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Schweizerisches Landesforstinventar - Ergebnistabelle Nr. 202216

R. Meile, B. Traub, M. Keller, A. Herold-Bonardi, M. Abegg, B. Vidondo, C. Fischer, U.-B. Brändli, S. Speich, E. Rösler, M. Huber & F. Cioldi

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W. Wittek, M. Aderholz, P.P. Allport, J.P. Baton, M. Berggren, M. Calicchio, E.F. Clayton, T. Coghen, Amanda M. Cooper-Sarkar, O. Erriquez, J. Guy, D. Hantke, E. Hoffmann, G.T. Jones, U.F. Katz, J. Kern, P. Marage, E. Matsinos, R.P. Middleton, M.M. Mobayyen, Douglas R.O. Morrison, M. Neveu, S. O'Neale, Michael Andrew Parker, R.A. Sansum … & Stephane Willocq
CERN-SPS. BEBC. Production of meson resonances in NUMU and NUBAR NE charged current interactions. Numerical values of data from Figs. 4, 5 and 6 supplied by W.Wittek.

Kurier für Niederbayern: Landshuter Tag- und Anzeigenblatt; unabhängige Tageszeitung für Heimat und Volk

Altbayerische Verlagsanstalt Vereinigte Dr. Mühldorf, Betrieb Landshut
Das Vorhaben 'Digitalisierung historischer Zeitungen', in dessen Rahmen diese Daten generiert wurden, ist Teil des Projektes 'Deutsch-tschechisches Digital Humanities Labor zur grenzübergreifenden historischen Forschung' (2014-2015) der Universität Passau und der Südböhmischen Universität Budweis (CZ). Die gescannten Zeitungsbände wurden von der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München zur Verfügung gestellt.

Magnetocaloric properties of Fe-Rh-(Z) (Z = Pd, Ni) alloys from ab initio and Monte Carlo calculations.

In this work, we theoretically investigated the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of Fe-Rh-(Z) (Z = Pd, Ni) alloys by using the ab initio and Monte Carlo approaches. The equilibrium structural and magnetic reference states as well as the magnetic exchange coupling constants for both low- and high-temperature phases were determined by means of first-principles calculations. In order to obtain the temperature dependencies of magnetic and magnetocaloric properties, we used the Potts-Blume-Emery-Griffiths lattice-spin model with parameters...


CRISTIAN Irina & PIROI Cristina
Dobby weaves are decorative structures, which are characterised by small design or geometric figures woven in the fabric structure. Classical methods to diversify dobby weaves can be completed with a series of unconventional methods that derive from mathematics. Theories like fractals, chaos, and cellular automata, applied by CAD, can make easier and more efficient the creation process. The paper presents a CAD application for dobby weaves design (named TexCel) based on Cellular Automata theory, created...

Herbario virtual bosques secos de Colombia - Sección herbario TOLI (UT)

Andrés Felipe Duque Mora
Este conjunto de datos contiene registros biológicos y medidas de rasgos funcionales asociados a imágenes digitales de alta resolución de los ejemplares del herbario virtual de bosques secos de Colombia. Este ecosistema se caracteriza por presentar una fuerte estacionalidad de lluvias y un período de tres a ocho meses de sequía. Se encuentra en las zonas bajas de la costa Caribe, los valles interandinos de los ríos Cauca y Magdalena, la región del Chicamocha en...

Educational signs ranking for research sites within Manchester and Salford

Chunglim Mak
This file contains the Educational Signs ranking. The ranking criteria is as follows: 0 = not present; 1 = present but poorly maintained signs which explains only one or two aspects of the site and/or not easily readable or visible; 2 = present and well-maintained signs which explain multiple aspects of the site.

