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Landward Archaeology Research Reports

Kenneth Aitchison
In the summer and autumn of 1999, Landward Archaeology Ltd undertook a survey of archaeological specialists and those using the services of those specialists. The project was commissioned by the Institute of Field Archaeologists and was jointly sponsored by Museum of London Specialist Services and English Heritage (Archaeology Division). This resource is an on-line version of the report.

Ager Tarraconensis Field Survey Project

Martin Millett &
The Ager Tarraconensis Field Survey Project archive is the result of a field-walking survey investigating the development of the classical landscape in the hinterland of Tarraco, the Roman provincial capital of Hispania Citerior (Tarraconensis). The archive consists of a collection of database files detailing the pottery finds, and a set of survey plans and density plots of the finds.

Middleton Bottom Wheel Pit, Wirksworth, Derbyshire

In 2007 Archaeological Research and Consultancy at the University of Sheffield (ARCUS) were commissioned by Derbyshire County Council to carry out a programme of archaeological trial trenching at Middleton Bottom wheel pit, Middleton-by-Wirksworth, Derbyshire, as part of a programme of refurbishment. The project was ultimately funded through the English Heritage Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund Monuments at Risk programme.

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