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Prv Is The Causative Agent Of Hsmi

Øystein Wessel, Stine Braaen, Marta Alarcon, Hanne Haatveit, Norbert Roos, Turhan Markussen, Torstein Tengs, Maria Dahle & Espen Rimstad
Data from challenge trial #1 and #2

Analysis Of The Lac Operon Induction With Single Cell Resolution Using The Dimm Microfluidics Chip And The Moma Software

Matthias Kaiser, Florian Jug, Thomas Julou, Siddharth Deshpande, Thomas Pfohl, Olin Silander, Gene Myers & Erik van Nimwegen
In this work, we demonstrate the power of the DIMM (Dual Input Mother Machine), a new microfluidics setup allowing long term environmental control and single cell resolution, and MoMA (Mother Machine Analyzer), its companion image analysis sofware. We study the induction of the lac operon in Escherichia coli MG1655 when nutrients alternate between glucose and lactose, using a translational fusion of LacZ with GFP integrated at the endogeneous locus. The dataset is made of two...

Validation Data Set For Automatic Blood Vessel Segmentation In Colorectal Cancer Histology (Ihc)

Jakob Nikolas Kather & Cleo-Aron Weis
Content This data set contains 100 histological image patches of 1000 * 1000 px size. The samples were immunostained for CD34 (3,3'-Diaminobenzidine, DAB [brown]) with hematoxylin (blue) counterstain. Furthermore, the data set contains a table of blood vessel counts in each image by three blinded observers as well as an automatic count with a method based on the following paper: Kather, Jakob Nikolas et al. "Continuous Representation Of Tumor Microvessel Density And Detection Of Angiogenic...

Snow Dataset For Mount-Lebanon (2011-2016)

Abbas Fayad, Simon Gascoin, , Pascal Fanise & Laurent Drapeau
We present a comprehensive snow dataset for Mont-Lebanon. The dataset includes continuous meteorological observations from three high elevation automatic weather stations (AWS), snowpack field measurements collected at 30 different snow courses (elevation range 1300-2900 m a.s.l.), and post-processed MODIS snow products. Meteorological and snow observations are presented for the snow seasons (November-June) between 2011 and 2016 for Mzar (MZA, 2294 m a.s.l.), 2014-2016 for the Cedars (CED, 2834 m a.s.l.), and 2015-2016 for Laqlouq (LAQ,...

Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Data For Hoch_3836 (1-98)

Didi He & Jon Marles-Wright
Single crystal X-ray diffraction data for Hoch_3836 (1-987) related to PDBID: 5N5F Data collected at Diamond Light Source, UK.

Data From \"Transforming The Energy Landscape Of A Coiled-Coil Peptide Via Point Mutations\" In J. Chem. Theor. Comput., 2017

Konstantin Röder & David J. Wales
Data set for the work presented in "Transforming the Energy Landscape of a Coiled-coil Peptide via Point Mutations" A README file gives instructions on each file. Due to the size of the databases and trajectories, only a representative sample is given here. For more information please contact the authors. (Prof. David Wales at dw34@cam.ac.uk) This work was funded by a PhD scholarship of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council UK. When using this data,...

Sequence Data For The Article \"Whole Transcriptome Analysis Of Thousands Of Facs-Sorted Single Cells With The Single Cell Nanocage Protocol\" - Protocol Optimization

Ophélie Arnaud, Stéphane Poulain, Sachi Kato & Charles Plessy
Sequence data (Illumina MiSeq runs) for the article "Whole transcriptome analysis of thousands of FACS-sorted single cells with the single cell nanoCAGE protocol". Optimization of the protocol. Files names indicate unique run identifiers. In the manuscript, the link between unique run identifiers, cells and purpose of the experiment is found in the Supplemental Table 1.

