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Documentation of dredge samples at station HLY0102/D61

Jörn Thiede & Jonathan E Snow

Documentation of sediment core GeoB12341

Gerhard Bohrmann &

CFD in drinking water treatment - movies 6

Movie files used in the PhD thesis: "CFD in drinking water treatment". The movies show the prediction of atrazine and hydrogen peroxide in a bench-scale UV reactor. Parent DatasetCFD in drinking water treatmentDatasets used in the PhD thesis: "CFD in drinking water treatment". The data consist of CFD results and measurements in ozone systems and UV systems.

CFD in drinking water treatment - movies 4

Movie files used in the PhD thesis: "CFD in drinking water treatment". The movies show the particle positions. The UV dose is indicated by the colour. Parent DatasetCFD in drinking water treatmentDatasets used in the PhD thesis: "CFD in drinking water treatment". The data consist of CFD results and measurements in ozone systems and UV systems.

Viable and direct bacterial counts from ODP Holes 112-680C and 112-681C (Table 2), supplement to: Cragg, Barry A; Parkes, R John; Fry, J C; Herbert, R A; Wimpenny, J W T; Getliff, J M (1990): Bacterial biomass and activity profiles within deep sediment layers. In: Suess, E; von Huene, R; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 112, 607-619

Barry A Cragg, R John Parkes, J C Fry, R A Herbert, J W T Wimpenny & J M Getliff
Microbiological examination of sediment cores from the Peru margin (Leg 112) has produced highly significant results: (1) bacteria were present at all sediment depths sampled to 80 meters below seafloor (mbsf); (2) Bacteria were observed in the process of cell division at all but one depth to 80 mbsf; (3) Viable bacteria of different types (heterotrophs, sulfate-reducing, nitrate-reducing, methanogenic, and hydrocarbon oxidizing) have been isolated from many of the sediment samples, including those at 80...

Distribution of planktonic foraminifera and other biogenic components in ODP Hole 113-693A (Figure 2), supplement to: Leckie, R Mark (1990): Middle Cretaceous planktonic foraminifers at the Antarctic margin: Hole 693A, ODP Leg 113. In: Barker, PF; Kennett, JP; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 113, 319-324

R Mark Leckie
A planktonic foraminiferal fauna of probable late Aptian age is recorded in Cores 113-693A-47R and -48R, located on the Antarctic continental margin. Moderate to highly productive surface waters and upper bathyal paleodepths are inferred from benthic and planktonic foraminifers, and other biotic and mineral components in the >63 µm size fraction.

Paleomagnetic properties of basalts of ODP Hole 111-504B (Table 3), supplement to: Kinoshita, Hajimu; Furuta, Toshio; Pariso, Janet E (1989): Downhole magnetic field measurements and paleomagnetism, Hole 504B, Costa Rica Ridge. In: Becker, K; Sakai, H; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 111, 147-156

Hajimu Kinoshita, Toshio Furuta & Janet E Pariso
Downhole magnetic field measurements were conducted in Hole 504B on the Costa Rica Ridge during ODP Leg 111. Three magnetic groups within oceanic basement at this site are tentatively defined, based on the interval mean values of the downhole magnetic field. Statistical analyses show that there are significant differences in the inclinations of natural remanent magnetization (NRM) among the three magnetic groups. Although this could be caused by various factors, we explain the inclination difference...

Bottom sediment of the Western Baltic Sea - sheet Darß, supplement to: Tauber, Franz; Lemke, Wolfram (1995): Map of sediment distribution in the Western Baltic Sea (1: 100,000), Sheet “Darß”. Ocean Dynamics, 47/3, 171-178

Franz Tauber & Wolfram Lemke
The sheet “Darß” of the Western Baltic sediment distribution map displays several features of the late- and postglacial sediments in the area between 54°00? and 54°30? northern latitude and 12°00? and 13°00? eastern longitude on a scale of 1: 100,000. The main map shows the surface deposits in this area. Special attention is given to a detailed presentation of the granulometric characteristics of the sandy sedimens which are prevailing here. For this purpose a new...

