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Research Without Borders Twitter Archive, #rwob, December 4, 2014

Brian Luna Lucero
The dataset includes all tweets using the hashtag #rwob made between December 1 and December 8th, 2014. The hashtag was associated with the Research Without Borders event held at Columbia University on April 29, 2014. This panel discussion, explored “big open data” from three perspectives: the humanities, journalism, and the social web. Presentations covered how large amounts of data are managed, made sense of, and made accessible. The panelists also addressed the challenges of working...

Allocation of personnel hours across project components for Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements

Eva T. Cunningham, Mark P. Newton & Kerri L. O'Connell
The underlying data and calculations for a practice article published by Newton et. al. (2014). Levels of effort apportioned to each of the project components across years, with overall project percentages, aggregate figures, and per month averages calculated from September 2010 through June 2014.

MASC Word Sense Sentence Corpus, tab-separated format

Rebecca Passonneau, Nancy Ide, Collin Baker, Christiane Fellbaum & Boyi Xie
Synopsis: The MASC Word Sense Sentence corpus is distributed as a set of three *tsv files (tab-separated format) that contain the sentences, annotation labels, and senses that comprise the sentence corpus: (1) the annotation labels (masc_annotations.tsv), (2) the WordNet word senses (masc_senses.tsv), and (3) the word token-sentence pairs, or instances (masc_sentences.tsv). A total of 116 distinct lemmas were selected; for each lemma, approximately 1000 example sentences were taken from the MASC corpus; and for each...

Loqui Human-Human Dialogue Corpus (Transcriptions and Annotations)

Rebecca Passonneau & Evaneet Sachar
The Loqui project investigated dialogue strategies that would depend less on accurate speech recognition and more on context. The testbed application, the CheckItOut dialogue system, was modeled on a corpus of telephone transactions between patrons and librarians that we collected at New York City’s Andrew Heiskell Braille & Talking Book Library in 2006. This data release contains transcriptions of the original telephone transactions of eighty two dialogues that were collected and used to inform the...

Efficacy of a group-based multimedia HIV prevention intervention for drug-involved women under community supervision: Project WORTH

Nabila El-Bassel, Louisa Gilbert, Dawn A. Goddard-Eckrich, Mingway P. Chang, Elwin Wu, Timothy Hunt, Matthew W. Epperson, Stacey A. Shaw, Jessica C. Rowe, Maria Almonte & Susan S. Witte
Importance: This study is designed to address the need for evidence-based HIV/STI prevention approaches for drug-involved women under criminal justice community supervision.Objective: We tested the efficacy of a group-based traditional and multimedia HIV/STI prevention intervention (Project WORTH: Women on the Road to Health) among drug-involved women under community supervision. Design, Setting, Participants, and Intervention]: We randomized 306 women recruited from community supervision settings to receive either: (1) a four-session traditional group-based HIV/STI prevention intervention (traditional...

#MLA14 Twitter Archive, 9-12 January 2014

Ernesto Priego & Chris Zarate
#MLA14 is the hashtag which corresponded to the 2014 Modern Language Association Annual Convention. The Convention was held in Chicago from Monday 9 to Sunday 12 January 2014. A combination of Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheets (Martin Hawksey's TAGS v5; available at http://mashe.hawksey.info/2013/02/twitter-archive-tagsv5/) was used to harvest this collection. OpenRefine (http://openrefine.org/) was used for deduplicating the data. An initial analysis of the data was posted as a series of blog posts by Ernesto Priego published between...

LDEO Longwave and Shortwave Radiation at AWS Rita for 2009 in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica

Christopher J. Zappa
Measurements of longwave (Kipp and Zonen model CGR4) and shortwave (Kipp and Zonen model CMP22) radiation were obtained at AWS Rita by Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory between 28 January and 12 December, 2009. The data include a Timstamp (YYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS), Downwelling Solar radiation (Rs), CMP22 Instrument Temperature (T_cmp22), Downwelling Longwave radiation (Rl_corr), CGR4 Instrument Temperature (T_cgr4), Datalogger Temperature (panel_temp), Datalogger Input Battery Voltage (batt_volt). Units are provided in the data file. Sampling interval is 5 s.

