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Gerd Graßhoff, Hans-Christoph Liess & Domenico Schneider
Length of Seasons: The description in the text and the diagrams in the manuscripts coincide well. The purpose of the diagram is solely to show that the four equal quadrants of the zodiac contain four unequal lengths of the year and what those lengths are. Initially the circle of the twelve signs is laid out, usually within a circular band, sometimes on the outside of a single circle. The four cardinal points ABΓΔ are set...

Inventario forestale nazionale svizzero - Tabella n. 137707

E. Rösler, S. Speich, C. Fischer, M. Huber, U.-B. Brändli, A. Herold-Bonardi, M. Abegg, R. Meile, B. Vidondo, M. Keller, B. Traub & F. Cioldi

Kurier für Niederbayern: Landshuter Tag- und Anzeigenblatt; unabhängige Tageszeitung für Heimat und Volk

Altbayerische Verlagsanstalt Vereinigte Dr. Mühldorf, Betrieb Landshut
Das Vorhaben 'Digitalisierung historischer Zeitungen', in dessen Rahmen diese Daten generiert wurden, ist Teil des Projektes 'Deutsch-tschechisches Digital Humanities Labor zur grenzübergreifenden historischen Forschung' (2014-2015) der Universität Passau und der Südböhmischen Universität Budweis (CZ). Die gescannten Zeitungsbände wurden von der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München zur Verfügung gestellt.

X-ray diffraction data for the 1.75 Angstrom Crystal Structure of Transcriptional Regulator ftom Vibrio vulnificus. (4GHJ)

G. Minasov, L. Shuvalova, I. Dubrovska, J. Winsor, S. Grimshaw, L. Papazisi, W.F. Anderson & Center For Structural Genomics Of Infectious Diseases (CSGID)

Small punch creep test data for P92 ar material at 600 °C and a load of 450 N

Lapetite, JM; Holmstrom, S; Bruchhausen, M & European Commission JRC
Small punch tensile and creep data obtained in a round robin exercise for the elaboration of an EN standard on small punch testing. Creep tests were carried out at temperatures in the range 550-650 ºC.

22 nm bulk FinFET Total Ionizing Dose simulation

Eleni Chatzikyriakou
Dataset to support: Chatzikyriakou, E. et al (2016). Three-dimensional Finite Elements Method simulation of Total Ionizing Dose in 22 nm bulk nFinFETs. Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research B

Toolik Snowfence Experiment: Snow Drift Depth Data. Version 1.0

M. Walker
This dataset contains snowdrift depth data collected for the Toolik Snowfence Experiment during the winter of 2001-2002. Data were collected every six weeks during the winter of 2001-2002. Drift depth is measured with permanent graduated snow poles arranged in a grid at the moist tussock and dry heath sites.

Comparison of performances of drying techniques of surfaces in agro food premises.

Cleaning and disinfection (C&D) are among the most important hazard control measures in ready-to-eat food plants. The C&D process requires a huge volume of water that wets the surfaces of the food processing premises. The water remaining on these surfaces are susceptible to be the source of a microbial reservoir as wet media are favorable to microbial growth. To face this problem, a rapid drying after C&D is to be sought. For this purpose, the...

Herbario Virtual Bosques Secos de Colombia - Sección Herbario Universidad de Córdoba (HUC)

Heidy Paola Saab Ramos
Este conjunto de datos contiene los registros biológicos y medidas de rasgos funcionales asociados a las imágenes digitales de alta resolución de los ejemplares del herbario virtual bosques secos de Colombia. Este ecosistema se caracteriza por presentar una fuerte estacionalidad de lluvias y un período de tres a ocho meses de sequía. Se encuentra en las zonas bajas de la costa Caribe, los valles interandinos de los ríos Cauca y Magdalena, la región del Chicamocha...

ADMAR Adaptive Management of Living Marine Resources by Integrating Different Data Sources, 2012

Olav Sigurd Kjesbu
The Norwegian Ocean Resource Act "Havressursloven" of 2009 is a formal implementation of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries. This requires explicit management action towards both data rich and data poor stocks, including those of minor commercial importance. The overall goal of this project is to enhance knowledge of ecosystem functioning and to derive a framework for operational adaptive management. Progress in two directions is required: First, models demand a high level of realism. Different data...

Dataset containing Features from DNS Tunneling Samples stored in JSON files

Irvin Homem & Panagiotis Papapetrou
Data set containing features extracted from 211 DNS Tunneling packet captures. The packet capture samples are classified by the protocols tunneled within the DNS tunnel. The features are stored in json files for each packet capture. The features in each file include the IP Packet Length, the DNS Query Name Length and the DNS Query Name entropy. In this "slightly unclean" version of the feature set the DNS Query Name field values are also present,...