(Table 1) Chemical composition of magmatic rocks from a submarine seamount, supplement to: Matveenkov, Vladimir V (1974): Magmatic rocks from a submarine seamount on the Mid-Pacific Rise. Oceanology, 14, 847-850

Vladimir V Matveenkov
Petrography of magmatic rocks collected from a submarine seamount on the Mid-Pacific Rise is briefly characterized. Variety of petrographic types of effusive rocks and xenoliths contained in them indicates complexity of geologic development and distinctive structure of the oceanic crust in the area under study.

Montgomeryshire Placename Database

The Powysland Club
The Montgomeryshire Placename Database contains over 10,000 modern and 23,000 associated placenames for the county of Montgomeryshire and was complied between 1987 and 1998 by members of the Powysland Club. The database is primarily designed to provide historical information on modern placenames and can be searched using a full placename or element, parish or six figure grid reference. The database provides information on two distinct levels: detailed geographical information and notes on modern 'top-level' placenames...

Channel Tunnel Rail Link Section 1

Stuart Foreman
The Phase 1 archive of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL), representing the route of the link from Fawkham Junction (Gravesham) to Folkestone, is a major new research archive for the archaeology of Kent. The construction of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link has provided a unique opportunity to investigate thousands of years of change and development across the landscape and the archaeological programme of works associated with CTRL is probably the largest ever undertaken in...

Glass Beads from Anglo-Saxon Graves

Birte Brugmann
Birte Brugmann's 'Beads from Anglo-Saxon Graves' digital archive consists of a spreadsheet containing information on 32,000 beads from Anglo-Saxon graves in England of the 5th to 8th centuries. The spreadsheet represents beads of a variety of materials from 106 sites in nine Anglo-Saxon regions and was created as part of Brugmann's 2004 publication 'Glass beads from Early Anglo-Saxon Graves. A study on the provenance and chronology of glass beads from Anglo-Saxon Graves'. The research was...

HMJ Underhill Archive

Deborah Harlan & Megan Price
This project began in September 2001 with the re-discovery of an old archive in the Institute of Archaeology (Oxford University). The archive consists of a collection of hand-painted glass (lantern) slides that depicted the "Megalithic Monuments of Great Britain," dating to 1897-5 and attributed to H.M.J. Underhill. The slides showed the stone circles at Stonehenge, Avebury, Stanton Drew and the Rollright Stones. Miscellaneous slides depicted other prehistoric monuments: Menhir at Dartmoor and the Sarsen Stones...

Pig Measurements from Durrington Walls (Wiltshire, England)

Umberto Albarella & Sebastian Payne
Excavations at the late Neolithic site of Durrington Walls, Wiltshire, in 1966-67 unearthed large numbers of well-preserved pig teeth and bones. This has provided the opportunity to build up a data set of measurements that can be of great use as a comparative baseline for other European material. Tables of measurements from 12 skeletal elements are available for download as ASCII comma separated value (.csv) files suitable for loading into spreadsheets or databases. Explanations of...

The Nailsea Glassworks, Nailsea, North Somerset: A Study of the History, Archaeology, Technology and the Human Story

Andrew F. Smith
Nailsea Glassworks was one of the most significant glasswork in the United Kingdom. It was in operation between 1788 and 1873. The site remained largely derelict until it came up for redevelopedment in 1983. This prompted an archaeological study and the resulting report is available for download at AHDS Archaeology as a set of PDF files.

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland have scanned the entire run of the Archaeologia Scotica and the Society's out-of-print monographs. The archive also includes a full run of the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland from 1851 until 2012. The latest editions of the journal are available digitally, although they are embargoed for three years, during which time they are only available to Fellows of the society using a login and password.

Three dimensional modeling of Scottish Early Medieval Sculpted Stones: PhD Thesis, University of Glasgow (2003)

Stuart Jeffrey
A Ph.D thesis submitted to the University of Glasgow which evaluates the available technologies allowing digital three dimensional records of archaeological material to be generated and considers how to best utilise the new opportunities for interactive exploration, reconstruction and recontextualisation of Early Medieval sculpted stones. These new technological approaches are examined in the context of existing recording techniques as well as being examined with specific reference to the practical difficulties likely to arise given the...

