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GSOD Based Daily Global Mean Surface Temperature and Mean Sea Level Air Pressure (1982-2011)

Dali Xuan Shi
This data product contains all the gridded data set at 1/4 degree resolution in ASCII format. Both mean temperature and mean sea level air pressure data are available. It also contains the GSOD data (1982-2011) from NOAA site, contains station number, location, temperature and pressures (sea level and station level). The data package also contains information related to the data processing methods

CCDC 218110: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

Andreas Schmidt, Thorsten Mordhorst & Martin Nieger
Related Article: Andreas Schmidt , Thorsten Mordhorst, Martin Nieger|2005|Nat.Prod.Res.|19|541|doi:10.1080/14786410500034949

Settlement remains west of Vattenverksvägen street

UV Öst Swedish National Heritage Board
Riksantikvarieämbetet, UV Öst, har genomfört en arkeologisk utredning, etapp 2 inför planerad parkeringsplats m m inom Borgs socken, Norrköpings kommun, Östergötland. Utredningen utfördes efter beslut av Länsstyrelsen i Östergötlands län och kostnadsansvarig var Norrköpings kommun. Vid utredningen påträffades två mindre områden med boplatslämningar bestående av tre härdar, en stenpackning/kokgrop, en grop samt ett fynd i form av kvartskärna. Om utredningsområdet blir aktuellt för vidare exploatering föreslår Riksantikvarieämbetet, UV Öst, att en arkeologisk förundersökning bör utföras...

Last of the Wild Project, Version 1, 2002 (LWP-1): Last of the Wild Dataset (Geographic)

Wildlife Conservation Society-WCS; Center For International Earth Science Information Network-CIESIN-Columbia University
The Last of the Wild Dataset of the Last of the Wild Project, Version 1, 2002 (LWP-1) is derived from the LWP-1 Human Footprint Dataset. The gridded data are classified according to their raster value (wild = 0-10; not wild >10). The ten largest polygons of more than 5 square kilometers within each biome by realm are selected and identified. This dataset is produced by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Columbia University Center for...

BIBB-Übergangsstudie 2011 (VT)

Verena Eberhard, Ursula Beicht, Andreas Krewerth, Joachim Gerd Ulrich & Bundesinstitut Für Berufsbildung (BIBB)
Nebendatensatz: Volltextvariablen

Agrarian Reform and Rural Poverty Reduction in South Africa (AR) 2012: Individual data - KwaZulu-Natal, North West, Western Cape

Peter Jacobs, Timothy George Balne Hart, Shirin Yousuff Motala, Charles Nhemachena & Human Sciences Research Council
Description: This data set contains the demographic information of the individuals in the farm household survey. The data file contains 1874 cases and 10 variables. Abstract: This study sheds light on the nature of the relationships between agrarian reform and rural poverty reduction in order to learn lessons about the design of effective pro-poor agrarian policies. Secondary objectives include the following: To explore the factors that have impeded agrarian reforms in South Africa; To propose...

EnGeoMAP - A geological mapping tool applied to the EnMAP mission

Christian Rogass, Karl Segl, Christian Mielke, Yvonne Fuchs & Hermann Kaufmann
Hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy offers a broad range of spatial applications that are primarily based on the foregoing identification of surface cover materials. In this context, the future hyperspectral sensor EnMAP will provide a new standard of highly qualitative imaging spectroscopy data from space that enables spatiotemporal monitoring of surface materials. The high SNR of EnMAP offers the possibility to differentiate and to identify minerals that are showing characteristic absorption features as a 30 m x...

Digital Orthoimagery of Idaho (2013, 0.5-meter)

USDA-FSA-APFO Aerial Photography Field Office
This data set contains imagery from the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP). The NAIP program is administered by USDA FSA and has been established to support two main FSA strategic goals centered on agricultural production. These are, increase stewardship of America's natural resources while enhancing the environment, and to ensure commodities are procured and distributed effectively and efficiently to increase food security. The NAIP program supports these goals by acquiring and providing ortho imagery that...

Nocturnal means of OH(3-1) airglow rotational temperatures from the mesopause region obtained with GRIPS 9 located at ALOMAR, Norway

Carsten Schmidt, Sabine Wüst & Michael Bittner
The temperatures are derived from the rotational vibrational transition of the OH molecule originating from a thin layer in approximately 87 km centroid height. The spectra have been obtained with the Ground-based Infrared P-branch Spectrometer (GRIPS 9) located at the Arctic Lidar Observatory for Middle Atmosphere Research (ALOMAR: 16.01°E, 69.28°N) - a measurement station of the international Network for the Detection of Mesospheric Change (NDMC). It is operated by the German Remote Sensing Data Center...