The Subseasonal Experiment (SubX)

Ben P. Kirtman, Kathy Pegion, Timothy DelSole, Michael Tippett, Andrew W. Robertson, Michael Bell, Robert Burgman, Hai Lin, Jon Gottschalck, Dan C. Collins, Wei Li, Eric Sinsky, Hong Guan, Yuejian Zhu, Emily J. Becker, Emerson Lajoie, Kyle MacRitchie, Dugong Min, Rong Fu, Deepthi Achuthavarier, Randy Koster, Lena Marshak, Hai Lin, Bertrand Denis, Neil Barton … & Benjamin W. Green
The subseasonal experiment (SubX) is a multi-model subseasonal prediction experiment. Seven global models are producing seventeen years of retrospective (re-) forecasts and one year of weekly real-time forecasts. Re-forecasts follow the SubX protocol that requires the years 1999-2015, at least three ensemble members, a minimum of weekly initialization, and at least 32-days in length. All data are output on a 1deg x 1deg grid. The re-forecasts are archived at the IRI Data Library for research...

Supplemental Images: Axial Sensory Tricks in Chorea–Acanthocytosis: Insights into Phenomenology

Roongroj Bhidayasiri, Onanong Jitkritsadakul & Ruth H. Walker
Background: Trunk flexion and axial extension are characteristic symptoms of chorea–acanthocytosis (ChAc). Phenomenology Shown: A 41-year-old male with ChAc (confirmed by VPS13A mutations) reported that his involuntary axial movements were significantly ameliorated by either folding his arms over his chest or putting his hands behind his head. Educational Value: These apparent “sensory tricks” suggest a dystonic pathophysiology, and also merit further study to analyze their potential for symptom control in ChAc.

Author behavior and instructions for the citation of data

Hailey Mooney & Mark P. Newton
These data sheets provide the raw data collected as part of a study of research data citation behavior in secondary analysis studies in support the work of Mooney and Newton throughout 2011 and 2012 as reported in Mooney, H. & Newton, M. P. (2012). The anatomy of a data citation: Discovery, reuse, and credit. Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication, 1(1).

Peter Ruta: Catalog of Works

Peter Ruta
Peter Ruta is a leading American painter of landscapes and cityscapes. Born 1918 into a Leipzig family of writers, musicians and art publishers, Ruta was raised in Milan and on the Italian Riviera and emigrated to the United States in 1936. He began his studies at the Art Students League in 1937 with Jean Charlot, the artist who taught Italian fresco technique to the great Mexican muralists. Offered the position of division artist in the...

Diana Kurz: Catalog of Works

Diana Kurz
Born in Vienna, Diana Kurz was forced to flee Austria with her family in 1938, and has lived in New York City for most of her life. She has exhibited her work extensively in solo and group shows nationally and internationally and her work is in many distinguished private and public collections including the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, the Rose Art Museum, Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien in Austria; The Jewish Museum...

Betty Blayton: Catalog of Works

Betty Blayton
Artist's statement: "The intent of my work is two-fold: The first is personal, because the act of creating artworks allows me opportunities for meditation and self-reflective thoughts related to life's mysteries and the meaning of being and becoming. The second is to hopefully provide my viewers with opportunities to also engage in meditation and self-reflective thought. I am deeply interested in metaphysical principles, all aspects of religion, mythology, and the science of mind. The act...

Video for the cases A9 to A12 for a still observer

Emmanouil Chatzis & Andrew W. Smyth
Motion of the body for a still observer for the scenarios A9, A10, A11 and A12 described in Example 1 of the paper. The wheels are numbered from 1 to 4 clockwise, with wheel 1 being the wheel closest to the camera. Wheels 3 and 4 cannot swivel in all scenarios. If activating the brake on a wheel or not is signified by 1 and 0 respectively the scenarios A9 to A12 are described as:...

Video for the cases A1 to A4 for an observer that moves with the ground

Emmanouil Chatzis & Andrew W. Smyth
Motion of the body for an observer that moves with the ground for the scenarios A1, A2, A3 and A4 described in Example 1 of the paper. The wheels are numbered from 1 to 4 clockwise, with wheel 1 being the wheel closest to the camera. Wheels 3 and 4 cannot swivel in all scenarios. If activating the brake on a wheel or not is signified by 1 and 0 respectively the scenarios A1 to...

Plasmas of Arbitrary Neutrality: Simulated m = 4

Xabier Sarasola
Brief simulation of a plasma concept.

Plasmas of Arbitrary Neutrality: Top View Reversed Polarity

Xabier Sarasola
Brief simulation of a plasma concept.

