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Annual Population Survey, January - December, 2013

Annual Population Survey, April 2012 - March 2013

National Diet and Nutrition Survey Years 1-4, 2008/09-2011/12

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, 1992-2014: Secure Access

Identities in Transition: a Longitudinal Study of Immigrant Children, 2004-2006

C. Watters, R. Brown & A. Rutland
A multidisciplinary and multi-method longitudinal study that investigates how the immigration process impacts on young children’s identities, and the consequence for their well-being and social acceptance. The study specifically focussed on British Asian and White English children aged 6-8 and 9-11 years, who were 1st generation immigrants (N=40), 2nd generation immigrants (N =178 ) and white English (N =180 ). This research aimed to further our understanding of social developmental processes involved in the acculturation...

Labour Force Survey Two-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, July - December, 2014

Women in the Russian Penal System: the role of distance in the theory and practice of imprisonment in Russia

Judith Pallot

Egypt Labor Market Panel Survey 2012

ERF Economic Research Forum

European Company Survey, 2013

<I>The third ECS</I>:<br> The main focus of the third ECS was on work organisation, Human Resources (HR) practices, employee participation and social dialogue. The survey, carried out in the spring of 2013 across 32 countries (27 EU Member States and Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro and Turkey), mapped a number of practices used in European workplaces, as well as how they are discussed and negotiated at workplace level as well as some...

Acute Trusts: Adult Inpatients Survey, 2014

The <i>Inpatients Survey, 2014</i> covered issues that affect the quality of care that patients receive and were identified by patients as important to them. Topics include: admission; the hospital and ward; relationships with healthcare professionals; care and treatment; pain; operations and procedures; and discharge.<br> <br> The National Patient Survey Programme is one of the largest patient survey programmes in the world. It provides an opportunity to monitor experiences of health and provides data to assist...

Exploring abusive behaviours in lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender relationships

Catherine Donovan & Rebecca Barnes

Language, Performance, and Region: Discourse and Sociocultural Identity in the Black Country

Urszula Clark

Labour Force Survey Two-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, July - December, 2002

Northern Ireland Statistics & Social Office For National Statistics
This study was deposited in 2008, as a result of the move from seasonal to calendar quarters for the QLFS, and the reweighting process to 2007-2008 population figures. It combines data from previously-available QLFS seasonal two-quarter longitudinal datasets. The depositor has advised that small revisions to the data may have been made during this process, but they should not be significant.<br> <br> For the second edition (July 2015) an updated version of the data file...

E-commerce Survey, 2000-2013: Secure Access

Business Structure Database Longitudinal, 1997-2013: Secure Access

& M. Anyadike-Danes
The <I>Business Structure Database</I> (BSD) contains a small number of variables for almost all business organisations in the UK. The BSD is derived primarily from the <I>Inter-Departmental Business Register</I> (IDBR), which is a live register of data collected by HM Revenue and Customs via VAT and Pay As You Earn (PAYE) records. The IDBR data are complimented with data from ONS business surveys. If a business is liable for VAT (turnover exceeds the VAT threshold)...

BSD and ONS: Business Flow Matrix

Alison Heppenstall

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, January - March, 2015

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, January - March, 2015: Special Licence Access

Collection of tweets mentioning the UK petitions

Helen Z. Margetts, Scott A. Hale & Taha Yasseri

Collection of tweets mentioning the US petitions

Helen Z. Margetts, Scott A. Hale & Taha Yasseri

Labour Force Survey Annual Eurostat Dataset, 2012

Northern Ireland Statistics & Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics
The <i>Labour Force Survey Annual Eurostat Datasets</i> form the UK component of the <i>European Union Labour Force Survey</i> (EU LFS), and consist of a subset of core variables from the UK Quarterly Labour Force Survey (held at the UK Data Archive under GN 33246), alongside primary and secondary derived variables computed by Eurostat from the core variables supplied. The data comprise seasonal or calendar quarters, depending on the date, and are not directly comparable with...

Mathematics teaching and learning in secondary schools: the impact of pedagogical practices on important learning outcomes

Maria Pampaka & Lawrence Wo

BBC Great British Class Survey, 2011-2013

F. Devine & M. Savage
The aim of the <I>Great British Class Survey</I> project was to understand the landscape of class and stratification in contemporary Great Britain. It was a joint project between the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Lab UK, BBC Current Affairs, and a team of academic researchers. The BBC initiated the research as part of an interest in exploring class dynamics in the UK in a new way, both theoretically and methodologically. Theoretically, the set of questions was...

Cases Involving Challenges to EU Merger Decisions

Michael Harker, Morten Hviid & Kathryn Wright

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