La costruzione dell'idea di conoscenza attraverso la determinazione del concetto di scienza sociale

Francesco Garritano, Giuliana Mocchi, Roberto De Gaetano & Giuseppe Barresi
Dottorato di ricerca in Storia delle idee e modelli di razionalita', Ciclo XXIV, a.a. 2010-2011

Surface Meteorological Station - ANL 10m tower, Goldendale - Raw Data

Paytsar Muradyan
Basic meteorological measurements.

Kepler LC, Q9

Kepler extracted light curves, Quarter 9, long cadence only.

Lung Tumours in Rats After Inhalation of Actinides

Michael Gruenberger
Purpose: To assess the risks of lung tumors after inhalation of different alpha-emitting actinides and help to understand the problem of "hot spots" Status: 1965 - 1975, terminated; data in ERAD. Treatment: Inhalation, intramuscular (IM) or intravenous (IV) injection of Th-227 (chloride) Pu-238 (oxide and nitrate), Pu-239 (oxide and nitrate), Am-241, (oxide and nitrate), Cm-244 (nitrate) with or without cofactor. Dosimetry: Activity inhaled, activity retained, calculated average lung doses for a group. Endpoints: Life-span study...

Sozioökonomische Daten auf Rasterebeneb (Welle 4). Haushaltsstruktur

RWI & Microm Micromarketing-Systeme Und Consult GmbH
Die Variablengruppe "Haushaltsstruktur" ist in drei Variablen untergliedert und unterscheidet die Lebensformen "Single", "Paare" und "Familie". Für die Haushalts- bzw. Familienstruktur ist die Haushaltsgröße und die Anzahl der Kinder ein entscheidendes Kriterium (microm 2014, S.32). Grundlage dieses Datums sind vor allem Informationen über die Haushaltsgröße und die Anzahl Kinder. Zusätzlich fließen die Angaben der Fernsprechteilnehmer sowie die Angaben aus der Datei der Privatkonsumenten des Verbandes der Vereine Creditreform mit ein.

National Research and Experimental Development Survey (R&D) 2008-09: All provinces in South Africa - Aggregated

Demetre Labadarios & Department Of Science And Technology, Human Sciences Research Council
Description: This data set contains the aggregated data on the R&D expenditure per province by Business, Government, Higher Education, Not-for-Profit Organisations and Science Councils. R&D expenditure is aggregated by five survey sectors across nine provinces in South Africa. Abstract: The National Survey of Research and Experimental Development (R&D) Survey collects data under strict confidentiality. Aggregate data are used primarily to inform policy and strategic planning at a national level. The National R&D Survey 2008/09 collected...

La réforme des retraites [2000]

L'enquête porte sur la réforme des retraites.

Data collected on scitizen science web portal www.ornitho.cat

Marc Anton
Collection of field observations shared by citizens. The observations are uploaded to GBIF at a resolution of 1x1 km, except for some species of conservation concern for which data are shown at 10x10 km resolution. Data refers to all vertebrates (except marine fishes), dragonflies, diurnal butterflies, crickets, grasshoppers, cicadas, freshwater bivalves and decapods. The dataset includes one record of every observed species in every UTM 1x1 km or 10x10 km, selected randomly from the global...

Interviews of Experts in Decision Making: Robust Assessment and Communication of Environmental Risk (RACER)

Kelsey Mulder, Andrew Charlton-Perez, Alison Black & Rachel McCloy
Interviews from winter 2016-2017 from a variety of producers and users of natural hazard information, including energy companies, environmental councils, public health, and insurance. The purpose of the interviews was to determine what kind of natural hazard information these sectors use and how they are presented. Results from the interviews informed surveys that were conducted as part of the Robust Assessment and Communication of Environmental Risk (RACER) project conducted under the Probability, Uncertainty & Risk...

ITalian ACcelerometric Archive, version 2.1

Lucia Luzi, Francesca Pacor & Rodolfo Puglia
ITACA 2.1 contains 25222 three-component accelerometric waveforms generated by 1365 earthquakes with magnitude greater than 3 in the time frame 1972-2015, including 14801 waveforms manually processed by specialists. Data have been recorded by the National Accelerometric Network (RAN), operated by the Italian Civil Protection Department - Presidency of the Council of Ministers (DPC), the National Seismic Network, operated by Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) and regional and international networks operated by several providers....

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