I Annotate Twitter Archive

Robert J. Hilliker
This collection of Twitter data was harvested using version 5 Martin Hawksey's Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet (TAGS v5), which is available from his blog (http://mashe.hawksey.info/2013/02/twitter-archive-tagsv5/). I harvested tweets using the hashtag #ianno13, which was associated with the I Annotate event held in San Francisco on April 10-12, 2013. The earliest archived tweet is from April 7, 2013. The latest is from May 28, 2013.

Columbia University Libraries Symposium 2013 Twitter Archive

Robert J. Hilliker
This collection of Twitter data was harvested using version 5 Martin Hawksey's Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet (TAGS v5), which is available from his blog (http://mashe.hawksey.info/2013/02/twitter-archive-tagsv5/). I harvested tweets using the hashtag #culsymp13, which was associated with the Symposium hosted at Columbia University Libraries on March 22, 2013 (http://symposium.cul.columbia.edu/). The earliest archived tweet is from March 21, 2013. The latest is from April 22, 2013.

Hydra Behavior Dataset

Shuting Han
This is an annotated Hydra behavior dataset collected from 53 Hydra specimens. The dataset includes both spontaneous behaviors and induced feeding behavior of Hydra, and is annotated with the following 8 labels: silent, elongation, tentacle swaying, body swaying, bending, contraction, somersaulting, and feeding.

Electron-ion recombination for Fe VIII forming Fe VII and Fe IX forming Fe VIII: measurements and theory: Data

E. W. Schmidt, S. Schippers, D. Bernhardt, A. Muller, J. Hoffmann, M. Lestinsky, D. A. Orlov, A. Wolf, D. V. Lukic, Daniel Wolf Savin & N. R. Badnell
The photorecombination rate coefficients of potassium-like Fe VIII ions forming calcium-like Fe VII and of argon-like Fe IX forming potassium-like Fe VIII were measured by employing the merged electron-ion beams method at the Heidelberg heavy-ion storage-ring TSR. New theoretical calculations with the AUTOSTRUCTURE code were carried out for dielectronic recombination (DR) and trielectronic recombination (TR) for both ions. We compare these experimental and theoretical results and also compare with previously recommended rate coefficients. The DR...

Experimental rate coefficient for dielectronic recombination of neonlike iron forming sodiumlike iron: Data

E. W. Schmidt, D. Bernhardt, J. Hoffmann, M. Lestinsky, D. V. Lukic, A. Muller, D. A. Orlov, Daniel Wolf Savin, S. Schippers & A. Wolf
The rate coefficient for dielectronic recombination (DR) of Ne-like Fe¹⁶⁺ forming Na-like Fe¹⁵⁺ was measured employing the merged electron-ion beams technique at the heavy-ion storage-ring TSR of the Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik in Heidelberg, Germany. In the electron-ion collision energy range of 240–840 eV the merged-beams recombination rate coefficient is dominated by DR associated with 2s² 2p⁶ ¹S₀ → 2s² 2p⁵ 3d ¹P₁ core excitation. The experimental Fe¹⁶⁺ DR plasma rate coefficient is derived from the...

Dielectronic Recombination of Fe XXI and Fe XXII via N = 2→N' = 2 Core Excitations: Data

Daniel Wolf Savin, S. M. Kahn, G. Gwinner, M. Grieser, R. Repnow, G. Saathoff, D. Schwalm, A. Wolf, A. Muller, S. Schippers, P. A. Zavodszky, M. H. Chen, T. W. Gorczyca, O. Zatsarinny & M. F. Gu
We have measured dielectronic recombination (DR) resonance strengths and energies for carbon-like Fe XXI forming Fe XX and for boron-like Fe XXII forming Fe XXI via N = 2 → N' = 2 core excitations. All measurements were carried out using the heavy-ion Test Storage Ring at the Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, Germany. We have also calculated these resonance strengths and energies using three independent, state-of-the-art perturbative techniques: a multiconfiguration Breit-Pauli (MCBP) method...

IRI Seasonal Precipitation Forecast for Apr, May, Jun 1998

Lisa M. Goddard, Simon J. Mason & Nicholas E. Graham
The forecast gives a probabilistic outlook for precipitation to be in the above-normal, near-normal, or below-normal tercile categories, which are defined from the previous 30 years.

Cheryl Edwards: Catalog of Works and Images

Cheryl Edwards
Cheryl D. Edwards is an African American artist and was born in Miami Beach, Florida. She began her studies in art during 1988 in New York City in a class focused on issues of self-identity and personal history at the Art Student League taught by the late, Ernest Crichlow. She has been living in Washington, DC for the past 22 years. Her artistic practice is social justice, multiculture, organic and historical. She is a painter...

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