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Wetlands and drought linked to Cs. melanura abundance and infection with Eastern Equine encephalitis virus in Connecticut, USA, 2001-2014

Nicholas Skaff, Philip Armstrong, Theodore Andreadis & Kendra Cheruvelil
This dataset contains information on the monthly mean number of Culiseta melanura individuals captured per night and monthly presence/absence of Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV) in Cs. melanura pools at 97 unique mosquito surveillance sites in Connecticut. Data were collected between June and October from 2001 to 2014. These data also describe the characteristics of palustrine wetlands around each surveillance site within circular buffers with radii of 50m, 100m, 200m, 500m, 750m, 1000m, 1500m, 2000m,...

Insectivorous bats from Serra do Cipó

Leonardo Silva
In heterogeneous and structurally complex landscapes, the presence of various habitat types results in greater resource availability for inhabiting animal populations. For bat populations, the different features and environmental conditions of heterogeneous landscapes combined with a high capacity for movement allows the use of several different habitats in order to meet demands for shelter, food, and reproduction. However, the use of heterogeneous and natural landscapes by bats in Neotropical regions has rarely been investigated. Heterogeneity...

Rodents, snakes, and raptors

Kristina Wolf, Matthew Whalen, Ryan Bourbour & Roger Baldwin
Data were collected every season from spring 2014 through summer 2015 for rodents, snakes, and raptors utilizing paired restored and unrestored grasslands at four locations in Yolo and Sacramento counties in the Central Valley, California, USA. We monitored rodents with live trapping (mark-recapture), and snakes under coverboards over 30-day periods in the first three seasons, and over a two-month period in the final season (due to logistical constraints): Apr (Spring 2014), Jul (Summer 2014), Nov...

Macrophyte Target Species

Frank Shaughnessy
Goals of this baseline study were to describe biodiversity and target species (abundance, size) in two estuaries from the northern bioregion and two from the southern bioregion of the North Coast MPA Region. Macrophytes, invertebrates and fish were enumerated from two sites within each estuary on June 2014, January 2015, June 2015, January 2016 and June 2016. This Package has files for the % cover, shoot density, wet and dry weights, and shoot lengths of...

Global nutrient trade

Stephen Wood
Access to sufficient, nutritious food is a basic human right and essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. There is growing consensus that optimizing food systems for micro- and macro-nutrients could more effectively address hunger and undernutrition than strictly increasing total food production. Yet there is debate about the relative importance of different drivers of food availability, such as increasing production versus improving access and distribution. We show that nutrients available for consumption in the...

Dietrich Climate Data

Agashashok Climate Data

Dietrich Sap Flux

Agashashok Ring Widths

Foliar Nutrients

Cloud occurrence and layering at Arctic atmospheric observatories: Eureka, Canada

Matthew Shupe

Cloud occurrence and layering at Arctic atmospheric observatories

Matthew Shupe

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