Excavations at the Viking Barrow Cemetery at Heath Wood, Ingleby, Derbyshire, 1998-2000

Julian D Richards
The cemetery at Heath Wood, Ingleby, Derbyshire is the only known Scandinavian cremation cemetery in the British Isles. It comprises 59 barrows, of which about one-third have been excavated on previous occasions, although earlier excavators concluded that some were empty cenotaph mounds. From 1998-2000 three barrows were examined. These investigations suggested that each of the barrows contained a burial, although not all contained evidence of a pyre. This digital archive consists of a small number...

Visual Repertoire, Focusing Activity and the 'Value of Heritage': Using the 'mental library of views' to evoke local place-identity, Britain and Europe: PhD Thesis, Lancaster University (2002)

Jonathan Kenny
Visual Repertoire, Focusing Activity and the 'Value of Heritage' investigates people's understanding of 'heritage' buildings and structures in the landscape and the part these structures play in defining a sense of identity. It is suggested that 'heritage' has multiple meaning and multiple natures and can remain constant as a nationalist flag in the landscape, or remain unnoticed and banal for years but become contested and politicised at the slightest change in social context. This resource...

Archaeological Collections Areas Database and Map

This digital archive contains details of three projects undertaken by the Society of Museum Archaeologists in 2002, 2006 and 2012, and an updated resource for the use of archaeologists working across England. This is the Archaeological Collections Areas Database and Map, first created ten years ago. The interactive Map provides an easy way to access details of organisations that are accepting archaeological archives (related to Local Authority boundaries) and indicates which areas do not currently...

Purbeck Papers

David Hinton
The Purbeck Papers pages accompany the book, edited by David Hinton, making available photos and data from the excavations and providing access to the publication's extensive appendices. Purbeck Papers covers a variety of topics regarding the archaeology of the Isle of Purbeck. The publication contains several papers, examining recent excavations and other archaeological considerations such as economy and the impact of the Black Death. There are photographs of excavations, details of the objects and environmental...

Trent Valley 2002: Trent Valley GeoArchaeology bibliographic database

Stuart Brookes
The Trent Valley has been subject to considerable archaeological, geomorphological and palaeoenvironmental investigation. The results of most of this work are only accessible through 'grey' literature held in SMR archives in the various Counties and Unitary Authorities through which the River Trent flows. The Trent Valley GeoArchaeology bibliographic database provides a searchable reference database that brings together both published and 'grey' literature within a single data resource providing enhanced access to information on the nature...

The Eagle in the Landscape: The Archaeology of the Cotswold Water Park

The project is a study of the Iron Age and Roman landscape of the Cotswold Water Park region in the Upper Thames Valley, incorporating a number of key previously unpublished archaeological sites. The project was funded by the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund as distributed by English Heritage. This Digital Volume deposited with the ADS contains detailed archive reports on the stratigraphy, finds and environmental evidence for the four key Cotswold Water Park sites and the...

Gwithian, Cornwall: Excavations 1949-1969

Henrietta Quinnell, Jacky Nowakowski, Anna Lawson-Jones, Joanna Sturgess, Carl Thorpe & Charles Thomas
The Gwithian Archive Project (2005-2007) is a comprehensive assessment of the results of two major unpublished excavations which took place in West Cornwall during the 1950's and 1960's. The project was carried out by Cornwall Historic Environment Service and was funded through the ALSF scheme as disbursed by English Heritage.

Excavations at Eynsham Abbey 1989-92

Between 1989 and 1992 the Oxford Archaeological Unit undertook a full excavation of part of the precinct of the medieval abbey. The excavations revealed part of the cloister and south ranges, kitchens and domestic buildings and also evidence for earlier activity including the 11th century Anglo-Saxon abbey and earlier Minster, and a Bronze Age enclosure. The resulting digital archive is being preserved and made accessible through the Archaeology Data Service as part of the Digital...

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