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Data from: Exposing the structure of an Arctic food web

Eero J. Vesterinen, Helena K. Wirta, Peter A. Hambäck, Elisabeth Weingartner, Claus Rasmussen, Jeroen Reneerkens, Niels M. Schmidt, Olivier Gilg & Tomas Roslin

Data from: The distribution of cool spots as microrefugia in a mountainous area

Ayuma Shimokawabe, Yuichi Yamaura, Takumi Akasaka, Tomonori Sato, Yuichiro Shida, Satoshi Yamanaka & Futoshi Nakamura

Data archive of Physical Rewiev B (PRB) 89, 115435

Sebastian Stachel, G. V. Budkin, Ursula Hagner, Vassilij Belkov, Mikhail Glazov, Sergey Tarasenko, S. K. Clowes, T. Ashley, A. M. Gilbertson & Sergey Ganichev

Teach to reach: The effects of active vs. passive reaching experiences on action and perception

Amy Needham
Reaching is an important and early emerging motor skill that allows infants to interact with the physical and social world. However, few studies have considered how reaching experiences shape infants’ own motor development and their perception of actions performed by others. In the current study, two groups of infants received daily parent guided play sessions over a 2-weeks training period. Using ‘‘Sticky Mittens”, one group was enabled to independently pick up objects whereas the other...

Mutational analysis of CGRP-interacting residues on the ECD of CLR/RAMP1

David Poyner, John W Simms & Gabriel Kuteyi
Prism files containing the data for the actions of CGRP on alanine mutants of CLR. Alpha screen done by Dr John Simms, radioreceptor by Dr Gabriel Kuteyi

South African Social Attitudes Survey (SASAS) 2010: Questionnaire 2 - All provinces

Benjamin Roberts, Jare Struwig & Human Sciences Research Council
Description: The questions contained in SASAS questionnaire two for 2010 were asked of a half sample of approximately 3500 respondents. Topics included in the questionnaire are: Environment [ISSP 2010], financial literacy, voting, respondent and household characteristics, personal and household income and other classificatory variables. The data set for dissemination contains 3112 cases and 314 variables. Abstract: The primary objective of the South African Social Attitudes Survey (SASAS) is to design, develop and implement a conceptually...

CRAWDAD dataset jiit/accelerometer (v. 2012-11-03)

Mohit Jain, Ajeet Pal Singh, Soshant Bali & Sanjit Kaul
This dataset consists of accelerometer samples collected through Android phones when driven on different vehicles. The dataset consists of 678 Km of drive data, which involved 22 different drivers, 5 different types of vehicles (bus, auto rickshaw, cycle rickshaw, motorcycle, and car) and 4 smartphones.

Data from: Anchors and snorkels: heterochrony, development and form in functionally-constrained fossil crassatellid bivalves

Katie S. Collins, James S. Crampton, Helen L. Neil, Euan G. C. Smith, Michael F. Gazley & Michael Hannah

Data from: Annotation of pseudogenic gene segments by massively parallel sequencing of rearranged lymphocyte receptor loci

Jared Dean, Ryan O. Emerson, Marissa Vignali, Anna M. Sherwood, Mark J. Rieder, Christopher S. Carlson & Harlan Robins

Data from: RAD-mapping reveals an evolving, polymorphic and fuzzy boundary of a plant pseudoautosomal region

Suo Qiu, Roberta Bergero, Sara Guirao-Rico, Jose L. Campos, Timothée Cezard, Karim Gharbi & Deborah Charlesworth

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