Phoshorene Solvated In [Emim][Bf4]. Force Field Files And Md Systems

Vitaly V. Chaban & Eudes E. Fileti
Phoshorene Solvated in [EMIM][BF4]. Force field files and MD systems

Inferring the stiffness of unfamiliar objects from optical, shape and motion cues

Filipp Schmidt, Vivian C. Paulun, Jan Jaap R. van Assen & Roland W. Fleming
Dataset relative to the following publication: Schmidt, F., Paulun, V. C., van Assen, J. J. R., & Fleming, R. W. (2017). Inferring the stiffness of unfamiliar objects from optical, shape, and motion cues. Journal of Vision, 17(3):18, 1-17. http://dx.doi.org/10.1167/17.3.18 Each folder contains the stimuli and data relative to one experiment and a text file with comments.
The folder of Experiment 1 (Material) also contains the Maxwell (NextLimit Technologies, Madrid, Spain) material files that were used...

What Students Answer When Discussing About Citation Practices

Caroline Salamin, Noémi Cobolet, Raphaël Grolimund & Pascale Bouton
This document explain how data were generated and how to interpret them. LICENSE: CC0
But if you want to combine data with other datasets, feel free to use them as if they were published under CC0 license.
Data were published in February 2017. At that time, Zenodo only provided CC BY, CC BY-SA, CC BY-NC, CC BY-ND and CC BY-NC-ND. No CC0 option was available. HOW DATA WERE COLLECTED
The 21 recorded sessions took...

Pandda Analysis Of Sp100 Screened Against Selection Of Maybridge Fragment Library (Html Summary)

Tobias Krojer, Nicholas M Pearce, Patrick Collins, Romain Talon & Frank von Delft
Interactive summary page for "PanDDA analysis of SP100 screened against selection of Maybridge Fragment Library". Please click on "0_index.html" in the "Files" section to open the interactive summary. All datasets are also available as combined zip files from https://zenodo.org/record/48771 .

Pandda Analysis Of Brd1 Screened Against 3D-Fragment-Consortium Fragment Library (Html Summary)

Tobias Krojer, Nicholas M Pearce, Patrick Collins, Romain Talon & Frank von Delft
Interactive summary page for "PanDDA analysis of BRD1 screened against 3D-Fragment-Consortium Fragment Library". Please click on "0_index.html" in the "Files" section to open the interactive summary. All datasets are also available as combined zip files from https://zenodo.org/record/48769 .

Moma Collection - Automatic Monthly Update

Open Data Robot
Temporary Description

Semeval 2017 Task 3 Subtask E Test Data (Stackexchange)

Doris Hoogeveen, Karin M. Verspoor & Tim Baldwin
This is the test data that was used for Task 3, Subtask E of the SemEval-2017 Shared Task. More information on the task can be found here: http://alt.qcri.org/semeval2017/task3/

Quasi-Periodic Gaussian Process Rotation Period Posterior Samples (With An Uninformative Prior) For 998 Simulated Kepler Light Curves.

Ruth Angus, Timothy Morton, Suzanne Aigrain, Daniel Foreman-Mackey & Vinesh Rajpaul
997.h5 files containing light curves, hyperparameter priors, period priors and posterior samples for the QP-GP rotation period model in Angus, Morton, Aigrain, Foreman-Mackey & Rajpaul (2017). 997 .png light curve images. To load the samples in python: >>> df = pd.read_hdf("1.h5", key="samples") >>> ln_period_samples = df.ln_period >>> ln_A_samples = df.ln_A >>> ln_l_samples = df.ln_l >>> ln_G_samples = df.ln_G >>> ln_sigma_samples = df.ln_sigma

Deso-Water Force Fields And Md Systems

Vitaly V. Chaban
DESO-water force fields and MD systems

Supporting Data: Prevalence Of Sexual Dimorphism In Mammalian Phenotypic Traits

Natasha A Karp, & Jacqueline K White
Supporting material for the manuscript “Prevalence of sexual dimorphism in mammalian phenotypic traits” . This manuscript was published in Nature Communication 26th January 2017

Simulation Snapshots Of Complex I Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Vivek Sharma Outi Haapanen
These are snapshots from the molecular dynamics simulations of complex I (setups I and II). These can be loaded in the VMD software for visualization, and 'segname' keyword can be used to distinguish the different parts of the protein.

