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Efficacy of a group-based multimedia HIV prevention intervention for drug-involved women under community supervision: Project WORTH

Nabila El-Bassel, Louisa Gilbert, Dawn A. Goddard-Eckrich, Mingway P. Chang, Elwin Wu, Timothy Hunt, Matthew W. Epperson, Stacey A. Shaw, Jessica C. Rowe, Maria Almonte & Susan S. Witte
Importance: This study is designed to address the need for evidence-based HIV/STI prevention approaches for drug-involved women under criminal justice community supervision.Objective: We tested the efficacy of a group-based traditional and multimedia HIV/STI prevention intervention (Project WORTH: Women on the Road to Health) among drug-involved women under community supervision. Design, Setting, Participants, and Intervention]: We randomized 306 women recruited from community supervision settings to receive either: (1) a four-session traditional group-based HIV/STI prevention intervention (traditional...

Loqui Human-Human Dialogue Corpus (Transcriptions and Annotations)

Rebecca Passonneau & Evaneet Sachar
The Loqui project investigated dialogue strategies that would depend less on accurate speech recognition and more on context. The testbed application, the CheckItOut dialogue system, was modeled on a corpus of telephone transactions between patrons and librarians that we collected at New York City’s Andrew Heiskell Braille & Talking Book Library in 2006. This data release contains transcriptions of the original telephone transactions of eighty two dialogues that were collected and used to inform the...

MASC Word Sense Sentence Corpus, tab-separated format

Rebecca Passonneau, Nancy Ide, Collin Baker, Christiane Fellbaum & Boyi Xie
Synopsis: The MASC Word Sense Sentence corpus is distributed as a set of three *tsv files (tab-separated format) that contain the sentences, annotation labels, and senses that comprise the sentence corpus: (1) the annotation labels (masc_annotations.tsv), (2) the WordNet word senses (masc_senses.tsv), and (3) the word token-sentence pairs, or instances (masc_sentences.tsv). A total of 116 distinct lemmas were selected; for each lemma, approximately 1000 example sentences were taken from the MASC corpus; and for each...

MASC Word Sense Sentence Corpus, Crowdsourced subset

Rebecca Passonneau & Bob Carpenter
The MASC Word Sense Sentence corpus, Crowdsourced subset, is distributed as a set of three *tsv files (tab-separated format) that contain the sentences, annotation labels, and WordNet senses of the corpus. For 45 of the 116 words used from the original MASC Word Sense Sentence corpus (http://dx.doi.org/10.7916/D80V89XH), there are up to 1000 sentences per word drawn from the heterogeneous MASC corpus, with sense labels from WordNet. Each sentence exemplifies at least one MASC word, annotated...

Niki Berg: Catalog of works

Niki Berg
I was the eldest of four children from a working class family in which curiosity and creativity were not valued. After high school I worked as a secretary in an advertising company. Ten years and two daughters later, my husband encouraged me to find and pursue a creative passion and this led me to photography. With camera in hand I found myself drawn to family relationships and the pivotal life events: birth, aging, illness and...

How will I be remembered? Conserving the Environment for Legacy’s Sake (Study Data)

Lisa Zaval, Ezra Markowitz & Elke U. Weber
Long time horizons and social distance are often viewed as key barriers to pro-environmental action due to intertemporal and interpersonal discounting, particularly in the case of climate change. We suggest that these challenges can be turned into opportunities by making salient relevant long-term goals and motives, thus shifting preferences for present-future and self-other trade-offs at the point of decision-making. Here we test whether individuals’ latent motivation to leave a positive legacy can be leveraged to...

Human pseudo exons, ~92000

Lawrence Allen Chasin, Shengdong Ke & Anthony Wang
A list of pseudo exon sequences that we have used in our research on pre-mRNA splicing. About 92000 human pseudo exons (upper case) with 100 nt of flanks upstream and downstream (lower case). Limited to pseudo exons of size 50 to 250 nt. Defined as having an acceptor site consensus value score of >75 and a donor site with a consensus value score of >78, based on the method of Shapiro and Senapathy (0 =...

Technical Appendix to Is expanding Medicare coverage cost-effective?

Peter A. Muennig, Peter Franks & Marthe Gold
Technical Appendix to Is expanding Medicare coverage cost-effective?

Eva Deutsch Costabel: Catalog of works

Eva Deutsch Costabel
From the age of 6, in her native Zagreb, Eva Deutsch Costabel knew she would be an artist. The many-hued traditional costumes, The play of light and color in the lush countryside, the Yugoslavian peasant art itself, were all seeds which she would come to cultivate years later, far away, in a new and different world. But first the Nazi occupation, in 1941, meant the beginning of an odyssey of flight and displacement, and then...

Morgan O’Hara: Catalog of works

Morgan O’Hara
Morgan O'Hara was born in Los Angeles, grew up in Japan, earned a Master's Degree in Art from California State University at Los Angeles, and had her first solo exhibition in the Musée Cantonal des Beaux Arts in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1978. She began working internationally in performance art festivals in 1989, did her first site specific wall drawings at De Fabriek in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and began the practice of the Japanese martial art,...

