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Recordings from grasshopper (Locusta Migratoria) auditory receptor cells.

A.. Rokem, S. Watzl, T. Gollisch, M. Stemmler, A.V.M. Herz & I. Samengo
This data contains recordings from the grasshopper (Locusta migratoria) auditory receptor cell.

Single-unit recordings from two auditory areas in male zebra finches

Frederic E. Theunissen, ME Hauber, Sarah M. N. Woolley, Patrick Gill, SS Shaevitz, Noopur Amin, A Hsu, NC Singh, GA Grace, Thane Fremouw, Junli Zhang, P Cassey, AJ Doupe, SV David & WE Vinje
Data consists of simultaneous single-unit recordings from two auditory areas in male zebra finches.

Çatalhöyük Area TP Zooarchaeological Meaurements Dataset

Arek Marciniak

Zooarchaeology of Neolithic Ulucak

Canan Çakırlar

Çatalhöyük Zooarchaeological Measurements Dataset

David Orton

Zooarchaeology of Öküzini Cave

Levent Atici

Catalog of the California Language Archive

Florida Site Files

Florida State Archaeological Site Files published as part of the DINAA Project

Moorea Biocode 2013 Dataset - Laboratory Information Management System Data

Up Corpus

Susanne Gahl, Emily Cibelli, Kathleen Hall & Ronald Sprouse
The Up Corpus contains time-aligned transcripts and acoustic analyses (vowel formants, F0, RMS) of portions of the Up series of films featuring eleven participants at ages 21 through 49.

Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project

William R. Caraher

Pınarbaşı EOL Computational Data Challenge Revised Zooarchaeology Dataset

Denise Carruthers

Çatalhöyük Area TP Zooarchaeological Tooth Wear / Aging Dataset

Arek Marciniak

Data from the Tübinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients

Francis DeBlauwe Eric Kansa

Eye-tracking data from human volunteers watching complex video stimuli.

Laurent Itti & Ran Carmi
This freely shared dataset consists of a body of 520 human eye-tracking data traces obtained while normal, young adult human volunteers freely watched complex video stimuli (TV programs, outdoors videos, video games). The dataset comprises eye movement recordings from eight distinct subjects watching 50 different video clips (~25 minutes of total playtime) and from another eight subjects watching the same set of video clips after scrambling them into randomly re-ordered sets of 1-3s clippets.

West Stow West Zooarchaeology

Pamela Crabtree

Moorea Biocode Laboratory Information Management System Trace and Gel Images

Asian Stoneware Jars

Peter Grave

Mikt’sqaq Angayuk Finds

Fanny Ballantine-Himberg Amy V. Margaris

Zooarchaeology of Karain Cave B Data

Levent Atici

Asian Stoneware Jars Data

Peter Grave

Çukuriçi Höyük Zooarchaeology

Alfred Galik

West Stow West Zooarchaeology Data

Pamela Crabtree

Erbaba Höyük and Suberde Zooarchaeology Data

Benjamin S. Arbuckle

Florida Site Files Diagnostic Artifacts

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