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Up Corpus

Susanne Gahl, Emily Cibelli, Kathleen Hall & Ronald Sprouse
The Up Corpus contains time-aligned transcripts and acoustic analyses (vowel formants, F0, RMS) of portions of the Up series of films featuring eleven participants at ages 21 through 49.

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Single-unit recordings from multiple auditory areas in male zebra finches

Frederic E. Theunissen, Patrick Gill, Amin Noopur, Junli Zhang, Sarah M. N. Woolley & Thane Fremouw
This data set contains about 500 single-unit recordings from different audio areas in zebra finches. The specific areas recorded from include: Caudal Mesopallium (CM); Primary Forebrain (from subareas L1, L2a, L2b, L3 and L); Nucleus Ovoidalis (OV); and Mesencephalicus lateral dorsalis (MLd). In most of the experiments, recordings were collected from two brain regions simultaneously. For each experiment multiple sound stimuli were used. In most cases each stimulus was repeated about 10 times.

Quantitative Single-Neuron Modeling Competition for year 2009, developed by researchers at EPFL. Data from Wistar rat cortical neurons and rhesus monkey lateral geniculate nucleus and retinal ganglion cells.

Wulfram Gerstner, Richard Naud, Matteo Carandini, Lawrence C. Sincich, Jonathan C. Horton, Daniel L. Adams & John R. Economides
This data was used for the 2009 quantitative single-neuron modeling competition developed by researchers at EPFL. There are four challenges). Data for the first three challenges are from Wistar rat cortical neurons. Data for the last challenge is from rhesus monkey LGN and retinal ganglion cells.

Eye-tracking data from human volunteers watching complex video stimuli.

Laurent Itti & Ran Carmi
This freely shared dataset consists of a body of 520 human eye-tracking data traces obtained while normal, young adult human volunteers freely watched complex video stimuli (TV programs, outdoors videos, video games). The dataset comprises eye movement recordings from eight distinct subjects watching 50 different video clips (~25 minutes of total playtime) and from another eight subjects watching the same set of video clips after scrambling them into randomly re-ordered sets of 1-3s clippets.

Multi-unit recordings from the rat hippocampus made during open field foraging.

K. Mizuseki, A. Sirota, E. Pastalkova & G. Buzsáki
The data set contains multichannel simultaneous recordings made from layer CA1 of the right dorsal hippocampus of three Long-Evans rats during open field tasks in which the animals chased randomly placed drops of water or pieces of Froot Loops while on a elevated square platform.

Simultaneous intracellular and extracellular recordings from hippocampus region CA1 of anesthetized rats.

D.A. Henze, K.D. Harris, Z. Borhegyi, J. Csicsvari, A. Mamiya, H. Hirase, A. Sirota & G. Buzsáki
The data set is recorded from the CA1 hippocampal region. They contain recordings from the same neuron recorded both intracellularly and extracellularly. Part of this data set has been already tested by various laboratories to test the uniquely developed unit clustering algorithms.

Single- and multi-unit recordings from monkey primary visual cortex

Dario Ringach & Ian Nauhaus
Responses of V1 populations of neurons to natural image sequences. Data was obtained using 10 x 10 extracellular electrode arrays from Old-world monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) in primary visual cortex (area V1). Visual stimuli were natural image sequences and are included with the data set.

Single-unit recordings from two auditory areas in male zebra finches

Frederic E. Theunissen, ME Hauber, Sarah M. N. Woolley, Patrick Gill, SS Shaevitz, Noopur Amin, A Hsu, NC Singh, GA Grace, Thane Fremouw, Junli Zhang, P Cassey, AJ Doupe, SV David & WE Vinje
Data consists of simultaneous single-unit recordings from two auditory areas in male zebra finches.

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