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NCAR/EOL ISS Surface Meteorology Data. Version 1.0

This dataset contains quality-controlled 1-minute surface meteorology data in netCDF format, collected by the NCAR/EOL Integrated Sounding System (ISS) located at the Park Falls site during the Chequamegon Heterogeneous Ecosystem Energy-balance Study Enabled by a High-density Extensive Array of Detectors (CHEESEHEAD) field campaign. These data have been quality controlled. Click on the 'Related Links' below that accesses the daily time series plots.

NCAR/EOL ISS Webcam Imagery. Version 1.0

This dataset contains webcam imagery every 5 minutes during daylight hours from the Integrated Sounding System (ISS) Web Camera collected during the Chequamegon Heterogeneous Ecosystem Energy-balance Study Enabled by a High-density Extensive Array of Detectors (CHEESEHEAD) field project in Park Falls, Wisconsin. These data are organized by date and available tarred in JPEG format.

Purdue University Portable In Situ Precipitation Stations (PIPS) Data. Version 1.0

D. Dawson, M. Biggerstaff & S. Waugh
This data set contains drop size distribution and surface meteorological data from the Purdue University Portable In Situ Precipitation Stations (PIPS) that were deployed at locations around northern Alabama and southern Tennessee during the VORTEX-SE 2017 field season. Each of the PIPS has a OTT Parsivel2 laser disdrometer and a surface meteorological station. The drop size distribution data are at 10 second intervals and the surface meteorological data are at 1 second intervals. The data...

ECMWF 0.1 Degree IFS Model Data. Version 1.0

This data set contains the 0.1 degree resolution output from the ECMWF IFS (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts Integrated Forecasting System) model during the SOCRATES field phase. Grids include analysis and forecast time steps at a three hourly interval to 48 hours and at six hour intervals to 120 hours. The ECMWF runs are available at 00 and 12 UTC daily. At 06 and 18 UTC just the analysis grids are included. These data...

Flow discharge, precipitation and water stage measurement - HYDROMET. Version 1.0

C. Garcia, J. Lozada, J. Alvarez, A. Patalano, S. Lopez, L. Massó, A. Heredia, M. Baraquet, T. Vaschalde & H. Herrero
Hydromet data from working group of the FCEFyN - UNC (Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales - Universidad Nacional de Cordoba) during the RELAMPAGO campaign. In the study basin of the RELAMPAGO project (Carcarana River Basin) 30 measurement sites were periodically monitored. All the flow information registered with hydroacoustic techniques (ADCP, ADV) and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is saved together with data of water stage and the rainfall and surface meteorological data that produced...

HIPPO-2 Multiple Enclosure Device for Unfractionated Sampling of Air (MEDUSA) Flask Data. Version 1.0

R. Keeling, B. Stephens, J. Bent, A. Watt, S. Shertz & W. Paplawsky
The Multiple Enclosure Device for Unfractionated Sampling of Air (MEDUSA) flask data contains measurements of O2, CO2, Ar/N2 13CO2, and C18O16O. The data were collected by the NCAR GV during HIPPO-2. The data are in NASA Ames format.

UAH MoDLS Microwave Profiling Radiometer (MPR) Data. Version 1.0

P. Pangle & K. Knupp
This data set contains vertical profiles of temperature, water vapor, relative humidity, and cloud liquid water at one minute temporal resolution from the University of Alabama-Huntsville (UAH) Microwave Profiling Radiometer (MPR) deployed as part of the UAH Mobile Doppler Lidar and Soundings system (MoDLS) during the VORTEX-SE Meso18-19 field season. The data are in NetCDF format.

STAR 5-min Camera Photography. Version 1.0

J. Hanesiak, R. Stewart, K. Moore, P. Taylor, W. Strapp & M. Wolde
This dataset provides images of the sky and current surface conditions taken at the Environment Canada Weather Office in Iqaluit, NU over the duration of the STAR project. A Campbell Scientific CC680 still imaging camera took imagery taken every 5 minutes. The camera was facing north and had a direct view of the 10-m tower weather station (A3). An overnight light was installed so that conditions could be monitored during darkness, which was the normal...