Marilee Shapiro: Catalog of works

Marilee Shapiro
Marilee Shapiro was born in Chicago on November 17 1912. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in philosophy in 1933 After her marriage to Bernard Shapiro in 1935 she discovered sculpture in 1937 in a WPA class in the basement of a local school. When Alexander Archipenko opened a teaching studio in Chicago in 1939 she enrolled and studied with him for two years. Having come to Washington with her family...

Gilda Pervin: Catalog of works

Gilda Pervin
I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Those were the grimy years of Pittsburgh, when the sky and rivers were ablaze with colors of fire reflected from the steel mills. Soot crusted the white snow, and you could watch the passing seasons blister and peel the painted surfaces of the houses. It was a great visual education for future artists. My other education included BA and M.Litt degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and...

Sonia Gechtoff: Catalog of works

Sonia Gechtoff
My father was a painter originally from Odessa, Ukraine who traveled the world with my mother before I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1926. He encouraged me to be a painter and had me sit beside him at his easel with a brush and paints and beginning at age six he was there to spur me on. When I came to San Francisco, California in 1951 I found the major turning point for my...

Michael A. Cummings: Catalog of works

Michael A. Cummings
The New York Times noted in 1992 that Cummings "... draws inspiration from Africa and the art of African Americans, particularly the great quilters of the South.” Cummings' keen sense of history, his reverence for the spiritual, and his reworking the possibilities of the present and the future make his quilts striking" I guess you could say that my home is like my art: It is a living, breathing collage or a shadow-box filled with...

James Brown Jr.: Catalog of Works

Brown Jr., James
Artist's statement: "I studied oil painting in high school. During my senior year I dropped out of school and spent the last semester in night school to receive my diploma. That same year I enrolled in the Art Students League for one year, then transferred to the School of Visual Arts all evening classes for the next 7-8 years. In about 1968 I attended the School of Visual Arts full time for the first time....

Cecily Barth Firestein: Catalog of Works

Cecily Barth Firestein
Cecily Barth Firestein is a painter who combines methodologies of printmaking and collage while working within the framework of abstraction. Firestein studied with Hans Hofmann, Hale Woodruff and Yasuo Kuniyoshi, among others, leading her to embrace and question aspects of abstraction, expressionism and surrealism. Over the past six decades she bravely resisted joining any particular artistic movement, opting instead to synthesize, hence cultivating her own unique language. Her paintings arrest us with structured compositions, lush...

Susan May Tell: Catalog of works

Susan May Tell
Susan May Tell is an award-winning fine art photographer whose work has been showcased in solo exhibitions at the Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale; Griffin Museum of Photography; University of California at San Francisco; and Avenue B Gallery. Solo exhibitions include A Requiem: tribute to the spiritual space at Auschwitz; Structured Moments; and Real / Unreal: urban landscapes of the 1980’s. Tell’s photographs are in the Samuel Wagstaff Collection at the Smithsonian Museum and...

Marilyn Banner: Catalog of Works

Marilyn Banner
Marilyn Banner was born in St. Louis, Missouri in March 1945. She was raised in the nearby suburb of University City. She has lived in New York NY and Boston MA, and currently lives in Takoma Park, Maryland. Banner attended Washington University (BFA School of Fine Arts, 1968). She undertook further visual arts study at Queens College (CUNY), the University of Maryland, Montgomery College, the Corcoran School of the Arts, and Massachusetts College of Art...

Rose Mosner: Catalog of works

Rose Mosner
Rose Mosner, very early on as a child, was exposed to the best in art as her father took her through the finest New York Museums. So it wasn’t a surprise that her Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in fine art from Queens College would lead her into a long term career (20 years) of teaching and doing art in New York public schools. Highlights as a teacher were to recognize those students who “had the...

Nancy Haynes: Catalog of Works

Nancy Haynes
Haynes was born in 1947 and moved to New York in 1967. She lives and works in Red Hook, Brooklyn and the Huerfano Valley, Colorado. Haynes' exhibition history begins in 1978 at the Hundred Dollar Gallery, in NYC. She is presently included in group exhibits at Danese Gallery, NY and Regina Rex Gallery in Bushwick, Queens, NY, and is represented by George Lawson Gallery in LA and Hubert Winter Gallery in Vienna. Her work is...

Ray Grist: Catalog of Works

Ray Grist
I began painting in my early teen years. I wanted to know what a painting is, or so I described my impulse to myself. My first painting was a copy of a small still life by the Daunier Rousseau. I tried to 'understand' his painting, to analyze it (as much as I could analyze a painting then). I look at, and tried to study the works of Cezanne. He had been introduced to me as...

Sample Palomar Transient Factory light curves

Adrian Michael Price-Whelan, Marcel Andre Agüeros, Amanda P. Fournier, Rachel Street, Eran O. Ofek, Kevin R. Covey, David Levitan, Russ R. Laher, Branimir Sesar & Jason Surace
These light curves are made available to the public as part of the publication of our recent paper, "Statistical Searches for Microlensing Events in Large, Non-Uniformly Sampled Time-Domain Surveys: A Test Using Palomar Transient Factory Data." We have selected ~10,000 light curves from the Palomar Transient Factory database that can be used to test the various statistical tools described in the paper.

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