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Mapping the whole-body muscle activity of Hydra vulgaris

John Robert Szymanski & Rafael Yuste
As a cnidarian, Hydra has an anatomically simple neuromuscular system that can offer evolutionary insights on the functional design of animal body plans. Using calcium imaging to map the activity of the entire epitheliomuscular system of behaving Hydra, we find seven basic spatiotemporal patterns of muscle activity. Patterns include global and local activation events with widely varying kinetics of initiation and wave-like propagation. The orthogonally oriented endodermal and ectodermal muscle fibers are jointly activated during...

T cell activation and immune synapse organization respond to the microscale mechanics of structured surfaces

Weiyang Jin, Fella Tamzalit, Parthiv Kant Chaudhuri, Charles Black, Morgan Huse & Lance C. Kam
Cells have the remarkable ability to sense the mechanical stiffness of their surroundings. This has been studied extensively in the context of cells interacting with planar surfaces, a conceptually elegant model that also has application in biomaterial design. However, physiological interfaces are spatially complex, exhibiting topographical features that are described over multiple scales. This report explores mechanosensing of microstructured elastomer surfaces by CD4+ T cells, key mediators of the adaptive immune response. We show that...

The interplay of magnetically-dominated turbulence and magnetic reconnection in producing nonthermal particles

Luca Comisso & Lorenzo Sironi
By means of fully-kinetic particle-in-cell simulations, we have investigated the interplay between turbulence and reconnection in generating nonthermal particles in magnetically-dominated pair plasmas. A generic by-product of turbulence with spontaneous formation of reconnecting current sheets is the generation of an extended nonthermal particle spectrum with a power-law energy range. The features of the particle energy spectrum and the physics of the particle acceleration mechanisms can be found in Comisso and Sironi, "The interplay of magnetically-dominated...

Finding Emotion in Image Descriptions: Crowdsourced Data

Morgan Elizabeth Ulinski, Victor Soto Martinez & Julia Bell Hirschberg
This dataset contains 660 images, each annotated with descriptions and mood labels. The images were originally created by users of the WordsEye text-to-scene system (https://www.wordseye.com/) and were downloaded from the WordsEye gallery. For each image, we used Amazon Mechanical Turk to obtain: (a) a literal description that could function as a caption for the image, (b) the most relevant mood for the picture (happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, or disgust), (c) a short explanation of...

Data for "Observations of mean and wave orbital flows in the ocean's upper centimetres"

Nathan J. M. Laxague & Christopher J. Zappa
Observations of near-surface ocean currents, collected in 2008 in the Santa Barbara Channel. Archive contains a brief 'readme' file and two central MATLAB routines. The routines will grab the included raw data and make use of a small library of additional codes to reproduce key figures in "Observations of mean and wave orbital flows in the ocean's upper centimetres", Laxague & Zappa (2019), Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

Clinical Course of Non-Functional Pituitary Microadenoma in Children: A Single Center Experience: Supplemental Table

Vidhu V. Thaker, A. Lage, G. Kumari, M. V. Silvera & L. Cohen
Context: Pituitary lesions consistent with microadenomas are increasingly discovered by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Sparse data are available on the long-term clinical and imaging course of such lesions in children. Objective: The aim of this study was to define the clinical and imaging course of pituitary lesions representing or possibly representing non-functioning microadenomas in children to guide clinical management. Design: Retrospective observational study. Methods: The clinical data warehouse at a tertiary care academic children’s hospital...

Examining charitable giving in real-world online donations: DATA

Matthew Ryan Sisco & Elke U. Weber
These datasets can be used to reproduce the findings in the paper cited below. All of the code needed to replicate the analyses in the paper is included in the main Supplementary Information document linked to the paper. Any use of these data must cite the paper: Sisco, M.R., & Weber, E.U. (2019) Examining charitable giving in real-world online donations. Nature Communications. Paper abstract: The current study uses big data to study prosocial behavior by...

The Impact of Wind Gusts on the Ocean Thermal Skin Layer

Christopher J. Zappa & Nathan J. M. Laxague
Data used for the analysis described in "The Impact of Wind Gusts on the Ocean Thermal Skin Layer" by Zappa et al. [2019], Geophysical Research Letters (DOI: 10.1002/2019GL083687) Contents: water surface and sky brightness temperature, wind speed/stress, and mean gust/thermal front propagation speeds. README file within archive provides breakdown of all constituent elements.

