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Evaluation of a digital transcription of English parochial registers, 1538-1851: a pilot study

Matthew Woollard

Identity, Performance and Social Action: Community Theatre Among Refugees

Nira Yuval-Davis

Learning in and For Interagency Working: Multiagency Work in Northern Ireland

Tony Gallagher

Intersecting Identities: Women's Spaces of Sociality in Postcolonial London

Susan Jackson

The effects of distracting stimuli on binding in working memory

Richard Allen

What were they thinking? The cognition of women who sexually abuse children

Theresa Gannon

The spacing effect in cued-memory tasks: Semantic priming re-examined

Stephen Edward Avons

Identifying the origin of false memories: A comparison of DRM and categorised lists.

Stephen Dewhurst

Perceptual Causality and its Relation to Animacy/Agency in Development

Anne Schlottmann

Pictures of Young Caring

Jo Aldridge

Measurement and Interference of Visual-Spatial Memory

Rebecca Bull

A Psychological Study of Goal Directed and Undirected Problem Solving

Magda Osman

Effects of Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioural Anti-Racism Advertisements

Gregory Maio

An Exploration of Emotional Health Interventions in English Secondary Schools

Judi Kidger

Conventions and Norms: An Experimental Approach

Francesco Guala

Second Language Vowel Perception

Paul Iverson

The Internal Conversation: Mediating Between Structure and Agency

Margaret Archer

Investigating the reinstatement effect in recognition memory.

Stephen Dewhurst


Michelle Jackson

Differentiating \"temporal-distinctiveness\" and \"trace-strength\" accounts of children's suggestibility

Alexandra Bright-Paul

The locus of frequency effects in word recognition

Alexandra Cleland

Developing Organisation Leaders as Change Agents in the Public Services

Mike Wallace

Psychological antecedents of majority members' acculturation preferences

Hanna Zagefka

Perceiving collective continuity: Social psychological implications.

Fabio Sani

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