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Medieval Pottery Research Group Bibliography

Medieval Pottery Research Group
The MPRG Bibliography is an on-line national bibliography of published reports, books and articles on post-Roman ceramics. The on-line, searchable version of this bibliography as released by the ADS in 2010 contains nearly 13000 entries covering the whole of the British Isles, including the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Searches into the bibliography can be carried out on a number of fields including author, title, publication date, site type,...

ALSF Dissemination: Benchmark Report Theme 4C. Outreach: The Sands of time, Aggregates and the public

English Heritage & Julian Richards
The 'Sands of Time' report reviews the impact that Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund (ALSF) outreach projects have had in explaining archaeology, the historic environment and aggregate extraction to the widest possible audiences. In the absence of formal standards against which outcomes can be measured, the report provides an overview of current practice through a series of case studies. A guide to good practice in outreach is then offered as is an index of outreach resources,...

A GIS aided study of agriculture and landscape in Midland England

Tom Williamson, Robert Liddiard, Tracey Partida, Glenn Foard, David Hall & Aleksandra McClain
A study of the Midland landscape from prehistoric times to the nineteenth century, using digital mapping and GIS to investigate the relationship between agricultural technology, field systems, environment and social structure. Using a wide range of sources, both archaeological and documentary, the project addresses two key areas: the origins and development of the medieval landscape of nucleated villages and extensive open fields; and the dissolution of that landscape through enclosure and land use change. The...

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