Pspm-Hra1: Skin Conductance Responses In Fear Conditioning With Visual Cs And Electrical Us

Dominik R. Bach, Jean Daunizeau, Karl J. Friston & Raymond J. Dolan
This dataset includes skin conductance response (SCR) measurements, CS and US information, keypress responses, keypress response times, key correctness and shock ratings for each of 20 healthy unmedicated participants (10 males and 10 females aged 22.2+/-4.0 years) participating in a classical (Pavlovian) discriminant delay fear conditioning task. CS is a visual stimulus appearing in the middle of the screen with variation in color. US is an electric shock as a 500 Hz current pulses train...


Sung Kim
Overview of Data Eclipse: 5 files, ~7GB, possibly update from 2007 MSR The first four of these files are CVS repository dumps form Eclipse-JDT, Eclipse-SWT, Eclipse-Platform, and Eclipse-Rest. In order to mine these, you will need to have a means of handling CVS repositories. These files are listed as: eclipse-cvs-jdt.tgz eclipse-cvs-swt.tgz eclipse-cvs-plarform.tgz eclipse-cvs-rest.tgz The fifth data file XML bug reports dumped from the Eclipse Bugzilla page. It is listed as: eclipse-bugs-000001-213000.zip

Processing a Quarter (68 folios) of the Syriac Galen Palimpsest http://www.digitalgalen.net

Corneliu Arsene
This dataset contains approximately a quarter of the Syriac Galen Palimpsest (http://www.digitalgalen.net/) which was image processed with the Canonical Variates Analysis method and the software existent at this web link https://github.com/corneliu37/GalenProject with the scope of retrieving a sixth-century translation from Greek language to Syriac language of the 2nd century Greek Scientist Aelius Galen book's "On Simple Drugs", which translation was made by the 6th century scientist Sergius of Resh 'Ayna, which text exists presently as...

On The Calculation Of Second-Order Magnetic Properties Using Subsystem Approaches In The Relativistic Framework - Supplementary Information

Małgorzata Olejniczak, Radovan Bast & Andre Severo Pereira Gomes
Supplementary information to the publication "On the calculation of second-order magnetic properties using subsystem approaches in the relativistic framework" The attached 'supplementary_info_fde_mag.tar.gz' unpacks to three directories: 'optimized_structures' directory contains optimized molecular structures in xyz format 'results' directory contains all the results obtained in this work, collected in spreadsheets with complete results from DIRAC and from ADF (in *xlsx and *gnumeric format) csv files (data involving heavy atoms, X, and hydrogen-bonded H atoms, Hb obtained with...

General Terminology Induction: Two Corpora Of Experimental Ontologies

Viachaslau Sazonau
Two corpora of ontologies that contain some data and hence can be used to evaluate ontology learning algorithms

Unc-Wisconsin Neurodevelopment Rhesus Structural Mri Database

Martin Styner, Marc Niethammer & Christopher Coe
A macaque brain MRI database characterizing the normal postnatal macaque brain development. This longitudinal primate database was acquired from a cohort of healthy macaque monkeys ranging from a few week olds up to 3-year-old adolescents. Website: https://data.kitware.com/#collection/54b582c38d777f4362aa9cb3 This work was supported by R01 MH091645 DEVELOPMENTAL BRAIN ATLAS TOOLS AND DATA APPLIED TO HUMANS AND MACAQUES http://projectreporter.nih.gov/project_info_description.cfm?aid=8454496


Jane Cleland-Huang, Sepideh Mazrouee, Huang Liguo & Dan Port
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