Data supporting Technology readiness level assessment of composites recycling technologies article

Justyna Rybicka, Ashutosh Tiwari & Gary Leeke
Data supporting Technology readiness level assessment of composites recycling technologies article

Macrobenthos monitoring in function of aggregate extraction activities in the Belgian part of the North Sea

Bio-Environmental Research Group; Institute Of Agricultural And Fisheries Research (ILVO), Belgium

Cosmic Evolution Survey ("COSMOS")

Nicholas Scoville
COSMOS (P.I. Nicholas Scoville) is an HST Treasury Program to survey a two square degree equatorial field, centered on RA=10:00:28.6 and DEC=+02:12:21.0 with the ACS in the I band of the VIMOS equatorial field. Parallel observations with WFPC2 and NICMOS were also obtained. Several HST programs are associated with this project: (9822; 9999; 10092; 10337; 10702). The team has also assembled several publically available ancillary datasets including optical spectra, deep XMM and VLA imaging, ground-based...

Fox populations monitoring at Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island

Canadian Wildlife Service Josée Lefebvre & Canadian Wildlife Service Austin Reed
We are monitoring the reproductive activity of Arctic Foxes. We find dens throughout our study site during a helicopter aerial survey. All dens found are positioned with a GPS and collect hair samples and scats to determine the diet.

Dataset for All-fiber multiplexed source of high-purity single photons

Robert Francis-Jones & Peter Mosley
Raw data for coincidence count rate and second order coherence measurements.

PRIMOS - Prioriterte miljøområder på Svalbard

Dag Vongraven
Data on various environmental resources have been assessed for vulnerability to acute oil pollution and given a priority 1 to 3, 3 being the most vulnerable. Resources included are shoreline cultural heritage sites, walrus and harbour seal haul-out sites, seabird colonies, anadromous Arctic charr river outlets, and shoreline substrate. The dataset is meant to help prioritize clean-up efforts in the immediate phase after a spill has occurred.

National Research and Experimental Development Survey (R&D) 2008-09: All provinces in South Africa - Aggregated

Demetre Labadarios & Department Of Science And Technology, Human Sciences Research Council
Description: This data set contains the aggregated data on the R&D expenditure per province by Business, Government, Higher Education, Not-for-Profit Organisations and Science Councils. R&D expenditure is aggregated by five survey sectors across nine provinces in South Africa. Abstract: The National Survey of Research and Experimental Development (R&D) Survey collects data under strict confidentiality. Aggregate data are used primarily to inform policy and strategic planning at a national level. The National R&D Survey 2008/09 collected...

Press, Temperature and Humidity February 2013

Fernando Aguilar
PTU Cuerda del Pozo. February 2013

Etude sociologique sur la mise en œuvre du DPPR (dossier patient partagé et réparti) [2006]

Patrick Castel
Cette étude s’attache à repérer quelles catégories d’acteurs ont été les moteurs de la phase de démarrage au niveau régional dans les établissements pilote, de comprendre pourquoi ce sont eux qui l’ont été et, plus généralement, quelles ont été les relations entre les différents acteurs au cours de cette phase de démarrage. Ensuite, l’étude s’intéresse à l’utilisation de l’outil par les acteurs, tant pour ce qui concerne son utilité actuelle perçue que pour l’utilisation future...

ArcticNet/BP 1002b - Beaufort Sea CTD Data

Yves Gratton, Jessy Barette & Alexandre Forest
The CTD data was obtained during the 2010 ArcticNet scientific cruise #1002b in collaboration with the industrial partner BP. The data were collected from September 2 to 23, 2010, aboard the CCGS Amundsen. There were 10 casts associated to 9 stations, located in the Beaufort Sea. The following parameters were measured: temperature, conductivity and pressure (with a Sea-Bird SBE-9plus), dissolved oxygen (Sea-Bird SBE-43), fluorescence (Seapoint chlorophyll fluorometer), CDOM (Wetlabs FL(RT)D), nitrate concentration (Satlantic MBARI-ISUS 5T),...

Meteorite NWA 2993: A primitive achondrite

Soheil Ghanbarzadeh & Masa Prodanovic
The microstructure of meteorite NWA 2993 which is a coarse-grained Lodran-like achondrite. This meteorite is a plutonic sample from the Winonaite parent body that has undergone partial melting and is comprised of orthopyroxene (37 vol.%), olivine (32 vol.%) and metal (31 vol.%).


János Fügedi

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