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1970 British Cohort Study: Forty-Two-Year Follow-Up, 2001 Census Boundaries, 2012: Geographical Identifiers: Secure Access

Institute Of Education University Of London
<p>The&nbsp;<em>1970 British Cohort Study</em>&nbsp;(BCS70) began in 1970 when data were collected about the births and families of babies born in the United Kingdom in one particular week in 1970. Since then, there have been nine further full data collection exercises in order to monitor the cohort members' health, education, social and economic circumstances. These took place when respondents were aged 5 in 1975, aged 10 in 1980, aged 16 in 1986, aged 26 in 1996,...

Prosopography of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1517-1603

J.K. McConica

Database of Selected British Gallup Opinion Polls, 1958-1991

The Data Archive

Scottish Crime Survey, 1993 and 1996

National Diet, Nutrition and Dental Survey of Children Aged 1 1/2 to 4 1/2 Years, 1992-1993

Office Of Population Censuses

Northern Ireland Social Attitudes Survey, 1994

Survey of Rural Services, 1991 and 1994

Permanent Parental Income Dataset, 1958-1974

J. Taylor

British Candidate Study, 1992

P. Lovenduski Norris

Factory locations of public sector manufacturing firms in India 2014-2018

Amalavoyal Chari

Metropolitan Police Public Attitudes Surveys, 2000-2017/18

<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">January 2019: These data have been temporarily withdrawn while the depositor conducts a review of governance around data sharing and publication.</span><br></p><p>The <i>Public Attitude Survey</i> (PAS) is a well-established survey that was first conducted in 1983 to give the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) an understanding of the views of residents across London. From April 2014 the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) took responsibility for the survey, which measures Londoners' confidence in the...

EEG, behavioural, and physiological responses to a painful procedure in human neonates with relevant medical history

Laura Jones, Maria Pureza Laudano-Dray, Kimberley Whitehead, Madeleine Verriotis, Judith Meek, Maria Fitzgerald & Lorenzo Fabrizi

1831 England and Wales ancient counties

M. Satchell, L.M.W.S. Shaw-Taylor, E.A. Wrigley, P.K. Kitson, G.H. Newton & G. Stanning

Scottish Surveys Core Questions, 2013

The role of learning mechanisms in understanding spoken language

Jennifer Rodd

Unravelling the Mediterranean migration crisis: The MEDMIG project journey data

Heaven Crawley, Franck Duvell & Nando Sigona

UN Comtrade database, 1962-

ECPR Party Manifestos Project, 1921-1987

I. Robertson Budge

New Democracies Barometer I-V: Poland, 1991-1998

R. Rose

Recreational Facilities in Scotland, 1977; Nature Trails

ONS Omnibus Survey, Smoking Module, October and November, 2006

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