Quantifying Riverine Recharge Impacts on Redox Conditions and Arsenic Release in Groundwater Aquifers along the Red River, Vietnam

Athena Anh-Thu Nghiem, Mason Stahl, Brian J. Mailloux, Tran Thi Mai, Pham Thi Trang, Pham Hung Viet, Charles Harvey, Alexander Van Geen & Benjamin C. Bostick
Compilation of stable water isotopes and geochemical data for groundwater and recharge sources (ponds, river, and precipitation) in Hanoi, Vietnam in the Red River Delta. The folder contains a readme.txt file that describe the data. Supplementary data to Nghiem et al. 2019, “Quantifying Riverine Recharge Impacts on Redox Conditions and Arsenic Release in Groundwater Aquifers along the Red River, Vietnam”, Water Resources Research, https://doi.org/10.1029/2019WR024816

DATA: Meeting the demand of women affected by ongoing crisis: increasing contraceptive prevalence in North and South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Sara E. Casey, Meghan C. Gallagher, Erin Dumas, Jessica Kakesa, Justin Mumbere Katsongo & Jean-Baptiste Muselemu
Context: Over 20 years of conflict in the DRC, North and South Kivu have experienced cycles of stability and conflict, resulting in a compromised health system and poor sexual and reproductive health outcomes. Modern contraceptive use is low (7.5%) and maternal mortality is high (846 deaths per 100,000 live births). Program partners have supported the Ministry of Health (MOH) in North and South Kivu to provide good quality contraceptive services in public health facilities since...

Asthma Control Infographics, 2017-2018

Adriana Arcia & Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch
The purpose of the Asthma Control Infographics research project was to develop infographics that make personal health information about asthma easy to understand. The infographics are intended to be tailored with the viewer’s own health information. The two tailorable infographics developed through this project can be used to display an asthma control score and the results of a pulmonary (lung) function test. Our team used a participatory design process to incorporate feedback from adults with...

Supporting Information: Membrane-less and Non-Evaporative Desalination of Hypersaline Brines by Temperature Swing Solvent Extraction

Chanhee Boo, Robert Kyongho Winton, Kelly M. Conway & Ngai Yin Yip
Hypersaline brines are of growing environmental importance but are technologically under-served by today’s desalination methods. Temperature swing solvent extraction (TSSE) is a radically different desalination technology that is membrane-less and not based on evaporative phase change. TSSE utilizes low-temperature heat and a low-polarity solvent with temperature-dependent water solubility for the selective extraction of water over salt from saline feeds. This study demonstrates TSSE desalination of high-salinity brines simulated by NaCl solutions with three amine solvents:...

Supplemental Video S2

Jose Perez-Zoghbi
Time-lapse video showing a mouse peripheral airway contracting in response to ACh, relaxing upon TLCA addition and re-contracting after TLCA removal in the continuous presence of ACh. This video illustrates the representative experiment shown in Fig. 1E.

Supplemental Video S1

Jose Perez-Zoghbi
Time-lapse video showing a human peripheral airway contracting in response to ACh and relaxing upon TLCA addition. Labels indicate time of ACh and TLCA perfusion. Experimental time is indicated in the bottom left corner. This video illustrates the representative experiment shown in Fig. 1B.

Spherical Indentation Equilibrium Mechanical Data of Nonpregnant Human Cervical Tissue

Lei Shi & Kristin M. Myers
These files contain experimental data from a mechanical study evaluating the four-level, ramp-hold tissue material response to spherical indentation on human cervical samples for 52 locations of 13 cervical samples from 7 cervices. The data in this file correspond to the manuscript entitled, "Anisotropic Material Characterization of Human Cervix Tissue based on Indentation and Inverse Finite Element Analysis", to be published in the ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering in 2019 in the special issue honoring...

Effectiveness of a Couple-Based HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention Intervention for Men in Community Supervision Programs and Their Female Sexual Partners: A Randomized Clinical Trial: Data

Nabila El-Bassel, Louisa Gilbert, Dawn A. Goddard-Eckrich, Mingway P. Chang, Elwin Wu, Sharun Goodwin, Richard Tibbetts, Maria Almonte-Weston & Timothy Hunt
IMPORTANCE: In the United States, the prevalence rates of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are higher among individuals in community supervision programs (CSPs) than in the general population. However, to date, no couple-based HIV or STI prevention interventions have been implemented for the large number of men in CSPs. OBJECTIVE: To determine the effectiveness of a 5-session couple-based prevention intervention, compared with a 1-session counseling, testing, and referral (CTR) program, in...

