model Output for the Snake River Basin, Idaho from WCRP CMIP3 Scenarios used in IPCC AR4 [Delta Method]

V. Sridhar
This data series contains 336 temporal datasets. These data are are climate model outputs, primarily precipitation and temperature. They have been bias-corrected and spatially downscaled (BCSD) to 12-km by Maurer et al. (2007) using the CMIP3 climate model data. These monthly products are available from this link (http://gdo-dcp.ucllnl.org/downscaled_cmip3_projections/) which we temporally disaggregated to a daily time step using the Delta method. This temporal disaggregation involved the following steps. This included a random picking of a...

CO(3-2) High Resolution Survey of the Galactic Plane

Jessica Dempsey, Holly Thomas & Malcolm Currie
This contains reduced spectral cubes, integrated images, longitude-velocity maps, and descriptive information pertaining to the mapping of the Galactic Plane in the J=3-2 transition of carbon monoxide. The survey currently covers b=-0.5 to +0.5 degrees for l=10.5 to 17.5 degrees and 53.25 to 55.25 degrees, and b=-0.25 to +0.25 degrees for l=17.5 to 53.25 degrees at a resolution of 14 arcseconds. The observations were taken with the heterodyne HARP instrument on James Clerk Maxwell Telescope...

Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources (DISS), Version 3.0.0: A compilation of potential sources for earthquakes larger than M 5.5 in Italy and surrounding areas

DISS Working Group
DISS is a georeferenced repository of tectonic, fault and paleoseismological information. The core objects of DISS are: - the individual seismogenic source, a simplified and three-dimensional representation of a fault plane. Individual seismogenic sources are assumed to exhibit "characteristic" behaviour with respect to rupture length/width and expected magnitude; - the composite seismogenic source, an elongated region containing an unspecified number of aligned seismogenic sources that cannot be singled out. Composite seismogenic sources are not associated...

Video Observation of Infection Control Practices in Veterinary Clinics and a Petting Zoo, with Emphasis on Hand Hygiene and Interventions to Improve Hand Hygiene Compliance, Southwestern and Eastern, Ontario [Canada] 2010-11-11 to 2011-12-19

Maureen E.C. Anderson
Infection control and particularly hand hygiene in veterinary clinics is important for preventing pathogen spread between patients, staff and the public. There has been no direct evaluation of the use of many basic infection control practices, including sharps handling, environmental cleaning, and personal protective clothing (PPC), in companion animal clinics, and there is also little information available regarding hand hygiene frequency and technique used in such settings. The objectives of this study were to describe...

(Table 4) Benzene and indane isomers in pyrolyzates from insolation cycle 94 sapropel of ODP Hole 161-974C

Amy L Payeur, Philip A Meyers & Richard D Sacks
Sediment depth is given in mbsf. XX = present, X = visible peak but absence of a software peak marker, - = not detected.

Resistance of naturally spawned pink salmon eggs to mechanical shock

NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center's Auke Bay Laboratories;NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center's Auke Bay Laboratories;NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center's Auke Bay Laboratories;NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center's Auke Bay Laboratories;Rice, Stanley (Jeep)

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