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(Table 1b) Heavy mineral composition of 0.1-0.05 mm size fraction from bottom sediments of the Mogil'noe Lake

Emelyan M Emelyanov, Victor A Kravtsov & Gennadiy A Tarasov

Color data of Hole 325-M0034A

Color data of Hole 325-M0048A

Color data of Hole 325-M0049A

Color data of Hole 325-M0056A

Uncalibrated radiocarbon ages, IODP Expedition 325

Light reflectance (RGB) of Hole 325-M0058A

Moisture and density (MAD) measured on IODP Hole 325-M0032A

Moisture and density (MAD) measured on IODP Hole 325-M0057A

Moisture and density (MAD) measured on IODP Hole 325-M0058A

Light reflectance (RGB) of Hole 325-M0043A

Light reflectance (RGB) of Hole 325-M0049B

Light reflectance (RGB) of Hole 325-M0057A

Moisture and density (MAD) measured on IODP Hole 325-M0039A

Moisture and density (MAD) measured on IODP Hole 325-M0042A

Moisture and density (MAD) measured on IODP Hole 325-M0043A

Moisture and density (MAD) measured on IODP Hole 325-M0049A

Moisture and density (MAD) measured on IODP Hole 325-M0052A

Light reflectance (RGB) of Hole 325-M0037A

Light reflectance (RGB) of Hole 325-M0040A

Geochemistry on interstitial water collected from transect NOG-01B, IODP Expedition 325

QAQC documentation is available at 'Further details', for raw data and standards measurements see 'Other version'.

Genomic sequence from an Aboriginal Australian

M Rasmussen, X Guo, Y Wang, KE Lohmueller, S Rasmussen, A Albrechtsen, L Skotte, S Lindgreen, M Metspalu, T Jombart, T Kivisild, W Zhai, A Eriksson, A Manica, L Orlando, FM De La Vega, S Tridico, E Metspalu, K Nielsen, MC Avila-Arcos, JV Moreno-Mayar, C Muller, J Dortch, MT Gilbert, O Lund … & E Willerslev
Here we present Aboriginal Australian (Homo sapiens) genomic sequence obtained from a 100-year-old lock of hair donated by an Aboriginal man from southern Western Australia in the early 20th century. The nuclear genome was sequenced to an overall depth of 6.4-fold. It had a high degree of fragmentation, but no genotype level evidence of sample contamination by DNA from sample handlers of European descent was detected. Over 2 million SNPs were identified after genome mapping...

Appendix 1. Single-zircon Pb evaporation ages from the Djupkilsodden granitoids, north-central Nordaustlandet, Svalbard

David G Gee, Åke Johansson, Alexander N Larionov & Alexander M Tebenkov


Celia Schunter, Josep Carreras-Carbonell, Enrique Macpherson, Joaquin Tintoré, Enrique Vidal-Vijande, Ananda Pascual, Paolo Guidetti & Marta Pascual
Microsatellite data for 11 microsatellites for Serranus cabrilla at the 13 locations. Two columns per microsatellite.

(Table 4) Thorium 230 excess and Thorium 230 normalized sediment fluxes of sediment core NEAP-11B

Gesine Mollenhauer, Jerry F McManus, Thomas Wagner, I Nick McCave & Timothy Ian Eglinton
230Thxs corrected for decay and assuming a 238U/232Th ratio of R=0.5, sediment focussing factors assuming dry bulk density of 0.5g/cm**3, and 230Th normalized sediment fluxes.

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