Spatiotemporal controls on observed daytime ozone deposition velocity over Northeastern U.S. forests during summer: Data and analysis scripts

Olivia Elaine Clifton, Arlene M. Fiore, J. W. Munger & Richard Wehr
Spatiotemporal variability in ozone dry deposition is often overlooked despite its implications for interpreting and modeling tropospheric ozone concentrations accurately. Understanding the influences of stomatal vs. nonstomatal deposition processes on ozone deposition velocity is important for attributing observed changes in the ozone depositional sink and associated damage to ecosystems. Here, we aim to identify the stomatal versus nonstomatal deposition processes driving observed variability in ozone deposition velocity over the northeastern United States during June-September. We...

Moral Essentialism and Generosity Among Children and Adults: Data for Study 3

Larisa A. Heiphetz
Data from Study 3 in a series of studies investigating whether participants view goodness and badness in essentialist terms and probing the consequences of these essentialist perceptions. Study 3 showed that essentialist views of recipients influenced adults' generosity. Participants shared fewer resources than would be expected by chance with people whose badness was described in essentialist terms, an effect that did not appear to be driven by demand characteristics and that emerged even when both...

Time-scale-invariant information-theoretic contingencies in discrimination learning

Abigail Kalmbach & Peter Balsam
Animals optimize their behavior to maximize rewards by utilizing cues from the environment. In discrimination learning, cues signal when rewards can and cannot be earned by making a particular response. In our experiment, we trained male mice to press a lever to receive a reward on a random interval schedule. We then introduced a prolonged tone (20, 40, or 80 sec), during which no rewards could be earned. We sought to test our hypothesis that...

Simulating Gas Inflow at the Disk-Halo Interface

Nicole Melso, Greg L. Bryan & Miao Li
The interaction between inflowing gas clouds and galactic outflows at the interface where the galactic disk transitions into the circumgalactic medium is an important process in galaxy fueling, yet remains poorly understood. Using a series of tall-box hydrodynamic ENZO simulations, we have studied the interaction between smooth gas inflow and supernovae-driven outflow at the disk-halo interface with pc-scale resolution. Please see Melso et al. 2019 for details. Here we have uploaded movies for the BURST50,...

Assessing uncertainties of a geophysical approach to estimate surface fine particulate matter distributions from satellite observed aerosol optical depth: Data and code

Xiaomeng Jin
Data and code used to generate the figures in the paper "Assessing uncertainties of a geophysical approach to estimate surface fine particulate matter distributions from satellite observed aerosol optical depth," published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics at https://doi.org/10.5194/acp-2018-962. The code is also available at https://github.com/xjin49/acp_2018

Data for: A time-stamp mechanism may provide temporal information necessary for egocentric to allocentric spatial transformations

Avner Wallach
Learning the spatial organization of the environment is essential for most animals’ survival. This requires the animal to derive allocentric spatial information from egocentric sensory and motor experience. The neural mechanisms underlying this transformation are mostly unknown. We addressed this problem in electric fish, which can precisely navigate in complete darkness and whose brain circuitry is relatively simple. We conducted the first neural recordings in the preglomerular complex, the thalamic region exclusively connecting the optic...

Data files for “Evidence for a Large Exomoon Orbiting Kepler-1625b” by Teachey & Kipping (2018)

Alexander Macaulay Teachey & David M. Kipping
Hubble WFC3 observations of Kepler-1625 taken in October 2017 were reported in Teachey & Kipping (2018). In that work, we the authors find evidence for an exomoon associated with the planetary transit of Kepler-1625b. We here provide the processed frame images, light curves, centroid time series, stellar isochrones and model posteriors/results data used in our study. Each folder contains a short readme file aimed at professional astronomers familiar with these types of analyses.

Highly bioavailable dust-borne iron delivered to the Southern Ocean during glacial periods

Elizabeth M. Shoenfelt, Gisela Winckler, Frank Lamy, Robert F. Anderson & Benjamin C. Bostick
Raw X-ray absorption spectroscopy data for the South Atlantic TN057-06 and the South Pacific PS75/56-1 sediment cores, and 232Th and Fe fluxes by depth for PS75/56-1. Included with the data is a readme.txt file that explains how the data was collected, the software needed to analyze it, and information about the column labels.

Electrocardiographic left atrial abnormality and silent vascular brain injury: The Northern Manhattan Study: Data

Mitchell S. Elkind & Yeseon Park Moon
Hypothesis: We hypothesized that P wave terminal Force in the V1 lead (PTFV1) would be associated with leukoaraiosis and subclinical infarcts, especially cortical infarcts, in a population-based, multi-ethnic cohort. Methods: PTFV1 was collected manually from baseline electrocardiograms of clinically stroke-free Northern Manhattan Study participants. Investigators read brain MRIs for superficial infarcts, deep infarcts, and white matter hyperintensity volume (WMHV). WMHV was adjusted for head size and log transformed, achieving a normal distribution. Logistic regression models...

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