Hvordan har du det? Sundhedsprofil for Region Midtjylland, 2006

Louise Nordvig, Finn Breinholt Larsen & Dorthe Søe
Formålet med sundhedsprofilen var at frembringe viden, der kan omsættes i praktisk handling i sygehusvæsen, praksissektoren og kommunerne. Spørgeskemaet måler helbred, sygdom og sundhedsvaner i den voksne befolkning. Herunder måles bla., hvor mange der lider af kroniske sygdomme, og hvordan disse personer har det. To andre emner, der behandles, er selvvurderet helbred og forekomsten af multisygdom. Desuden måles befolkningens vaner mht. kost, rygning, alkohol og motion. I den sundhedsprofil, som er udarbejdet af Region Midtjylland,...

Rygning på arbejdspladsen, 2005

Ledernes Hovedorganisation
Undersøgelsen havde til formål at kortlægge rygerestriktioner på arbejdspladsen. Undersøgelsen, er foretaget blandt 686 ledere på offentlige og private virksomheder og viser, at der er sket et dramatisk skifte i rygepolitikken på danske arbejdspladser. Hvor det tidligere var op til den enkelte, om han eller hun ville ryge - i bedste fald med vis grad af hensyntagen til ikke-rygerne - er der i dag enten begrænsninger i form af rygeregler eller totalt rygeforbud på langt...

Current Population Survey, February 1996: Displaced Workers

United States Department Of Commerce. Bureau Of The Census
This collection provides data on labor force activity for the week prior to the survey. Comprehensive data are available on the employment status, occupation, and industry of persons 14 years old and over. Also shown are personal characteristics such as age, sex, race, marital status, veteran status, household relationship, educational background, and Hispanic origin. Questions pertaining to displaced workers were asked of all persons aged 20 years and over who lost a job involuntarily within...

CCDC 106502: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

F. Nief, P. Riant, L. Ricard, P. Desmurs & D. Baudry-Barbier
Related Article: F.Nief, P.Riant, L.Ricard, P.Desmurs, D.Baudry-Barbier|1999|Eur.J.Inorg.Chem.||1041|doi:10.1002/(SICI)1099-0682(199906)1999:6<1041::AID-EJIC1041>3.3.CO;2-5

Test data for creep crack growth on material ALLOY 800H at 550 Celsius and a load of 6100 N

Ennis, PJ; Offermann, M & Forschungszentrum Juelich-IWE
The creep rupture data in this collection were determined for the high temperature reactor projects (the direct cycle helium turbine project, the nuclear process heat project and the district heating project) of the Federal Republic of Germany and the State of North Rhine Westphalia, the aim being to qualify the candidate constructional alloys for service at temperatures up to 950°C. Several batches of each alloy were investigated and special attention was given to the effects...

Gravimeter data collected during research cruise MGLN19MV using a Bell BGM-3 instrument system onboard the platform RV Melville

Rolling Deck To Repository
Original (unprocessed) data collected during a Field_expedition

Bathymetry of Lake Michigan

National Geophysical Data Center

Institutional Trust 2010

Sören Holmberg & Lennart Weibull
Since 1997, MedieAkademin has carried out an annual survey titled The Institutional Trust. The survey has focused on major social institutions, such as the parliament, big business, the daily press, and TV/radio, as well as some specific companies such as Sveriges Television, TV4, IKEA, Skandia, and Volvo. The number of institutions included has varied somewhat over the years. Some of the institutions and companies have been measured every year while others have been investigated more...

TEST 1A - 1m radius centrifuge experiment on virgin peat with surcharge

Riccardo Cappa, Samuel Yniesta, Anne Lemnitzer, Jonathan Stewart & Scott Brandenberg
The purpose of the first few tests is to investigate the consolidation behavior of the peat. This organic material can show really different characteristics given different conditions (water contents, loads, organic matter, etc.). In this first test we simply simulate the weight of the levee using some lead weights placed free on a metal sheet.

Anthropogenic Biomes of the World, Version 2: 1700

Ellis, E.C.; Goldewijk, K.K.; Siebert, S.; Lightman, D.; Ramankutty, N.
The Anthropogenic Biomes of the World, Version 2: 1700 data set describes anthropogenic transformations within the terrestrial biosphere caused by sustained direct human interaction with ecosystems, including agriculture and urbanization c. 1700. Potential natural vegetation, biomes, such as tropical rainforests or grasslands, are based on global vegetation patterns related to climate and geology. Anthropogenic transformation within each biome is approximated using population density, agricultural intensity (cropland and pasture) and urbanization. This data set is part...

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