NRC Convair 580 2DS Particle Images. Version 1.0

A. Korolev & I. Heckman
2DS images collected from NRC Convair 580 flights during the ICICLE (In-Cloud ICing and Large-drop Experiment) field campaign from 28 January - 7 March 2019. These PNG images are contained in tar files by flight.

NRC Convair 580 Data Quality Plots. Version 1.0

A. Korolev & I. Heckman
This dataset contains a PDF of time series plots to assess data quality of instruments on the Convair 580 for the ICICLE (In-Cloud ICing and Large-drop Experiment) project from 18 January to 7 March 2019.

GOES-16 Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) Full Disk Data. Version 1.0

This data set contains the 15 minute resolution data from the GOES-16 satellite Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) full disk sectors during the period of the Organization of Tropical East Pacific Convection (OTREC) field project operations. All 16 channels are included at their full resolution. The data are in NetCDF files packed into hourly tar files.

RADARSAT SAR Sea Ice Imagery. Version 1.0

H. Stern & R. Moritz
The Canadian RADARSAT satellite collected 195 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images of the SHEBA site November 1, 1997, and October 8, 1998 (roughly one image every 3-5 days). The C-band (5.3 GHz) RADARSAT SAR imaged a swath on the earth 460 km wide (in ScanSAR mode) with a pixel size of 50 m, unhampered by clouds or darkness. The satellite data were received and processed into imagery at the Alaska SAR Facility (ASF) in Fairbanks....

Airborne Compact Raman Lidar (CRL) Water Vapor and Temperature Profiles. Version 2.0

Z. Wang
Compact Raman Lidar (CRL) measurements of water vapor and temperature profiles from the University of Wyoming King Air (UWKA) aircraft during the Chequamegon Heterogeneous Ecosystem Energy-balance Study Enabled by a High-density Extensive Array of Detectors (CHEESEHEAD) project IOPs are provided. The three IOP periods are July 9-13, Aug 20-23, and Sep 24-29. During these IOPs, UWKA conducted pre-defined cross-wind legs at ~400 m and 100 m the ground around the central tall tower site (45.9459,...

UAH Mobile Meteorological Mesonet vehicle (UAH M3V) Data. Version 1.0

P. Pangle & K. Knupp
This data set contains the surface meteorological data at one second temporal resolution from the University of Alabama in Huntsville Mobile Meteorological Mesonet vehicle (M3V) in and around the near storm environment during the Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment Southeast (VORTEX-SE) Meso18-19 field season. Dates available include 6 November 2018, 6 and 24 February 2019, 9 March 2019, and 14 and 19 April 2019. The data are in a comma-delimited ASCII...

NCAR/EOL 5 minute ISFS surface flux data, flow corrected, geographic coordinate winds. Version 1.0

This dataset contains quality-controlled 5 minute averages of surface flux data collected by the NCAR/EOL Integrated Surface Flux System (ISFS) during the Chequamegon Heterogeneous Ecosystem Energy-balance Study Enabled by a High-density Extensive Array of Detectors (CHEESEHEAD) field campaign. These data have been quality controlled and are available in NetCDF format. The winds reported by the sonic anemometers have been rotated into geographic coordinates and corrected for the orientation of the sonic anemometers. For this dataset...

SMART-R2 Mobile Radar Data. Version 1.0

M. Biggerstaff & G. Carrie
This data set contains data from the University of Oklahoma SMART-R2 (Shared Mobile Atmospheric Research and Teaching Radar) mobile radar during the VORTEX-SE 2017 field season. SMART-R2 collected data during all VORTEX-SE 2017 IOPs except IOP3.5A and IOP3.5B. The data are in DORADE sweep file format.

FP2 AERIoe Thermodynamic Profile Retrieval Data. Version 1.0

D. Turner
This data set contains temperature and water vapor mixing ratio profile retrievals at five minute intervals (using the AERIoe algorithm release 2.2) from the AERI (Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer) located at the PECAN Fixed PISA 2 site in Greensburg, Kansas. The profiles cover the lowest 3km or up to cloud base.

Time-of-Flight Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Data - size segregated. Version 1.0

J. Jimenez, J. Schroder & P. Campuzano-Jost
This dataset contains size-segregated, non-refractory, chemical speciated submicron particulate chemical mass data taken aboard the NSF/NCAR C-130 aircraft (Tail Number N130AR) during the Wintertime Investigation of Transport, Emission, and Reactivity (WINTER) project. Please see the header portion of the data files for a list of parameters measured.

NIWOT07 Hydra data. Version 1.0

This dataset contains 30 minute ISFS data in NetCDF format from the Hydra, a CO2 measurement system, capable of multiplexed sampling of 18 inlets and four calibration gases during the NIWOT07 field campaign. NIWOT07 was an NSF-supported project to investigate the use of sensor networks for biogeoscience research, conducted by NCAR and CU at the Univ. Colo. Flux Facility (CUFF) in the Univ. Colo. Mountain Research Station (MRS). This data has not been QC'd or...

Satellite NOAA-12, band 3 imagery (GIF). Version 1.0

This data set contains NOAA-12 band 3 images from the University of Alaska, Geophysical Institue. Two passes per day resulted in two images per day between approximately 1600 and 1900 UTC. These images are in GIF format.

ETL Radar-Lidar 10-min Cloud Physical Properties. Version 1.0

M. Shupe, J. Intrieri & T. Uttal
Data set combines radar, lidar, and radiosonde measurements to give a comprehensive view of cloud boundaries, locations, and temperatures for the SHEBA annual cycle. Information includes: best estimated low cloud base and high cloud top, total cloud thickness, total number of cloud layers, the presence and location of liquid in the atmospheric column and temperatures at all relevant heights.

Ice Camp Surface Mesonet NCAR PAM-III, Florida site (PRELIMINARY)(GIF). Version 1.0 [PRELIMINARY]

E. Andreas, C. Fairall, P. Guest & O. Persson
This dataset contains data from the NCAR portable automated mesonet (PAM-III) station (Florida site). This is one of six stations deployed in the vicinity (within 5 km) of the SHEBA Ice Camp. Other stations are Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Seattle and Maui. This station measures pressure, temperature, RH, wind speed and direction, energy budget parameters (4) and energy flux parameters (3).This dataset contains preliminary data. The final datasets are 13.838 and 13.839.

ETL Radar-based Cloud Microphysics Retrievals. Version 1.0

M. Shupe & T. Uttal
Cloud microphysical properties are derived from retrieval techniques that combine ground-based radar and radiometer measurements from the SHEBA ice camp. Retrieved parameters include: particle size, water content, water path, particle concentration, and optical depth for all-ice, all-liquid, mixed-phase, and precipitating cloud types. The companion radar and radiometer files on which these retrievals are based are also available in the NCAR-EOL data archive.

Ice Camp Thermal Microstructure and CTD Profiles. Version 1.0

T. Stanton
These data are daily averaged 1 m binned profiles of thermal microstructure dissipation rate, chi, and the corresponding temperature, salinity and potential density to a depth of 150 m. These data were measured by an automated profiling winch equipped with a dual sensor SeaBird 911+CTD, and a dual microthermistor thermal dissipation package made by Stanton at the base of the package. The winch and the automated data acquisition system were located about 1 km from...

Radar, ETL vertically pointing; Final 12-hr Merged Radar Data (netCDF). Version 1.0

T. Uttal
NOAA ETL deployed a vertically pointing Doppler radar aboard the SHEBA ship. This dataset contains final, corrected and merged 12 hour radar netCDF files for the entire deployment period. Files contain reflectivity, Doppler velocity, spectral width, mode id, and signal-to-noise ratio data.

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